Rachael Ray’s House On Fire

Flames everywhere is the scene that greeted firefighters late Sunday as cooking show titan Rachael Ray’s home caught fire. Post-Star reports that multiple fire

Flames everywhere is the scene that greeted firefighters late Sunday as cooking show titan Rachael Ray’s home caught fire. Post-Star reports that multiple fire departments arrived to fight the massive blaze, which burned Sunday evening through Monday. 

Who Is Rachael Ray?

Ray is well-known for her cooking endeavors, and has become a household name. The 51-year-old chef, a New York native, grew up around the restaurant business, according to Biography. Ray developed her, “30 Minute meals,” idea while working in the restaurant business, and a local TV network hired her. 

Food Network eventually discovered the star chef, and she wrote several cookbooks that appealed to those at home who love to cook but need practical and accessible recipes to follow. 

Biography says of her career once Food Network got ahold of her, “30 Minute Meals was so popular that Food Network debuted three other programs starring the bubbly cook: $40 a Day, Inside Dish and Rachael Ray‘s Tasty Travels. She has also authored numerous cookbooks around the quick cook theme, including 2001’s Comfort Foods, 2003’s Get Togethers and 2005’s Rachael Ray 365.” 

Ray is also deeply involved in charity. She established her own, Yum-O!, aimed at helping children and families learn about nutrition and feeding American children who are food insecure.  

Rachel Ray

House On Fire!

Post-Star says that firefighters and emergency personnel arrived at the home at 7:27 p.m. for what they described as a structural fire. Multiple departments were called in from across the region to assist by bringing tankers, providing both water and manpower to the fight. 

Rachel Ray whose house has caught fire

By 11 p.m. firefighters continued to fight the blaze, and the Post-Star tells us that the cause of the blaze remains unknown.  

Ray Working From Home

Ray is currently working out of her Lake Luzerne home with her husband. They have been using an iPhone and a personal computer to record her usual tv segments in an unusual way, using the Zoom program to bring guests onto the show while respecting social distancing requirements for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ray says the whole working from home affair is more difficult than recording in a studio, now that the recording, producing, and preparing is all up to the duo. Ray says that they order food online, after which her husband goes through a “two-hour cleaning process.” 

Chef Rachel Ray is working from home

Of the prepping process, Ray says, “He’s ruined all of our clothes, which are just sweatpants, so it’s OK, but everything we own has bleach dots.” After they record themselves preparing the food, Ray and her husband leave the food on the front porch for friends and family to collect, which is a reminder of how generous the cooking star is said to be. “Every day it’s like a bird feeder for humans. All the food that we’re processing for the shows goes outside,” the tv star says. 

“There ain’t a lot of hair and makeup going on here, so it’s a different kind of intimacy that I think we’ve established with our viewers and honestly it feels good,” Ray says of the couple’s penchant for giving away delicious food to loved ones after they’re finished producing the show of the day.  

Are They Okay?

A spokesperson for Ray released a statement about the fire, saying, “Rachael, her husband John, and their dog Bella are safe. The house is unfortunately damaged and we don’t yet know to what extent.” The Lake Luzerne residence is owned by Ray, according to Warren County property records. 

Now that the couple’s Lake Luzerne home is damaged and unlivable, Ray has several other residences to choose from to continue working out of. Hopefully, the cooking star takes a little downtime to process this tragedy and heal from what is a stunning and devastating life change, even for a person lucky enough to have other homes to turn to. We are so happy to hear that Ray, John, and Bella are all safe though and we wish them luck. 


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