To Play or to Chill? Niyama Private Islands Maldives Offers Rum, Ribs & Reggae and Asian ‘Took Took’ Street Food Adventures

Few places are as iconically paradise as the Maldives islands. Crystal azure waters, soft warm salt breezes, palm trees, fluffy

To Play or to Chill? Niyama Private Islands Maldives Offers Rum

Few places are as iconically paradise as the Maldives islands. Crystal azure waters, soft warm salt breezes, palm trees, fluffy clouds, fine cuisine – it's all you need to feel like you've stepped off of earth into heaven.

But Niyama Private Islands stands out from other resorts in the Maldives, offering not just a breathtaking place to stay – but two distinct options for guests who want to maximize their vacation time.

At Niyama, guests can choose to spend their day on one of two islands: Play or Chill. And they're exactly like they sound; one island is designed for the go-getters with adventure on their mind , and the other is designed for those who have gotten it all and are ready to relax.

This summer, the resort is offering two delightful dining options that embrace the destination's divergent nature, and you'll want to try them while the summer is at its height.

Niyama Private Islands – Dining Delights for the Summer

When you're on vacation, of course you want to eat – everyone knows calories on holiday don't count against a diet. At Niyama, dining options already include the scrumptious and extraordinary, the hotel's team sharing in a statement, "Guests can savour Asian avant-garde cuisine in a treetop setting at Nest and African-meets-South American dining amidst blazing fires in the jungle at Tribal. Under and over the sea, they can indulge in Champagne breakfasts six meters below the ocean’s surface at Subsix or modern over-water dining half a kilometer from shore at Edge."

And now, guests can also enjoy two on-the-beach cuisine fares that speak to the soul of Niyami's guests:

  • Took Took Street Food on the Beach: Asian street food dishes prepared and cooked over the coals, Took Took is a new once-a-week dining concept. Guests will lounge under bamboo teepee huts bedecked with fairy lights. Hurricane lamps light up an open-sky dining option and armchairs welcome you to sink into the sank, dig your toes in and relax with a glass of bubbly. Asian street food is a smorgasbord of worldly flavors and Took Took incorporates inspiration taken from street vendors in Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta and Beijing’s favorite locales.
  • Rum, Ribs & Reggae: This once-a-week party is exactly what it sounds like: delicious and fun. Guests can perch over the sand at Niyama's Surf Shackoffer enjoying exotic rum cocktails flavored with cinnamon, passionfruit and citrus. Rum drinks are complemented with juicy ribs and a reggae experience helmed by DJ Fajja. Lay back in a hammock and sway in the breeze as the tunes take you away, or get up and dance – the world is your oyster.

Niyama offers a variety of accommodations, perfect for the discerning guest who wants either a smaller (relatively) and intimate space, or a bigger one for the family. Guests can pick between 134 villas that range from 1 to 3 bedrooms, or hop over to The Crescent and enjoy the resort's 5 pools.

But where you lay your head at night may not be as important as where you choose to spend your day, and both options are unique and wonderful.

If You Choose to Play

Maybe you have your heart set on adventure. If so, you're in luck.

Play island is one of Niyama's two distinct daytime destinations, and includes the kind of adventurous activities that adrenaline seekers and fun-junkies can't get enough of.

On Play, the resort promises: "Frolic in the treetops. Rush into the infinite horizon. Kick things up a notch in villas set on white sands and tailored to adventurous honeymooners, active couples and style-savvy families."

Whether it's surfing, snorkeling or inland adventures, Play has everything you need for the high-octane vacation of your dreams.

If You Choose to Chill

But maybe your day-to-day life is stressful enough and what you really need is some time to relax. Chill has you covered.

The resort promises on Chill: "Revel in a peaceful moment within the cocoon of Drift Spa. Explore culinary heaven offshore. Soothe your soul to the slow rhythms in over water villas. Lounge against the flowing oceanscape in an underwater playground."

Whether you spend your time at the spa, relaxing in a hammock, or being pampered and served while you catch up on that book you've been putting off, Chill is the perfect place to get in touch with your inner zen.

With Niyama, every guest can do exactly what they want and not feel like they need to sacrifice anything to achieve it. With the advent of their special summer dining experiences, now is the perfect time to take the leap and experience the Maldives vacation you've been longing for.