Police Reveal Terrifying Connection Between Slain Schmidt Family and Campsite Killer

The news of their deaths rocked the nation. A young family of four attacked, three family members killed – one

Police Reveal Terrifying Connection Between Slain Schmidt Family and Campsite Killer

The news of their deaths rocked the nation.

A young family of four attacked, three family members killed – one child left alive.

It was the worst plot of a horror movie, but it was reality.

Since the shocking deaths of Sarah and Tyler Schmidt, both 42, and their six-year-old daughter Lula, people have wondered – why them? What was the connection?

Police have an answer now, and it's more unsettling than many imagined.

Three out of Four Family Members Killed – What Was the Connection?

Tyler and Sarah Schmidt brought their two children camping last week, and their bodies were discovered early Friday morning. Killer Anthony Sherwin gunned down 3 of the 4 present Schmidt family members before killing himself nearby.

The brother of Sarah, Adam Morehouse, has spoken out in the wake of their deaths and confirmed the connection: there was none.

Morehouse explains, "This was absolutely random."

Their shooting deaths are horrible enough, but to know that it was just a casual killing – they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – adds another level of horror and tragedy to those trying to piece their lives back together in the wake of the Schmidts' murders.

Foremost among those trying to find a path forward is the single survivor of the attack – nine-year-old, Arlo.

A GoFundMe to help care for Arlo in the face of the unimaginable has already reached $238K. The GoFundMe reads, "Arlo lost both of his parents, Sarah and Tyler Schmidt, and his 6-year-old sister, Lula, to a senseless act of violence during a family vacation at a state park in Iowa on July 22. Arlo is a strong boy, surrounded by family and friends who are supporting him as best we can. Some of you have asked how you might help, so we (Sarah and Tyler's siblings and me, Sarah’s cousin) created this fund to allow anyone who would like to help Arlo. We will use you generous donations to help Arlo now and to build some savings for his future education."

But no amount of money raised will ever erase the horror Arlo has to live with – that his three most beloved people were taken from him randomly, on a whim.

Arlo is with family who is doing their best to shield him from attention as they find the best way to support him moving forward.

Loved Ones Speak Out About Schmidt Family

The Schmidt family was a loved part of their community, and loved ones have spoken out since their deaths.

Tyler's coworkers at TreviPay said he was a "brilliant software engineer, but an even better friend and father."

Colleague David Adiutori said that Tyler was working on passing on his programming knowledge to son Arlo and hoped that it gives him a start on a future career, promising to help where he can.

Fox 4 KC writes, "More than 4400 donors have given to the fundraising page [for Arlo].

'What it tells me more than anything is that Tyler, and Sarah and Lula had more friends and people who cared about them then maybe he let on,' Adiutori said. 'They mattered, a lot.'”

Sarah's brother says the family's focus is on Arlo, explaining, "He’s been an amazing, courageous, strong little man who is just an incredible nine-year-old."

On the Heels of Another Gun-Related Tragedy That Left Children Orphaned

Case of Couple Found Dead in Home with Three Young Children Takes a Chilling Turn

The horrific deaths of the Schmidt family members come on the heels of another gun-related tragedy.

This week, police released information on the circumstances surrounding the mysterious deaths of Courtney and Eric Huard.

Police responded to a report of a couple injured by gunshots on June 22. The pair were deceased, but their three young children were in the home – alive and unharmed.

Now the police say, they can confirm that it was a case of domestic homicide. Eric murdered Courtney before turning the gun on himself.

As more and more gun deaths wrack up this year and tragedies like the Schmidt and Huard families play out, along with mass horrors like the Uvalde school shooting – the nation is having to grapple with its demons and face the reality that the laws as they stand aren't doing enough.

For more information on the murder of Courtney Huard and how to help her surviving children, visit this link.