‘P!NK: All I Know So Far’ Launches Through Amazon Prime May 2021

Pop singer P!nk just announced her upcoming Amazon Prime documentary, ‘All I Know So Far.’ Set to launch on Friday,

P!NK amazon prime

Pop singer P!nk just announced her upcoming Amazon Prime documentary, ‘All I Know So Far.’ Set to launch on Friday, May 21st, the film examines the singer during her 2019 Beautiful Trauma world tour. Directed by Michael Gracey, this documentary captures the singer’s role as a mother, a wife, a boss, and a performer.

P!NK – Legacy and Accolades 

P!NK amazon prime

P!nk, a powerhouse vocalist of the early 2000’s, is one of the world’s best-selling music artists. As of 2020, the rockstar sold over 60 million albums worldwide. This includes eight studio albums, 1 ‘greatest hits’ album, and 15 singles remaining in the top 10 for Billboard Hot 100 chart. Known for selling out arenas all around the world, P!nk’s musical genres are fusions of pop rock and R&B. 

Additionally, P!nk won three Grammy Awards while being nominated for a Grammy 20 times. She was also awarded a Daytime Emmy, two People’s Choice awards, seven MTV video music awards and two MTV Europe awards. Not to mention her being a recipient and first international artist of The Brits Outstanding Contribution to Music Award. In addition, P!nk was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year in 2013. Finally, she received the honor of having her star engraved in the streets of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

P!nk’s ‘Hurts 2B Human’ was her third consecutive album breaking #1 for the Billboard 200 chart. “Walk Me Home,” the first single, labelled P!nk as tenth #1 on Billboard’s Adult Pop Airplay chart. That same song along with “Can We Pretend” made sixth and seventh #1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart. Finally, towards the end of 2019, her Beautiful Trauma tour wrapped up. This tour was an accumulation of 156 shows, in 18 countries, with over 3 million tickets sold worldwide. 

All You Need to Know About ‘All I Know So Far’

On her Instagram, the popstar announced the upcoming Amazon Prime documentary. The photo of the post was P!nk on stage with her 4-year old son named Jameson. “MAY 21st. ALL I KNOW SO FAR. Directed by the one and only Michael Gracey” writes P!nk. “Come jump on the tour bus and see how it really goes.”

The film is produced by director Michael Gracey, who is known for his works The Greatest Showman and Rocketman. It is also produced by Isabella Parish, former producer and head of animation at Partizan London.

The documentary combines footage from the road, personal materials, as well as behind-the-scenes-interviews. The story attempts to give fans an inside look of the highly acclaimed ‘Beautiful Trauma’ world tour. This tour is notable as it’s the 10th highest grossing tour in Billboard’s Boxscore’s history (another Billboard record?!). This was the biggest tour to be led by a woman in over a decade. 

Beautiful Trauma World Tour

P!NK amazon prime

This famous tour’s duration was from March 2018 to November 2019. The tour was originally scheduled for 40 shows, but by popular demand, this number grew immensely. Fans of the singer pushed for an overwhelming demand. For this reason. P!nk scheduled more and more dates – she even announced a second North American leg in 2019. 

The tour itself was full of glowing embellishments – from pyrotechnics to gigantic chandeliers. One particular fan-favorite moment included a 12-year old fan who impressed the raspy-voiced singer. This girl was invited to sing P!nk’s 2010 song “Perfect” at a show in Vancouver, wowing P!nk and the enormous crowd behind her.

Ed Masley from the Arizona Republic attended the first show of the tour, which was in Phoenix. “The whole thing was brilliantly staged, with bright colors, interpretative dancing and plenty of high-flying spectacles” wrote Masley. “If for some reason, you believe you’ve seen another artist put more time and effort into doing acrobatics high above the crowd, you may just be thinking of Cirque du Soleil.” Mikael Wood of the LA Times attended the Anaheim show of the tour and raved about P!nk’s setlist. “Her hit singles from the last two decades put across an idea of timelessness; she’s still taking a broadly universal approach.”

Amazon Prime Exclusive

This film will only be showing exclusively on Amazon Prime video, in over 240 countries and territories. Be sure to catch ‘P!nk: All I Know So Far’ on May 21st 2021!