Rachel Zegler Cast As Snow White In Live-Action Remake Movie

Get ready, you guys, because Disney just announced that they’re making a live-action remake of Snow White, and you’re never

Rachel Zegler Snow White

Get ready, you guys, because Disney just announced that they’re making a live-action remake of Snow White, and you’re never going to believe who they cast as the princess! Drum roll please… It’s the one and only Rachel Zegler!

But wait, who else is going to star in the new flick, you ask? What’s going to go down in it? Will it be exactly the same as the animated classic? And when will it come out? Not to worry, people, because we’ve got you covered. From the plot to the cast to the release date, we rounded up all the exciting details for you. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of Snow White

What Do We Know About The New ‘Snow White’ Movie?

According to Deadline, Marc Webb (who was previously behind movies like The Amazing Spider-Man, Gifted and (500) Days Of Summer) is set to direct the new version of the fairytale. Plus, Marc Platt (who produced Dear Evan Hansen, Aladdin, Into the Woods, Legally Blonde, Girl On the Train and more in the past) will produce it! Oh, and did we mention that Benj Pasek and Justin Paul — the Oscar- and Tony-winning duo behind La La LandThe Greatest Showman and others — are going to write new songs for the movie. How awesome is that?! As for the plot, the outlet reported that the new film will “expand upon the story and music from the original.” There’s unfortunately no more information released at the moment, so we don’t know the full cast or when it’ll come out, but it has been reported that production is going to start in 2022. Hopefully the network shares some more details soon!

The original cartoon came out in 1938 and was Disney’s first full-length animated movie. It was about a princess who is forced to hide in a cottage with seven dwarves after her stepmother tried to kill her because she was jealous of her beauty. But when the Queen discovered Snow White’s hiding spot, she dressed up as an old lady and fed her a poisoned apple — putting her into a spell that can be broken only by a kiss from the prince.

Who Even is Rachel Zegler?

West Side Story Remake

Wondering why Zegler’s name sounds familiar? Well, she made headlines last year when news hit the web that she had been cast as Maria in Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming West Side Story remake! That’ll be her first-ever movie, and we cannot wait to see her in it. She landed the role after videos of herself singing various covers went viral online.

And according to Deadline, it was her role in West Side Story that got Disney’s attention. Insiders explained that although her auditioned for Snow White “impressed everyone,” Disney execs saw an early screening of West Side Story and were “blown away” by her performance.

“It helped push the decision across the finish line,” an insider added.

Besides Snow White, the 20-year-old Colombian American actress is also gearing up to star in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, where she will reportedly “play a mysterious key role.” In January 2020, she was signed with ICM Partners.

What Other Live-Action Movies Does Disney Have In The Works?

Halle Bailey

This isn’t the only thing Disney has in the works. Yep, the company is also working on a live-action remake of Peter Pan, and Yara Shahidi has reportedly been cast as Tinker Bell. According to Deadline, the Grown-ish star was officially chosen to play the fairy that we all know and love, making her the first person of color to ever portray the traditionally-white character. Plus, Jude Law (who fans may recognize from his roles in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find ThemSherlock HolmesA Series of Unfortunate Events and more) will reportedly play Captain Hook! Alexander Molony (who made his acting debut in 2017 and has starred in TV shows like The Reluctant Landlord and Claude) is going to star as the boy who doesn’t want to grow up and Ever Anderson (who briefly appeared in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, but hasn’t acted in anything else) is set to play Wendy.

There’s also a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid coming soon, and we can’t wait! Halle Bailey is going to play the red-haired mermaid, plus, AwkwafinaJacob TremblayDaveed DiggsJavier BardemMelissa McCarthy and Jonah Hauer-King are also set to star in it. Harry Styles was originally being eyed for the role of Prince Eric, but he ultimately turned it down to focus on his music. There’s also rumors of a live-action Pinocchio, but there’s no information released about it just yet.

Anything Else You Should Be Excited About?

Percy Jackson Cast

There’s actually even more new Disney movies and shows in the works at the moment. They’re also working on a live-action prequel show to their hit movie Beauty and the Beast — called Beauty and the Best. Get ready to see your favorite dynamic duo — Gaston and LeFou — like never before because according to Deadline, the new show will focus on their friendship, years before Belle came into the picture. Here’s a synopsis:

“The series will follow Gaston and LeFou as they set off with LeFou’s step-sister, Tilly, after a surprising revelation from her past comes to light, sending the unlikely trio off on an unexpected journey filled with romance, comedy, and adventure. While the mysteries of the past are uncovered and the dangers of the present grow, old friends and new enemies reveal that this familiar kingdom harbors many secrets.”

Drum roll please… Luke Evans and Josh Gad are reportedly reprising their roles as Gaston and LeFou for the new series. Newcomer Briana Middleton will join the cast as Tilly, and we can’t wait! Gad and Once Upon a Time creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz wrote the show and will serve as executive producers, while Tony Award winning director Liesl Tommy is set to direct it.

Plus, they’re making a new Percy Jackson series!

As fans know, the Percy Jackson movies came out in 2010 and 2013, and they quickly became two of the most beloved flicks of all time! The films (which starred Logan LermanAlexandra DaddarioBrandon T. Jackson and more) were based off of a five-part book series written by Rick Riordan. Now, almost eight years later, Disney has announced that they are making a new spinoff based on the franchise, and it turns out, the new series won’t be a continuation of the movies, but instead, it will retell the original story.

“Hey Percy Jackson fans, for the past decade, you’ve worked hard to champion a faithful on-screen adaptation of Percy Jackson’s world,” the author wrote on Twitter last year. “Some of you have even suggested it would be a good series for Disney+. We couldn’t agree more! We can’t say much more at this stage but we are very excited about the idea of a live-action series of the highest quality, following the storyline of the original Percy Jackson five-book series, starting with The Lightning Thief in Season 1. Rest assured that [my wife] Becky and I will be involved in-person at every step of the show. There will be much more news in the future, but for now, we have a lot of work to do! Buckle up, demigods. It’s going to a fantastic, exciting ride!”

Apparently, Disney is also making a Pirates of the Caribbean prequel that’s going to star Zac Efron! Some reports have claimed that the High School Musical alum is going to play Captain Jack Sparrow when he was younger, and we are freaking out over this!

Plus, news hit the web back in May 2021 that one of our all time favorite movies was getting a sequel — more than 13 years after it came out! Yep, we’re talking about Enchanted — the hilarious Disney flick which starred Amy AdamsPatrick DempseyJames Marsden, Idina Menzel and more. And get this — almost all of the original stars have signed on for the second movie — called Disenchanted — including Adams, Dempsey, Menzel and Marsden. Unfortunately, Rachel Covey will not return as Morgan (Dempsey’s character’s daughter), but instead, Gabby Baldacchino has been recast for the role. Plus, Maya RudolphYvette Nicole BrownJayma Mays, Kolton Stewart and Oscar Nuñez have all also joined the cast! Adam Shankman is set to direct and produce the movie, while Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz will write the music for it.

Here’s an official synopsis for the film: “Disenchanted features the much-anticipated return of Giselle, the princess from the fairy-tale world of Andalasia banished to Manhattan who found her real Princess Charming in divorce lawyer Robert Philip. 15 years later, Giselle moves to the suburb of Monroeville with Robert and their teenage daughter Morgan, where she must juggle the challenges that come with a new home and discover what happily ever after truly means to her and her new family.” Ugh, we can’t wait to see how this plays out!

They’re also reportedly working on eight new Star Wars TV shows and one new Star Wars movie, tons more Marvel movies, Indiana Jones 5, a prequel to Toy Story called Lightyear, a Moana and Princess and the Frog spinoff series, called Tiana and Moana, a new Monsters Inc. show called Monsters At Work and so much more. Wow, there’s honestly so many things to be excited about!