Podcast Drama? Teen Mom’s Briana DeJesus Says Chris Lopez is Not Why Her Engagement Ended

It was heartbreaking news that broke last August about Briana DeJesus and her fiancé, Javi Gonzalez. It was a whirlwind

Podcast Drama? Teen Mom's Briana DeJesus Says Chris Lopez is Not Why Her Engagement Ended

It was heartbreaking news that broke last August about Briana DeJesus and her fiancé, Javi Gonzalez. It was a whirlwind romance that started when they met in late 2020 and continued when they were engaged in May of 2021. But rumors of their breakup began circulating over the Summer, and DeJesus confirmed it in August of last year. It turns out, the break-up happened right around the time when DeJesus traveled to record a podcast with Chris Lopez – the same Lopez who is the ex of Kailyn Lowry, as well as the father of two of her children. The rumor mill immediately went into overdrive; was the breakup due to some exchange between Lopez and DeJesus? The Teen Mom star has an answer.

Was Lopez the Cause of the Breakup?

Setting the scene: DeJesus flew to Lopez to film a podcast. There was a whole lot of hoopla around the meetup because – of course – he's the ex of DeJesus' longtime Teen Mom enemy, Lowry. So it was already a drama-filled decision, but one that would have been otherwise unremarkable if it hadn't been followed quickly by the end of DeJesus' engagement to Gonzalez.

After they filmed the podcast together, eagle-eyed fans noticed that DeJesus was wearing Lopez's shirt, and rumors flew. Was their podcast meet-up more than a meeting of the minds? Did they get along – a little too well?

Now, DeJesus is speaking out about whether or not her time with Lopez influenced the end of her engagement – and it'll disappoint those who hunger for drama. DeJesus explained to The Sun that Gonzalez just wasn't her "person." "'He never understood the TV life, the attention on social media and he wanted me all to himself and that wasn’t fair,' the mother-of-two said.

'I know people are speculating that we called off the engagement because of Chris' podcast but there was more to the story.

'We weren’t on the greatest of terms. A lot of arguing and miscommunication.'"

Also, it would seem that Gonzalez felt entitled to control DeJesus and the Teen Mom star wasn't having it.

The Sun adds, "She went on to say that Javi didn't want her to be on good terms with Devoin Austin, the father of her daughter Nova, 10, or Luis Hernandez, the father of her daughter Stella, four.

'He never wanted me to mend my relationship with Devoin for the sake of Nova, never wanted me to talk to Luis about Stella,' she said.

'He never liked me hanging out with my two best friends Shae and Shirley.

'He viewed me as a piece of property and not as a wife so I started to check out.'"

According to DeJesus, she stayed as long as she could but eventually had to call it quits. While she's sorry things ended the way they did, DeJesus tells The Sun that she feels "free and better" and she's sure Gonzalez would agree.

Unless Gonzalez says something to refute her interpretation of events, that's all there is to it. So maybe the t-shirt really was an innocent gesture – maybe she spilled some tea and needed a new shirt. After all, if someone's ex and their enemy meet up, tea's going to be spilled.

A Messy Mess Between DeJesus and Lowry

Speaking of enemies – the lawsuit against DeJesus is heating up now as court approaches. Lowry sued DeJesus last year for defamation after she claims DeJesus unfairly accused her of domestic violence against her ex – one Chris Lopez, in fact.

DeJesus in return filed an anti-slapp motion, which aims to protect the alleged defamatory statement as "freedom of speech."

In addition, DeJesus has since filed an order of protection to prevent Lowry from digging into her sex life. It's clear she doesn't want her past actions held against her, which is an interesting take for someone who intentionally met up with her enemy's ex. Of course, if all they discussed was the struggle of being a single mom – as DeJesus suggests – then it's all a big misunderstanding.

Lowry meanwhile is feeling increasingly isolated and targeted as even her BFF Leah Messer seems to be refusing to take her side. Messer and Lowry appear to be taking cryptic shots at each other on social media after Lowry went on an unfollowing spree that left Messer feeling cut out. Now, Lowry is cryptically referring to "narcissists" on social media. All is not well in pal-adise. The Teen Mom star is struggling to find her people and feel supported as the court date with DeJesus approaches and they begin to face off legally for the first time.