Plastic Surgery Kills Two Young Personalities

What was once a woman’s best kept secret is now a lifestyle trend for young women and men alike, plastic

Plastic Surgery

What was once a woman’s best kept secret is now a lifestyle trend for young women and men alike, plastic surgery. The desire for perfection has always been relevant but the access to it hasn’t always been at the palm of our hands. With social media defining beauty trends, people have been turning to plastic surgery at younger ages to perfect their appearance and/or attain desirable features that they don’t naturally have.

Previously, CELEB spoke with MPAP, PA-C, and Founder of OneSixOne Medical Aesthetics, Monica Alvarez about the growing popularity of plastic surgery methods.

Alvarez explained, “We’ve always been interested in youthfulness and trying to maintain that youthfulness as we age. And we’re always trying to turn the clock back a bit, so to speak. But I think social media has definitely made people more aware of it. And, it’s a little bit more acceptable and talked about.”

The OneSixOne Founder told CELEB “Before, people were still doing it but it just wasn’t out there and it was a little bit of a secret that people were doing behind the scenes. But, now, with social media and the younger generation that’s starting off earlier and doing these preventative types of treatments and really taking care of their skin starting at a much younger age, I think it’s made it more out there and socially acceptable.”

And, while some people do treatments moderately, others turn it into a lifestyle.

Meet The Human Ken Doll


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Justin Jedlica, who is known as a human Ken doll,  has undergone almost 1,000 cosmetic procedures, all of which have left an impression on every area of his body.

Jedlica has undergone rhinoplasty, brow lifts, pectoral implants as well as butt, shoulder, triceps, and biceps, to name a few. He’s reportedly spent $1 million over the past two decades and has gained a large following while doing (and naturally, haters too.)

“In some respects, people assume that this is like the pursuit of perfection, that Ken is the optimal form of how a male should look, right?” Jedlica said. “And it all sort of revolves around looks and superficiality. I think that title, is typically what people take away from it. But, I wouldn’t say that is something I strived for in my life.”