Prominent R&B Vocalist, Yuna Blends Art With Korean DJ, Shaun

If you’re into music as much as anyone else who’s sharing their Spotify wrapped this time of year, then this


If you’re into music as much as anyone else who’s sharing their Spotify wrapped this time of year, then this is news that you won’t want to miss. The R&B standout vocalist, Yuna, is collaborating with renowned South Korean Dj and musician, Shaun for a new music single. The Malaysian singer-songwriter will be working on the lyrics and topline while Shaun will serve as a producer on the track. Representatives for both artists shared that they are “excited and eager” to be working together on this collaboration.

Get Familiar With Vocalist, Yuna


“Yuna has mastered the magic of music dichotomies,” the press release writes. She has created a sound that is familiar to R&B greats such as SadeAaliyah, and Brandy while still maintaining a unique style that allows her to stand out. The vocalist has around 1,500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, two of her most popular songs being “Crush” and “Lullabies.” So far Yuna has released five albums and collaborated with a multitude of artists in the United States, one being Usher. Her fresh voice and soulful vibe has built her a devoted fanbase of listeners across her Spotify music platform.

Yuna was born and raised in Kedah and Selangor and began writing song at the young age of 14. She took on guitar as a creative outlet while in law school and her music career only advanced from there. In Malaysia in 2008, Yuna released her self-titled EP which earned five Malaysian Music Awards nominations and left her leaving with four awards. According to her Spotify, Yuna now splits her time between living in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles which she shared clips about on her Instagram.

The Korean DJ That’s Taking Over

DJ Shaun

Although Shaun is only taking on the producer role of this collaboration, he’s much more. The South Korean artist is also a singer-songwriter, and DJ. He career debut was as the keyboardist and backup singer for the indie rock back, The Knoxx. He has since gone of te release his debut solo EP, Take, in June of 2018 which included his popular hit “Way Back  Home.”

“Way Back Home” became a global hit which was later covered by vocalist Connor Maynard and edited by Dutch DJ Sam Feldt. The track accumulated 231M+ streams on Spotify alone. Shaun had originally written the melody for “Way Back Home” with a different purpose but due to it’s familiar sound to another well-known Japanese song, it was rejected. But as they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and that absolutely was the case here. When Shaun remade the song in just five hour back in 2018, it took off and was described by Billboard as being a “tropical-house dance track.”

Don’t Sleep on This Release

Both Shaun and Yuna have taken their talents to the stage with live shows and festivals. Shaun himself enjoys captivating his audience with his art and mesmerizing them with his sounds. The duo will hopefully bring their work to life on stage together in the future. Keep up with them on their social media pages for further details about the release of their upcoming collaboration!