Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Responds to Accusation that she Told Hip-Hop Artist Nicki Minaj to Get an Abortion

The superstar of Young Money, Nicki Minaj, was recently hosting a new episode of her Queen radio show on Amazon

Megan Thee Stallion

The superstar of Young Money, Nicki Minaj, was recently hosting a new episode of her Queen radio show on Amazon this past Sunday night where she decided to spill the tea about her rivals in the music industry along with a bunch of other topics.

During her hour-long episode, Minaj had made a statement about one certain individual that had suggested that she ends her pregnancy at an abortion clinic after saying no to having an alcoholic beverage. And that person: Megan Thee Stallion, once-friend of Minaj.

Nicki Spills the Tea

The star stated on her podcast, “Imagine telling someone you didn’t want a drink… you know, because you were, at the time, possibly pregnant, because you were actively trying to have a baby. Imagine that person saying, ‘Oh girl, you can go to the clinic!’”

She also stated, “Imagine posting photos that you’re pregnant… and the person doesn’t even like it or say congratulations. But then, when you post that Beyonce sent you flowers congratulating you, the person then tries to attempt to send you flowers thinking that, ‘Oh, I could use this opportunity as I use everyone else. She’ll post that I sent her flowers.’” She then adds, “I didn’t even let them sh–s in my muthaf—ing house.”

Multiple people within Minaj’s fanbase had pointed fingers ludicrously at Megan Thee Stallion because she has been said to be the one to make such allegations.

Megan and Nicki’s fans have gone back and forth on the topic, with each of course defending the ones that they loved the most.

There's no way to know for sure who made the comment, since Minaj didn't attach a name to the accusation – but it's pretty gross and disrespectful all around, whoever the culprit is.

Megan Says “LIE”

Megan quickly decided to shut it down on Twitter.

In response to one fan tagging her over the accusation, she simply re-tweeted it with the added caption of, "LIE."

When people thought it was sus that she responded so quickly despite the fact that not everyone was blaming her, she pointed out that many people had @-ed her on Twitter.

Megan eventually seemed fed up with the back-and-forth and ended it with one final tweet on the topic, saying, "If someone @ you you can respond right or that don’t apply for every user on twitter? If someone directly @ my name …why do they be confused when I reply lol?"

Although Megan and Minaj have been friends, it seems that their friendship may be cooling down. It's a shame for the rest of us who enjoy the prospect of years of epic collabs ahead – but fodder for their fans who enjoy going to bat for the hip hop stars, whoever the enemy is.