Prince Harry’s Birthday Gets Brush-Off From Prince William

The relationship between royal Prince Harry and Prince William is far from perfect. Especially these days, when an ongoing feud

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton

The relationship between royal Prince Harry and Prince William is far from perfect. Especially these days, when an ongoing feud has the brothers at odds.

And a new conversation with the royal heir William about his brother’s birthday may have worsened things. William recently spoke in public about his brother’s birthday. And it wasn’t the kind of loving and thoughtful exchange Harry was probably hoping for.

Harry’s Relationship With The Royals Is Somewhat Of A Mystery These Days

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Prince Harry has been rocking the boat for years. Since marrying American actress Meghan Markle, his efforts to expose what he considers to be the rotten underbelly of the British tabloids have kicked into overdrive. Between the two, they have shared stories of privacy violations, potential law violations, and exploitation by the British press.

But while they’re aiming for the tabloids, the royal family has received its fair share of collateral damage. In their quest to expose the aggressive pursuit of British press agents, both Harry and Meghan have thrown high-ranking royals and the Institution itself under the bus. When Harry sued tabloids for illegally tapping his cell phone, he encouraged William to join the battle. But William was happy to accept a settlement out of court and maintain the status quo.

A frustrated and adrift Harry continued his battle. While they’re waging war on the tabloids, Harry and Meghan have also revealed that there is allegedly some racism running through some members of the royal family. Meghan’s mother is Black, which makes her mixed race. According to Harry and Meghan, this made her an uncomfortable addition to the royal family and caused tensions the duo did not fully expect. While they praised the late Queen Elizabeth’s treatment of Meghan, and have said nothing but good things about King Charles, there’s an implication that there are others who have not welcomed Meghan with open arms.

Largely, however, the exact nature of relationships between Harry and his London family is somewhat of a mystery. We know things are tense, but not exactly how the individual relationships are playing out.

Prince William Brushes Off Prince Harry’s Birthday

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry

Although he hasn’t said his brother’s name, Prince Harry seems to suggest on occasion that his brother Prince William is at the least not making things easier for the couple.

Over time, Harry has continued his crusade against the tabloid and exposed the conventions of the royal Institution. But William has remained steadfast to the way things have always been. William will succeed King Charles when he dies or abdicates, so he has immersed himself in the duties of the royal heir. And for William, being heir means towing the family line. Even if sometimes the King himself seems inclined to mercy towards his youngest son Harry.

The friction between William and Harry was made obvious over the past week as William traveled to the US to present the Earthshot finalists. Earthshot was started by William to acknowledge and elevate those who are making great strides in fighting climate change. Meanwhile, Harry was traveling abroad for the Invictus Games. The Invictus Games were launched by Harry in 2014 to honor and raise money for wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women, both serving and veterans.

There will be a brief time when Harry is back in the US and before William has left. However, William made it clear to press agents thdide does not want to be asked about his brother while visiting the United States. And Harry, for his part, has stayed silent about his brother’s visit to his adopted home country. The rift was highlighted on September 15 when a royal watcher asked William about his brother’s birthday that day.

William sneered, “It is his birthday today — you’re absolutely right, it is.” When asked if he had forgotten, Prince William responded cheekily, “No, I’ve not forgotten,” and walked away. He did not wish his brother well, or make any other mention of Prince Harry‘s birthday. It’s yet another sign that the tension between the pair remains high. And it suggests that a reunion and amends may still be a long way off.