Prince Harry Could Owe $640K Over Court Case He Just Lost

This is not Prince Harry’s week. The youngest son of King Charles III was dealt a setback in court this

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, MEGA

This is not Prince Harry’s week. The youngest son of King Charles III was dealt a setback in court this week after a judge in London ruled that he would not be able to privately pay police in the United Kingdom to provide security.

This after the government said they would not cover Harry’s security, since he stepped back from royal duties with his wife Meghan Markle.

But it gets worse for the feisty young royal.

Now, he may be stuck with a staggering $640,000 in legal fees for the court case he just lost. Harry had asked the court to allow him to pay police to protect them on visits to the UK after a harrowing 2021 experience where the royal couple was chased aggressively by British paparazzi.

A judge denied his bid.

The Daily Beast reports, “Mark Stephens, a media lawyer at Howard Kennedy, said he believed ‘the writing is on the wall for this case now,’ when speaking to The Daily Beast on Tuesday, after the British Home Office prevailed in its argument that were wealthy individuals such as Harry to be allowed to buy police protection, it would undermine public confidence in the police and detract from their core duties.

Although a ruling on costs has yet to be made, there is a very real possibility that Harry could be required to cover both his own and the government’s costs if his action fails.

Although Harry’s outlays so far are unknown, the government’s costs have been disclosed thanks to a Freedom of Information request filed by British tabloid The Sun, which reported that the case has cost the British taxpayer more than £300,000, or about $371,000, so far.

Harry’s costs are likely to be similar, making for the possibility of the prince being stung for an eye-watering total. The Daily Mail estimates that full costs for the High Court suit, which Harry may have to pay if he loses, could be as high as £500,000, or about $640,000.”

Harry and Meghan have been living on a combination of savings and lucrative media deals for books, documentaries and more.

But that’s still a massive sum, if Harry ends up having to pay it.


Currently, Harry is battling with the British press over several other legal cases – and if he loses those too, it could spell even more trouble for the Montecito royals.

Last week, Harry and Meghan were reportedly involved in a “near catastrophic” car chase with paparazzi, according to a spokesperson for the couple.

The NYPD said after the fact that things were under control, and no one was in any danger.

Nonetheless, it was a harrowing and traumatic experience for Harry, whose mom Princess Diana famously died in a paparazzi car chase in the 1990s.

Since then, the royals in London have reportedly not reached out to Harry and Meghan to check and see if they’re okay or how they are doing.

The losing case in court just adds to the feeling that the couple is isolated and alone.

While they certainly wished to step away from their royal responsibilities and the public circus, now they’re dealing with the flip side of things – where the royal family seems to have ceased caring about the couple’s struggles and challenges.

It’s a mixed blessing for Harry and Meghan, who now have to keep going it alone – but will be able to remain independent.