Exclusive: Down the Rabbit Hole – A QAnon Crash Course with Liz Crokin

Media outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal have recently been publishing a

Qanon Rabbit Hole

Media outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal have recently been publishing a barrage of articles on QAnon, the “pro-Trump, internet-based conspiracy theory” as it is often called. Many headlines warn that the group is gaining traction and infiltrating the mainstream, which is ironic considering these mainstream outlets are giving the movement a massive helping hand whether they realize it or not. Especially since the average American is starting to see through media spin in general, and it’s not just the Trump supporters.

According to data gathered by The New York Times, social media activity relating to Q “has grown 200 to 300 percent in the last six months.” Facebook announced last week that they had taken down nearly 800 QAnon accounts, restricting up to 2,000 more related groups and hundreds of related pages, not to mention more than 10,000 Instagram accounts in an attempt to slow the spread of this movement, which is growing like a California wildfire.

President Trump Acknowledges QAnon

The latest wave of Q media comes after President Trump finally acknowledged the community. “I’ve heard these are people that love our country,” Trump responded during a White House news conference, “So I don’t know really anything about it other than they do supposedly like me.” When a reporter brought up how the Q followers believe that he is trying to stop a satanic cult of pedophiles, Trump replied: “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?”

The Washington Post ran the headline, “Trump’s QAnon dodge is a sickening reminder of the man he is” and went on to say that “his refusal to repudiate the repugnant conspiracy theory is just one way Trump proves he should not lead the United States.” Although many Q followers do seem to get a bit carried away with social media attacks on others, this seems to be a bit dramatic since the main goal of Q, from what we are told, is to expose corruption and end criminal activity like child trafficking.

There’s An Extreme Branch Of Any Movement 

Like any movement, there will be those who get carried away and spiral a bit off course from the true intent of the message. With Black Lives Matter, there are those who are good and are well-intentioned and those who are bad, hiding behind the movement in the shadows.

Far-left protest group Antifa has allegedly been one of those groups responsible for much of the violence and looting erupting in cities throughout the country over the last few months. Rolling Stone discussed Twitter’s censorship against QAnon, “many far-right or QAnon-adjacent figures have come out against the platform, claiming it’s hampering free speech; numerous figures also pointed out that ‘Antifa,’ has not been subject to such censure.”

Biden’s Team Address QAnon

Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, addressed Q during a Trump rant, stating that “Donald Trump just sought to legitimize a conspiracy theory that the FBI has identified as a domestic terrorism threat,” which nearly every media site ran. For proof, the Chicago Tribune cited a Yahoo News! article upload of an alleged May 2019 FBI bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, which mainly mentions specific individuals who have been a threat.

However, when we reached out to the FBI specifically asking if they had identified QAnon as a domestic terrorism threat, the FBI National Press Office shared this statement with CELEB:

The FBI does not and cannot designate domestic terrorist groups. The FBI can never initiate an investigation based solely on an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or the exercise of First Amendment rights. When it comes to domestic terrorism, our investigations focus solely on the criminal activity of individuals—regardless of group membership—that appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce the civilian population or influence the policy of the government by intimidation or coercion. It’s important to note that membership in groups which espouse domestic extremist ideology is not illegal in and of itself—no matter how offensive their views might be to the majority of society. Membership in a group is not a sufficient basis for an investigation.

Back to learning about the Q “conspiracy.” How much of a conspiracy can this be if a lot (or at least some) of what this mystery person or group is saying turns out to be true? Let’s just entertain the idea for a few

Whether you’re a supporter, a scoffer, or still have no idea what the hell we’re talking about, you’re going to want to read on.

Who is Q?

Here to fill CELEB in on everything “Q” is Liz Crokin herself, one of the movement’s biggest supporters.

“Q is literally the greatest story that’s ever been told,” Crokin calmly shares with a hint of excitement in her voice. “Not only is it the greatest story that has ever been told, but it unfolds in real time. That’s what’s so amazing about it.”

The investigative journalist has worked for many mainstream publications like the Chicago Tribune and Townhall but went independent after being censored for covering too many controversial topics. (Sort of like how certain media outlets censored the truth about Epstein initially, since he was affiliated with so many powerful people, but we’ll get into that later).

In 2001, the University of Iowa graduate even worked in the White House after college under George W. Bush before she realized just how corrupt the political world was, or the world in general. Now, she just wants the truth and will go to great lengths to find it. Even if we don’t agree with what she says, most in the know would agree that the fringe journalist’s world is quite fascinating.

As far as thoughts on Trump finally acknowledging the controversial group, “The people in the Q movement are very patriotic people who love their country,” the Chicago native describes. “And for President Trump to acknowledge the Q community, it was a big morale boost for everybody. It felt absolutely amazing.” The president, by the way, once personally thanked Crokin for an article she wrote in 2016.

Although the movement is growing at warp speed, many are still probably wondering:

What exactly is Q?

“Q is a military intelligence operation,” Crokin explains. “The goal of Q is to wake the public up to the criminal activity that the cabal is involved in. Q is a way to bypass the corrupt, mainstream media and get the truth to the people.”

Q started on 4chan in 2017.

“When I was covering the election, I would go on 4chan to read what the anons were saying about the election and I found I got some of the best information in terms of what was really going on with the election,” she says. “I started following a lot of social media accounts who posted information from 4chan on Facebook and Twitter. When Q started posting in 2017, I heard about Q from some of the anons that I follow.”

Ok, so here’s the deal. We’re going to need a glossary before we proceed to talk in Q speak because it’s a lot to take in at first. So, we enlisted Crokin to give us a summary of some top key terms that we will hear repeatedly in our journey down the rabbit hole.

Anons: “Anons are people who post on boards like 4chan. There are a wide range of people who post on the boards such as people in the intelligence community, celebrities, journalists, computer geeks, etc. Some of these anons can figure anything out in two seconds.”

Cabal: “A deep state network of very powerful and influential people who are involved in nefarious criminal activity and black-market operations, drug trafficking, child sex trafficking, money laundering, treason, illegal arms dealing.” Crokin adds, “A lot of the people in the cabal are flat out criminals themselves or they’ve been blackmailed and/or controlled.”

Deep state: “Cabal and deep state are kind of one in the same,” she shares. “The deep state would be rogue members of our government, or a shadow government, who are not working in the best interest of our country and are involved in criminal activity and rogue black hat operations.”

Black hats: “People in our government who are bad people and making deals with terrorists.”

White hats: “People in the government who are good people and do good work.”

Red-pilling: Red-pilling is a nod to the Matrix film. “When you take the ‘red pill,’ it’s basically a metaphor for going down the rabbit hole and waking up to the fact that we’ve basically been living in an illusion and so much that we’ve been told by Hollywood and the mainstream media and about our history has been a complete and total lie,” she says.

Got all that? Okay, now we’re ready to proceed.

An Instant Q Believer

Crokin dished out her top “Q proofs” that made her realize that Q was real.

“When Q first started posting in 2017, Q was exposing the House of Saud corruption, and this is what made me realize, ‘Holy shit, Q is real.’ The House of Saud is the Saudi Royal family members. They are basically at the top of the child sex trafficking food chain,” Crokin explains. “They’re also involved in a lot of corruption, including U.S. politics so they fund a lot of our corrupt politicians.”

Crokin, often suffering from frequent mainstream media scrutiny, is rarely ever reached out to for comment for all the hit pieces out there on her.

“Standard protocol when you do a story is to reach out to that person for comment, you’re one of the few reporters who has reached out to me,” she says. That’s the first thing you learn in journalism school. That never happens with any of these pieces. If these people were truly interested in writing a fair story about me, they would at least want to hear my side. But they never call.”

Alright, so let’s hear her out.

In one of Q’s first posts, Q asked a bunch of questions about Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia.

“President Trump went to Saudi Arabia and met with King Salman in 2017 and I actually watched the whole thing live. This was before Q’s first post and this was in the middle of the night in the United States. I watched it on FOX. They showed the entire ceremony, it was insane,” Crokin recalls. “And as someone who has worked in the White House and covered presidents for years, I’ve never seen such an elaborate welcoming for a foreign leader or president in my life by a foreign country. It was the most over the top welcome I’ve ever seen. The most stunning footage was the sword dance they did for President Trump.”

A Washington Post article at the time had stated that “President Trump was received like visiting royalty in Saudi Arabia on the first leg of his maiden international trip.”

New York Magazine had also shared of Trump’s “particularly warm welcome.” The president, in typical Trump fashion, had stated that he had made “tremendous” deals while there.

Fast forward to Q. In one of Q’s first posts, Q asked, “How did Saudi Arabia welcome POTUS during his trip? Why was this historic? How did Saudi Arabia welcome Barack Obama during his trip? How did Saudi Arabia welcome Hillary Clinton during her trip? Why is this relevant?”

“Before I had seen this, I knew that there was something going on, they were worshiping President Trump like he was the second coming and I’m like, ‘why are they looking at him like he’s this savior? I thought Saudi Arabia hated us?’ Crokin goes on to explain that every country has a deep state, there are white hats in every country and there are black hats. (Refer to our glossary from earlier)

“Q asked these questions, and Q said the answers to these questions will explain everything, so do your research and look into why this happened,” the Q-enthusiast explains.

The anons, as Crokin says, started digging and she began looking into it.

“The sword dance is a symbolic dance in Saudi Arabia and it’s symbolic of going to war. So, it was actually a ceremony where King Salman and President Trump had made some kind of a deal and they were getting ready to fight a war. And what has Trump talked about for years? ‘We are fighting a shadow war.’”

The sword dance is indeed a war dance but nowadays is also more of a traditional celebration. Regardless, Q seems to have been on to something.

After Q started exposing the corruption and questioning President Trump’s welcoming, several members of the Saudi royal family including Prince Alwaleed, were arrested. “Trump made a deal with King Salman to take down his cabal, members of the royal family, in Saudi Arabia. That’s when I knew that Q was real. And that’s just one example,” Crokin shares.

CNN reported that the sweep leading to Alwaleed’s arrest was a “stunning anti-corruption purge,” citing that the multi-billionaire owns 95% of Kingdom Holding, which has a global network of major investments including Citigroup, Twitter and Apple.” However, the billionaire settled in 2018 and was released.

“Prince Alwaleed is a deep state cabal asset,” Crokin says very seriously. “He has shareholders in Fox News, shareholders in Twitter, he’s involved in sex trafficking. One of his ex-wives even went on the record and said he’s involved with sex trafficking.”

Let’s be real, you don’t need to be a Q follower to be aware of what is really going on in this corrupt world. CNN’s Richard Quest speaks of the unfathomable business of trafficking. “$100 billion in profits a year from this evil and pernicious business! This is one industry I want to disappear for good.”

Kim Jong Un, North Korea and Epstein

Number two Q proof for Crokin would be North Korea.

“Q told us that North Korea was controlled by the deep state and that Kim Jong Un was a puppet for them. Q basically said that Trump would be making a deal with North Korea, that we’d have peace in North Korea. Trump even said that long before he met with Kim Jong Un,” she begins. “Well, Trump also posted a photo from Airforce One and Q drew attention to this photo. The anons decoded the photo, it was a picture over Asia, and they came to the conclusion that Trump was in North Korea, and Q confirmed the anons were right. So, what Q told us and confirmed was that Trump actually met with Kim Jung Un way before media ever reported that he had met with him.”

Crokin also points out that Q has posted photos inside Air Force One. “If Trump’s not part of Q, how did Q have current photos inside Air Force One with President Trump on the plane.” Obviously, photos can be snagged from other sites or altered but Crokin insists that these photos have been verified.

Finally, here is one we’re all familiar with. Q started exposing Epstein before Epstein was arrested. And Q started posting intelligence — some of it had never been reported before — on Jeffrey Epstein. “The biggest confirmation regarding Q and Jeffrey Epstein is that Q posted that the white hats had shut down Epstein’s child sex trafficking network several months before he was arrested.” I think we can all at least wrap our heads around that.

Although the Q believers are made to look crazy for accusing celebrities and politicians of pedophilia and child sex trafficking, Crokin actually knew about Smallville’s Allison Mack well before the 38-year-old actress got arrested for sex trafficking. Mack pleaded guilty and admitted she had joined the NXIVM sex cult, which was turning women into sex slaves.

Speaking in Codes

There have been thousands of Q posts, many posts with codes. Sometimes it’s a date, sometimes the numbers stand for something else. For example, Q posts numbers that represent letters of the alphabet. Donald Trump is 4.10.20. D is 4, J is 10 and T is 20.

“Q said that 11.3 was a marker for the first arrest for the Spygate people,” meaning the secret surveillance on the Trump administration in relation to the Russian probe. “Well, Kevin Clinesmith, KC, is 11.3. That was two years ago. So, Q basically told us two years ago that Kevin Clinesmith would be the first marker.” Kevin Clinesmith is the ex-FBI lawyer who was arrested and pleaded guilty to falsifying documents related to the secret surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser during the Russia investigation. And he was indeed the first current or former official to be charged in a Justice Department review of the investigation. This is getting more interesting than The Da Vinci Code! Or perhaps, Girl with the Q Tattoo …

“Before Q’s first post, President Trump did this photo op with a bunch of these military generals, he and Melania were in the White House doing the photo shoot and he said, ‘this is the calm before the storm.’ And the fake news was like what storm Mr. President? And he was basically like, very cryptically, ‘You’ll find out.’”

Apparently, the takedown of the pedophile satanic cabal is the “storm” and Q believers think that President Trump was talking about Q and this storm. Crokin also talks about the 180,000 sealed indictments racked up since 2017. “A normal year only has a few thousand sealed indictments, so Q has talked about all these things. You can track this. Even in the mainstream media, they’re like ‘Why have so many CEOs stepped down?’ Of course, they ignore that Q has been taking down the cabal,” the outspoken journalist says.

“If Q isn’t real, why does General Flynn and his whole family endorse Q. Michael Flynn is a top general who has access to the highest classified information in military intelligence right now. If Q is fake, why do we have Eric Trump promoting Q on Instagram,” she argues. “Why does President Trump retweet hundreds of Q accounts. People will argue that Trump needs the votes, his numbers are higher than they were in 2016. He doesn’t need Q. He doesn’t need to talk about Q to win this election.”

Fake News Media?

Crokin also clues us in on why they say the fake news media.

“The mainstream media is owned by five major corporations so every single news station from national news like CNN down to the local news stations and newspapers. And the people at the top are tied to the cabal and many are tied to criminal activity,” she explains. “That does not mean that every single reporter in the media is a member of the cabal or a criminal or is dirty or is a bad person. Journalists who expose too much criminal activity get punished or fired, or their stories get squashed.”

We have all witnessed examples of that. Most often, it’s because the publications will get sued. It’s tricky territory. But it is also customary for media to protect powerful people that they have good relationships with. After all, it is in their best interest. An example of this is ABC news anchor Amy Robach caught on mic saying that the network squashed her 2015 Epstein exposé that included an interview with prominent Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre.

“I feel that a lot of people including journalists have been easily fooled and manipulated, they fail to use their intuition when seeking and reporting the truth,” Crokin theorizes. “I have relied on my intuition my entire career as a journalist, to guide me when I’m reporting stories. When I read Q’s first few posts, I knew intuitively that this was real. The reason why we’re in a place where we’re blinded and brainwashed is because people don’t use their intuition. It is so important to use your intuition when seeking the truth, and that is something that people fail to do. We’ve all been given a third eye; we’ve all been given intuition. We just have forgotten how to use it.”

The Podesta Emails Woke Crokin Up To The Deep State’s Power

The Trump supporter, who has been a conservative her whole life, admits that she didn’t really wake up to how powerful the deep state was until 2016 when she read the Podesta and the DNC emails.

“It wasn’t until I started researching Q that I understood how deep and widespread the corruption was and that it went across all party lines, and that included many politicians that I had previously supported and worked for such as George W. Bush. If I truly was someone just motivated by politics, then I would still support him.”

Crokin continues, “My motivation has always been the truth and I now know that the person that I looked up to is in the cabal and he is involved in a lot of criminal activities that Q was exposing and that was a hard pill for me to swallow because I worked for George W. Bush and I really liked him and no one wants to hear that about someone they worked for and had a friendship with. I’m more interested in the truth than pushing a political agenda.”

The child trafficking activist has obviously suffered a lot of scrutiny for her unwavering support of Trump, Q and her views that basically almost everything and everyone we know is corrupt, which is admittedly becoming more believable by the day in 2020.

Q Is Under Constant Attack

“At this point there’s a hit piece written about me almost every single day. The hit pieces don’t bother me because I know who controls the media, and I know that Q is exposing the media, and I know how this story ends,” she shares, unruffled. “I know that Q is real, I know that all these people will face justice, and I know that all these people will be exposed, and I know that the mainstream media who has slandered me the past four years will be exposed as well.”

Crokin has lost many friends and followers for supporting Trump and talking about some of the crimes that somewhat respectable people in the public eye may or not be involved in.

“I know that we’ll win in the end, it’s easier to take the hits when you know the truth. I’ve dealt with a lot of ridicule from people who haven’t even read one Q post. That’s been a little difficult to deal with because nobody likes to be bullied, nobody likes to be attacked, nobody likes to be slandered, and slandered by huge publications and TV shows, but I believe that the work that I’m doing, especially exposing child sex trafficking is worth the hits and the sacrifices I’ve had to make to get the truth out there.”

Out of Shadows

“When they take down my Instagram and/or my Facebook page, that’s the worst thing they can do,” Crokin insists. “After they shut me down on Twitter with 100,000 followers, I went out and did a documentary that has been seen now by over 100 million people. So, they want to shut me down on Facebook and Instagram, I’m going to focus all my energy on putting out more video content and documentaries, which is something that they really don’t want.”

The film she speaks of is the documentary Out of Shadows, directed by former A-List Hollywood stunt man Mike Smith, who was privy to just about every name and studio in Hollywood.

“The goal of the film was to scratch the surface on topics that Q covers, like corruption in the media, child sex trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein. But the documentary was done in a way where our goal was to wake up people that have not taken the red pill and done research and gone down the rabbit hole because there’s so much corruption,” she explains.” The rabbit hole is so deep. If you go too deep in the rabbit hole, it’s just going to shut people off and turn people off because it’s way too overwhelming and comes off unbelievable.”

“It is unbelievable but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. the goal of the doc was to wake up people who have never heard about pizzagate or some of these topics. It was basically an introduction to a lot of the criminal cabal activity, media corruption and black operations that have been going on in our government that you will never see in the mainstream media.”


Pizzagate is a controversial conspiracy that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were involved with a child sex trafficking ring revolving around the DC pizza joint Comet Ping Pong. The Podesta emails revealed that the word “pizza” was used repeatedly as some kind of code word in a bizarre manner that didn’t make sense.

Mike Smith, the director of the documentary who was also in the film, and Crokin joined forces two years back when he started following her on social media.

“He found that the stuff I was posting on child sex trafficking was true. He would take the information I would post, then he would do his own research. He was appalled at how I had been slandered and attacked by the mainstream media for putting myself out there to tell the truth about child sex trafficking. So, he wanted to present me in a fair and accurate way. I think he did an incredible job.”

When Out of Shadows came out, Crokin and Smith did many online appearances to promote the film and the doc reached 1 million views in 24 hours.

“Despite the fact that Twitter had kicked me off a year and a half prior to the premiere, it showed that I still had a very large following despite the media censorship that I’ve had to deal with. So Out of Shadows started trending and started going viral within twenty-four hours after we release it, which was on 4.10.20.” Trump’s initials, if you have been paying attention.

Out Of Shadows Goes Viral

They got a special treat from Q on Easter Sunday (rabbit symbolism anyone?) when Q posted Out of Shadows, saying it was the best documentary of the year.

“At that point, that’s what took Out of Shadows to the next level. Then it went mega viral. But the fact that it had already gone viral before Q posted it shows that people are turning off the fake news and getting their info from social media and these alternative news outlets because no one in the mainstream media was promoting Out of Shadows.”

The film went viral even when shadow banned by YouTube, who made a statement to the New York Times admitting that they shadow banned Out of Shadows. Now it’s at around 50 million views. “The fact that the film has been so successful, even with the heavy censorship, and zero endorsement by the mainstream media before it went viral goes to show you that people are turning off the fake news.”

Apparently, there are also a lot of people in Hollywood who support President Trump and the Q movement.

“They see how people like me get slandered just for speaking the truth so there is a massive silent majority and some of them are starting to speak out. They are quietly supporting Trump and even Out of Shadows,” she says. “There are a lot of celebrities who have reached out privately saying ‘We support you; we’ve seen Out of Shadows, we know this stuff is real, we’ve seen it, we’ve heard about it.’”

Whistleblowers Who Have Disappeared

We can’t help but ask about the alleged whistleblowers who have wound up dead.

Jenny Moore

Jenny Moore did a story about a man who claimed to have been raped by Bill Clinton as a child. It ran on True Pundit, after she did the story, she also brought the victim to the FBI, reporters who spoke with this victim found him to be very credible. After she went public with the story, she then died under suspicious circumstances.”

The investigative journalist reportedly died of a seizure in a hotel room shortly after going to the FBI to blow the whistle on Clinton. The victim she was talking to claimed he was sexually assaulted by Clinton on a yacht in New England when he was younger and was going to bring Moore other victims as well.

Issac Kappy

Issac Kappy started exposing elite pedophiles in Hollywood in 2018. “Issac Kappy dropped a lot of household names, exposing a ton of people. He allegedly committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge but the whole thing seemed very shady, not everything added up,” she says.

Seth Rich

Julian Assange, who exposed the Podesta emails and the DNC, strongly implied that it was a leak and not a hack, according to Crokin.

Seth Rich is the person who leaked the emails and there is proof, Fox News is trying to get Julian Assange’s testimony about that. Seth Rich is the key to all of this and it will unravel all the lies that the deep state has spread. The deep state has tried to tell you that the DNC was hacked, and they tried to blame Russia, but it wasn’t Russia it was one of their own, Seth Rich.”

Rich was a former Democratic National Committee employee who was murdered on the street near his D.C. home.

“I think that Seth Rich found out about what the DNC was involved in, including the sex trafficking, and was horrified at what he found that’s when he called Julian Assange to leak the e-mails. He was in fact a contact of Julian Assange, if you follow Q, you’ll know that Julian’s testimony will expose all of this and you know that he’s being protected and it’s only a matter of time before Julian Assange will go on the record and tell the truth about all of this. Seth Rich was murdered for exposing the DNC.”

Crokin did a story in 2017 about Seth Rich’s murder investigation and interviewed several people involved with the case.

“I was told that the DC police did not even investigate the murder. They didn’t even go to the last place that he had been the night that he was murdered to interview anyone or look for potential witnesses that had talked to him or had been seen with him. I spoke with the bar manager. The whole investigation was swept under the rug. And then I basically got fired from the publication I was working with.”

Apparently, Fox News’ Sean Hannity was looking into, was threatened, and even came close to losing his show because of it.

“All of a sudden, he made a statement that he couldn’t talk about it anymore, he had to hire a bunch of lawyers to deal with it,” Crokin says. He definitely was silenced no question about it. Seth Rich got shot in the back, which is basically an execution style murder.”

Fox News was in hot water because the late Rich’s family was suing them, yet the case sounds far from over.

Crokin Says The Public Is Waking Up

One thing is certain, the truth bombs are dropping day by day as of late, and the public is “waking up,” as Crokin says, especially with the sinister Epstein saga coming to light, which some say has not even scratched the surface of these elite trafficking groups. The Out of Shadows star concludes with a respectable point that we can hopefully all agree on.

“At the end of the day, for argument’s sake, how is Q a bad thing. Q encourages people to do their own research and think for themselves. Q is exposing some of the biggest traffickers on the planet, so even if Q is fake or doesn’t turn out to be Trump or military intelligence, how is it bad? It’s uniting people to stand up and speak out against child predators. That’s not a bad thing!”


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