UPDATE: Prince Harry Splits Solo to Africa, Meghan Markle Hires an ‘Image Rebranding’ Company After Losing Millions in Spotify Deal

UPDATE: According to royal commentator Alison Boshoff, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s shared ambition to become a globally recognized humanitarian

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are seen arriving at Euston Station on a train from Manchester, having attended the One Young World summit. 05 Sep 2022 Pictured: Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex, Meghan Markle, Duchess Of Sussex. Photo credit: Will / Mark MEGA

UPDATE: According to royal commentator Alison Boshoff, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s shared ambition to become a globally recognized humanitarian power couple seems to have encountered a setback. Boshoff analyzed recent reports about their future endeavors and noticed a disparity in their individual plans. While Markle has reportedly secured a solo deal with Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel at WME, Prince Harry appears to be leaning towards a return to charity and advocacy work (his old life before marriage).

Markle delves further into the entertainment industry, capitalizing on her acting background and pursuing personal projects. On the other hand, Prince Harry seems to be shifting his focus back to his longstanding commitment to charitable causes and using his platform for social and environmental campaigns.

Boshoff’s observations shed light on the evolving dynamics within Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s professional endeavors. As they navigate their separate ventures, their individual paths indicate a potential shift in priorities, tensions, and strategies.

While Markle explores opportunities within the entertainment world while her husband is Africa-bound, Prince Harry’s renewed dedication to charitable work suggests a return to his roots as a humanitarian and advocate for positive change as the couple drifts further apart.

Original Story (July 3, 2023): Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, appears unaffected by the criticism surrounding Spotify’s decision to end their partnership. Instead of dwelling on negative comments, reports suggest that she is prioritizing the rebranding of her public image. According to CELEB sources, Markle has been interviewing publicists who focus on “image rebranding.”

Insiders close to Meghan, as revealed by Radar Online, share that she and Prince Harry remain unperturbed by accusations of being money-driven or labeled as “grifters.” They view such criticisms as mere expressions of jealousy and attempts to tarnish their reputation by mean-spirited individuals.

While Spotify’s recent announcement of their separation has raised eyebrows, Meghan remains committed to her various endeavors. The Sussexes maintain that the decision was mutual, even though it is seen as a setback.

Interestingly, Prince Harry has a new project lined up in Africa, but this time Meghan will not be accompanying him. The couple has decided to move away from their “double act” strategy for future projects to avoid unnecessary ridicule, according to Martin Robinson, chief reporter for the Daily Mail.

Meghan’s focus appears to be on rebuilding her public image rather than getting entangled in addressing every piece of criticism directed at her. She is determined to forge ahead, making a positive impact through her initiatives.

The decision to part ways with Spotify, though surprising to some, is seen as a mutual agreement by the couple. This move may give them more freedom to explore new opportunities and partnerships.

Meghan Markle is not to blame for Prince Harry's Megxit

As they embark on new projects, Prince Harry and Meghan are prepared to face any challenges that come their way. Despite the scrutiny they constantly face, they remain steadfast in their causes and undeterred by negative voices.

With Meghan planning to rebrand her image and Prince Harry pursuing solo endeavors, their journeys will undoubtedly be intriguing to observe. Despite ongoing criticism and challenges, they are resolute in their commitment to make a difference and contribute to causes close to their hearts.

This story is developing as the couple goes on separate journeys.