Prince Harry Wants His Old Life Back, Much To Meghan Markle’s Frustration

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided together to step away from royal duties in 2020. That means that they were

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, MEGA

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided together to step away from royal duties in 2020. That means that they were walking away from more than just public appearances and unending scrutiny; they were walking away from Harry’s old life.

Since then, they’ve struggled to find a place in a world that expects them to be several different people at the same time. As they struggle to find a place in the world, an entertainment expert believes that Harry is longing for his old life, and it’s frustrating his American wife.

Harry And Meghan’s Paths Are Starting To Deviate

Prince Harry: Mega Agency

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are considered a power couple. They’ve faced unimaginable strain and chaos as they’ve tried to separate themselves from Harry’s royal duties and raise a young family halfway across the world from his hometown.

But as they age and life catches up with them, their paths are starting to deviate a little. Critics and followers of the royal family still can’t seem to get on board with Meghan’s role in Harry’s life. And Harry, after three years of healing in California, seems prepared to step out again in public and re-tackle his mother’s charitable legacy. So as Meghan settles down and focuses on raising their young children, Archie and Lilibet, Harry is ramping up his charity work.

And public opinion of the duo is starting to separate as well. Meghan recently received criticism for choosing to appear late to Harry’s Invictus Games, an event designed to raise money and awareness for wounded veterans and currently serving members of the British armed forces. Meanwhile, Harry walked away from the Games with glowing praise for his passion and poise.

The two seem to be spending more time apart, and rumors are starting to swirl that their marriage is in trouble.

Prince Harry Wants His Old Life Back, Causing Frustration For Meghan Markle

Prince Harry

This could be, in part, because Prince Harry wants his old life and it’s causing frustration for Meghan Markle, according to one expert.

Entertainment expert Mark Boardman recently told OK! Magazine that he believes Harry is pining for his old friends. Boardman explained, “Prince Harry’s social life has notably shifted over the past decade. He appears to have distanced himself from his college friends and lacks a permanent U.K. residence.” He continued, “During his visits to London, he typically resides in hotels and avoids public appearances. Undoubtedly, Prince Harry longs for his old friendships.”

Boardman mused, “He needs a bit of a boys’ weekend in London meeting up with some old Eton buddies.” As for the American half of the royal couple, Boardman explained, “Meghan is frustrated that Harry wants his old life back. Meghan loves Harry, but she wants to bring out the better side in him. And she’s quite clear on the roles that they should take together and they are trying to work better together on projects.” And, “People are eager to witness a transformed Harry, rather than a return to his previous partying lifestyle, which could lead to undesirable media attention,”

Boardman speculates that Prince Harry “100%” wants a London home base again, and believes that the Prince would prefer that residence to be on royal grounds. But Meghan Markle is worried by his backward longing, Boardman added; “Ultimately, Meghan wants Harry to be by her side to support her, to look after the kids and to get his life back on track. And anything going backward is going to take away from that.”

The royals are in a difficult season and will have to get on the same page if they want their marriage to survive.