Ralph Lauren Creates New Magic in the Restaurant WorldA Fashion Guru in the Hospitality Industry

Luxury, sophistication and Ralph Lauren—all words that fit together perfectly. It may come as a surprise but designer and branding

Ralph Lauren

Luxury, sophistication and Ralph Lauren—all words that fit together perfectly. It may come as a surprise but designer and branding extraordinaire Ralph Lauren has his hand in more than just fashion. Then again, we are talking about Ralph Lauren, an expert at making anything beautiful.

Whether an avid wearer of the many Ralph Lauren clothing brands or simply familiar with the name, Ralph Lauren is considered to be one of the greatest designers of our time. Lauren’s lines are controversial, eclectic, and most importantly, draw out many of his own interests and hobbies. Lauren started his brand in 1967 with a simple tie called “Polo.” Since the ’60s, Lauren has clearly risen above what most people expected a small tie line to become, he now runs an iconic label as one of the leaders in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Early on, Lauren brought his love for sports and the outdoors into his designs. He has become one of few designers to successfully intertwine so many ideas, styles, and costs into one brand. Lauren produces clothing lines that range in cost from common to couture allowing any person, event, or style to match perfectly with his honed aesthetic. Ralph Lauren clearly captures the fashion industry’s eyes and interests; however, he also has become a mover and shaker in the restaurant industry.

A Fashion Guru in the Hospitality Industry

Branding is what Ralph Lauren does best. As the owner of a well-branded clothing business, his skills and experience have certainly paid off as he introduces his talents through four restaurants that reside in NYC, Paris, London, and Chicago. These stunning locations have graced the restaurant industry for several years now; however, the idiosyncratic nature of Lauren’s establishments have changed the game for fine dining.

The Polo Bar of NYC

Polo Bar of NYC

Located on 55th street in New York City, the Polo Bar is a brand toward Lauren’s prized sport and the idea behind his empire; Polo. A step into the Polo Bar will leave you speechless as you become transported into an English-style club room. Hundreds of Polo-inspired photos and decor grace the walls; you will take a seat at the bar or a perfectly finished brown leather club chair as you wait for a spiced bourbon on the rocks. Freshly pressed white coats and black ties are not the only things you’ll notice from the staff, but a gentle smile and professionalism. Space might remind you of an old-styled gentlemen’s club but with some charm, elegance and aroma of freshly baked bread.

Your tastebuds will water as The Loch Duart Salmon passes you on a steaming plate. Followed by Ralph’s Old Fashioned Five-Layer Chocolate Cake that undeniably contains more calories than your day allows but just under the amount you can convince yourself is okay. A meal fit for NYC royalty is now in front of you combined with eclectic china on your table and a marvelous surrounding; it is safe to say Ralph Lauren has done it again.

Ralph’s of Paris and London

Ralph’s of Paris and London

Enchanting, mystic and lavishing are the words to describe Ralph Lauren’s European spots finished with delicate lighting and a glass bar. Located at 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, Ralph’s is the perfect cafe to take in the french air, smells, and sights. Surrounded by the same Polo Lounge aesthetic, the dining room offers some familiarity for visitors who have experienced the Polo Bar in NYC with an extra twist. As you turn from the streets of Paris towards Ralph’s, a stone archway will be soaring over you. You enter a magnificent courtyard filled with Paris famous American Tulip Poplar trees and white rose bushes. The menu at Ralph’s keeps to the original roots sourced from the polo bar but adds a few extra details and elegance.

A delightful afternoon awaits you at Lauren’s most relaxing location. The sensation smell of white roses fills the courtyard peeking your tastebuds for many of the restaurant’s rose wines. Brunch is served! The restaurant recommends their top brunch dishes, a delicate lobster Benedict and eggs florentine, served aside from the menu.

Ralph’s also offers lunch and dinner menus, including dishes and flavors from all over the world. The options are endless and oh so satisfying, so whether you are craving a classic bowl of western chili or a plate of burrata and black truffle leek salad, Ralph’s ready and able to accommodate.

RL of Chicago

RL of Chicago

RL of Chicago inmates Polo Bar almost to a T for decor and the overall vibe. However, Chicago has its own individuality that is quite different from NYC, and for that reason, Lauren has made his final restaurant mark in Chicago, Illinois. The RL of Chicago is located on 115 E. Chicago Avenue, right around the corner from Chicago’s greatest restaurants and museums.

RL contains a delightful patio and the traditional inside dining space except with a little twist, bookshelves. That is right, RL’s uniqueness is in the surrounding bookshelves/ library that line the walls of the restaurant. Quite enchanting and something mysterious. The RL shoots for a cozier feel to it with tables surrounding a vintage library and an old fashion live fireplace.

More stunning plates and tastes come from the RL menu, equal to the quality and beauty found at Ralph’s. Fine beers, wines, and liquors are served with your choice of the RL’S freshest dishes. Only steps away from one of the freshest, most beautiful lakes in America, RL serves dishes straight from the source through fresh catch and fish of the day dishes.

Mr. Ralph Lauren can’t wait to share his restaurants and experience with you. He hopes that these locations bring out the most tranquil parts of each individual that walks through any of these doors at that your experience is one for your personal record book.

“I’m always drawn to classic food that people truly enjoy. The dishes they want to return to time and time again.”

-Ralph Lauren