Pop Artist Ashley Longshore Releases New Rizzoli Book of Art: Roar

Pop art queen Ashley Longshore has done it again with her new Rizzoli book, Roar! A Collection of Mighty Women.

Ashley Longshore

Pop art queen Ashley Longshore has done it again with her new Rizzoli book, Roar! A Collection of Mighty Women. It’s a compendium of female empowerment and awesomeness, all set against the backdrop of Longshore’s award-winning art. Sometimes called, “the new Warhol,” Longshore has the uncanny ability to blend fun and function into a visual masterpiece that, more often than not, shares a message with the viewer. 

New Rizzoli Book, Roar: Mighty Women

Ashley Longshore

It’s finally here! After months of anticipation, Longshore’s newest art book has hit the shelves. Roar! A Collection of Mighty Women brings together some of the most familiar faces in powerful womanhood in artistic representations. Each portrait in the book shows a woman from history who has taken a step out of time to change the world. Longshore’s playful color design and bold, modern lines bring these women to life, and art lovers will want to immediately grab this book for their collection.

Here are some of our favorite portraits from the Roar! collection: 

  • Frida Kahlo: It’s a bit meta, a painting of a painting of a painter. But Longshore’s rendition of the Mexican artist’s portrait is both honest, faithful to Kahlo’s style, and bold.
  • Kamala Harris: The first female vice president in United States history gazes out from the page of the book with a confident smile, and Longshore captures the keen look in her eyes.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg: The late Supreme Court Justice’s steely-eyed mien captures your attention, with Longshore’s signature pop art brushstrokes updating the famous portrait. 
  • Malala Yousafzai: The women’s rights activist and survivor of a terrorist attack recently tied the knot, and her portrait in Longshore’s book is wreathed in butterflies. 

Other portraits include Jane Goodall and the chimpanzees she befriended, Wonder Woman, Lady Gaga, Greta Thunberg and many more. In a statement, Longshore shared, “I am so excited about the release of my new Rizzoli book ROAR! I celebrate all of the women who have come before me and who are out there now, breaking boundaries and being true to themselves! The book features my portraits of these mighty women! Shop the collection and surround yourself with these magnificent role models! It will make you BRAVE!”

The collection is a beautiful tribute to the women who have changed the world, and an inspiration to those dreaming of doing the same. The book can be purchased at Rizzoli Bookstore in New York or online through their website

Ashley Longshore: The New Warhol?

Ashley Longshore

But who is Longshore, the pop art sensation who pains such soulful pieces and who brings color and fantasy to very real subjects? CELEB took a look at a collaboration between Longshore and The Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills earlier this year, and we think you should know about this artist if you don’t already; “Sometimes referred to as the new Andy Warhol,’ Longshore’s grasp of color and form to tell a story is reminiscent of other great pop art icons, with her own unique style. Longshore’s style is often playful, brash, and energetic on the surface; but with a profound and thought-provoking message lurking beneath fun and whimsical shapes. 

Longshore was born in Alabama and raised in New Orleans, which kick-started her love affair of all things bold and unabashed. Longshore’s website shares, ‘Ashley Longshore creates eclectic pieces—including paintings, textiles, handbags, and more—that both celebrate and satirize contemporary pop culture, feminism, fashion, and American consumerism.’

With a Warhol-like style and a Banksy-esque message, world-renowned Longshore’s place in American pop art is forever assured. In a time when people struggle for words to describe the times we live in, Longshore’s grasp of storytelling through art is more timely than ever.”

Rizzoli Books

Ashley Longshore

Longshore’s art book is being published through Rizzoli, a name well-known in fine art circles. But what is a Rizzoli book? It all started in 1964 when Rizzoli Bookstore opened on Fifth Avenue in NYC, alongside fine art greats like Saks, Cartier and Tiffany’s. By 1974, they had expanded into the publishing realm, specializing in fashion, interior design, culinary, art, architecture, and photography. 

In 1990, they added the Universe Publishing arm of the company, expanding their repertoire into pop-culture worlds of humor, beauty, sports, performing arts, and gay and alternative lifestyles. They also run a highly successful calendar line, which people wait every year to get their hands on. Rubbing elbows with some of the most famous art auction houses in the world, Rizzoli distributes English versions of art books from places like Gagosian Gallery, Acquavella Galleries, and Tourbillon International.

If you’re looking to publish an art book, Rizzoli’s is the name you want stamped inside the cover. If you’d rather not shop online, head down to the Rizzoli Bookstore that stands in NYC today and browse the selections there. While you’re there, grab a copy of Roar!; every art lover should have one.