Prince Harry’s War with Tabloids ‘Not Going to End Well,’ Royal Family Believes

Prince Harry is currently embroiled in a bitter war with British tabloid company Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), which publishes Mirror,

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is currently embroiled in a bitter war with British tabloid company Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), which publishes Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.

And the redheaded royal seems to think that he has a good chance to win the case, fighting with dogged determination and all the facts he can bring to bear – which is a significant amount.

But the royal family reportedly believes that things will not end well for the King’s youngest son.

Vanity Fair reported on Wednesday that a source close to the prince told them that Harry believes the lawsuit is “not about seeking payouts or public apologies but about changing the way the tabloid press operates.”

The source continued, “Harry will stop at nothing. He believes he was hacked and that he has every reason to believe this was the case, given that the Mirror has admitted to historic phone hacking [in other cases]. In his eyes everything leads back to phone hacking.”

While in court, Harry has suggested that he was the victim of hacking on an enormous scale, and that he may have been hacked as much as on a “daily basis.”

The hearing has pried into the details of his relationships, his former life as a royal, and many things that the royal family probably wishes was not spoken about – such as Harry’s alleged parentage.

Most of Harry’s life, the tabloids have hounded him with rumors that he is not King Charles’ son, but rather the son of Princess Diana and James Hewitt, a man she admitted to having an affair with.

Harry accused the tabloids of using the nasty and unfounded rumor to try to “oust” him from the royal family, and says that they often disrupted his romantic relationships because he sold more articles when single.

Harry, the first high-ranking royal to take the stand in over 132 years, said of the whole experience, “it’s a lot.”

Adding to the Prince’s woes could be the fact that his family believes this will all end in tears for the young royal, and they have shown absolutely no public support for his pursuit of justice.

In fact, they have distanced themselves, openly snubbed his children on their birthdays, and haven’t been checking on him as he faces the turmoil and difficult days ahead.

One source close to the royal family told Vanity Fair, “The family believes this is not going to end well.”

Both King Charles and Prince William have reportedly warned Harry away from pursuing the lawsuit. William accepted a large payday to settle the same claims out of court, and urged Harry to do the same.

But Harry isn’t in it for the money, or to just “Make it go away.”

He wants things to change, and he wants his family in Montecito to live in peace without the malignant whispers of a British tabloid system looking to exploit every wobble or wink.

For now though, Harry is going it alone. He appears in court alone, leaves alone – and receives no support from the family he loves.