Prison Andrew Tate Is Being “Respectful” As Told In A New Email From Himself

If you thought the days of listening to Andrew Tate were over, well, think again. Although he’s got himself a

Is Andrew Tate Being Persecuted? Behind the Bans of the Internet's Most Controversial Figure

If you thought the days of listening to Andrew Tate were over, well, think again. Although he’s got himself a room in a Romanian prison, he’s managed to still get his voice heard about his experience so far.

The social media big shot, his brother Tristan and two others who go unnamed were arrested under the suspicion of human trafficking, r*pe, and forming an organized crime group.

Tate has managed to build a vast following worldwide, with younger men being most of his audience, who have been protesting for his immediate release. However, it won’t be until Tate can be proven innocent that he will be free.

The Tea On Tate

The controversial social media influencer was initially sentenced to 30 days by the judge. However, his detention has been pushed further until February 27.

Tates properties are being checked for how they were acquired- legally or through money that was laundered. So, until that mystery is resolved his supercars and other things will remain under police investigation. IF the investigation reveals admissible evidence then Tate could find himself in prison for another 180 days. But, at this very moment in time, there is no hard evidence to prove Tate guilty (or innocent).

Rumors of potential wiretap leaks have been swirling which could prove Tate’s guilt and should they be legitimate, he could risk being sentenced to 15-20 years of prison.

An Email From Prison

While in prison, Tate will now be able to receive messages through an email address that has been posted by him. He himself can also share messages with fans and supporters and if you’re familiar with the work of Andrew Tate, you know that he took advantage of the opportunity.

In his first message to fans, he wrote about his “iron will” being tested saying, “I will send you my daily lessons from unjust imprisonment. They are trying to break me. Thrown inside a cell without light. Cockroaches, lice, and bed bugs are my only friends at night. When the guards bring me to and from the courtroom, I stay absolutely respectful.”

“They try to pour hatred into my heart. But Please and Thank You stick with me at all times. My prison guards are just performing their job, they have families to feed. In times of hardship, do not forget your manners.”

Tate continued: “They are trying to break my Iron Mind with unjust imprisonment. My absolute respect for everyone around me is my act of absolute rebellion. They cannot break me. My guards know I am innocent.”

“They know it is unjust. They see I will never break and respect my resolve. Please and Thank You stick with me at all times. Such is the way of the Wudan.”

The latest update on Tate revealed that he will be allowed 5 visitors, not including his lawyer, Eugen Vidineac. A tweet from his account read, “I’ve just filled in my visitation form. Besides my lawyer, I’m allowed 5 visitors. 4 are my family member and the 5th is @adinross.”

Adin Ross is a Twitch streamer and influencer himself who has grown close to Tate over the past few months. They have collaborated on social media content and according to Ross, Tate has taken him under his wing to teach him how to become a better version of himself.

What are your thoughts on Andrew Tate? Is prison his new home or do you belive he’s innocent?