Prince Harry May Feel ‘Freed’ From ‘Shackles’ of Royal Mentality Now

In 2020, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle made the astonishing decision to step away from their royal duties. In

Prince Harry
Photo by: KGC/ STAR MAX ©2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Telephone/Fax: (212) 995-1196 6/7/23 Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex leaves the Rolls Building at the Royal Courts of Justice on June 7th 2023 in London, UK after giving evidence in the Mirror Group phone hacking trial. Prince Harry is one of several claimants in a lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers related to allegations of unlawful information gathering in previous decades. Newscom

In 2020, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle made the astonishing decision to step away from their royal duties.

In an extraordinarily controversial move now dubbed “Megxit,” the couple retired from royal duties to Montecito, California, where they now raise their two children in relative peace.

But things haven’t slowed down much for the royals, even though they’re supposedly divested of their most onerous responsibilities.

Earlier this year, Harry published his memoir, “Spare,” and in it is a peek into the pressures and drama he experienced his entire life – and why he was so happy to step away from it all.

A new claim from someone close to Harry is that he feels “free” now.

Hindustan Times reports, “Prince Harry feels that he is no longer bound by the ‘mentality’ shared by working members of the royal family, a friend of the Duke of Sussex said. Prince Harry has found in Meghan Markle a person ‘supportive’ of his fights and beliefs, which has ’emboldened’ him. Prince Harry and his wife stepped down as full-time working royals.

This comes as Prince Harry is involved in a phone hacking trial against Mirror Newspapers. Referring to the caution normally adopted by royals and the palace when speaking publicly, the friend told Sunday Times, ‘He’s free from the shackles of that mentality.’

‘In Meghan, he has found someone supportive of that stance and he’s emboldened by that. But the bigger picture is that he believes there are some very significant wrongs that need to be righted.'”

Another source told the outlet that even when the legal cases against the British tabloids come to an end, Harry doesn’t plan to stop speaking out against the British press.

The source told the outlet, “He sees his mission as being the standard bearer of a fair media and I think we’ll see more of this in years to come. He feels so strongly about it. He’ll always be a powerful advocate of fair and true reporting.”

While that sounds like a good deal of speculation from someone near but on the outside of the situation, it does track with what we know about Harry.

Harry, after all, was pressured by his father King Charles and brother Prince William to drop the lawsuit against the British tabloids.

But despite their pleas, it seems the younger royal prince has found his cause and his passion – taking down the corrupt establishment of the British tabloids.

And their dirty agreement with the royal Institution, if Harry is to be believed.

In the landmark phone hacking lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), Harry has accused the British press of illegally hacking into his phone and blasting his most private moments for the world – just to make a quick dime.

Harry has said that they intentionally caused friction in all of hi romantic relationships because he “sells more” stories when single.

It’s a shocking claim that the royal family doesn’t seem too keen to entertain.

But when you go back through the history of reports about Harry when he was younger – it all falls into the pattern he is describing.