Make A Rash Guard By the Pool Look Sexy With Sun Patch

It almost seems contradictory to say that you’re a sun lover and skincare fanatic in the same sentence but that

Sun Patch

It almost seems contradictory to say that you’re a sun lover and skincare fanatic in the same sentence but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Gena Griffin, the creator, and founder of Sun Patch has developed the ultimate physical barrier between you and the sun’s harmful UV rays. And no, this isn’t your typical sunblock in a bottle. Griffin shared the details about her innovative product with CELEB and let us be the first to say that this is a must for days spent soaking up the sun.

Sun Protection That’s A New Behavior

Griffin, a mom of three in Laguna Beach, California, understands the struggle parents face in keeping their kids protected from the sun. She shared, “I have three kids, and my middle child, no matter what, my daughter would just be blistering red under her eyes.” She continued, “one day I was watching her swim and when she comes up from the water she wipes her eyes. I’m like crap, she’s just washing everything off.” And, that was when Griffin questioned why there isn’t some sort of sticker similar to products like K2 tape or nipple covers but for protecting our skin.

Taking the leap to create a product that would save her kids (and everyone else) from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, Griffin went on to search for the necessary materials. She explained, “after talking to some people they were like you just got to go find the material that blocks the sun, and is sweatproof, and waterproof, and hypoallergenic, and fits everything that you need.” Adding in, “we went through like 40 different materials. And none of them worked. They were always missing something.” This led Griffin to design her own material in order to get exactly what it was she needed which she revealed took two years to fully accomplish.

And, one of the best parts: there’s no specific person that Sun Patch is for. Everyone from the young skier on the slopes to the retiree outside gardening wears these innovative patches to keep their skin protected, hydrated, and youthful. Ultimately, however, this is a “new behavior,” explained Griffin. “It’s like, wait a second, ‘I’m not going to wear this out in public.'” She continued, “It’s a new behavior. People are like ‘it’s pretty interesting to think about wearing these out in public.’ I think the cool part is, now that people are starting to wear it out in public, it’s taking on, slowly.”

Oh, and did we mention that they’re reusable 10 times over?

A Rash Guard For Your Face

This reusable sunblock accessory isn’t just any under-eye patch. These bright-colored skin-like patches are meant to be worn out of the house. “We’re an added extra layer of protection,” says Griffin.

Before applying your Sun Patch it’s important to make sure your face is completely clean and dry. Apply sunblock on the rest of your face, around the patches, after.

And, for those of you wondering, no, you won’t get tan lines. “If you wear Sun Patch in conjunction with sunscreen, reapply every two hours, it can even be SPF 30 or higher, and you will not get tan lines,” says Griffin. She even shared a story about a time that someone did end up with tan lines however, it brought that person to learn that it was in fact their SPF that wasn’t high enough to protect the rest of their face.

The under-eye patches have already gained some popularity but, new to the brand are the nose UV protection patches and star shape options. And before you question ‘why get a specific shape if tan lines don’t happen?’ – the star shape is for show … because let’s be real, they are cuter than using a bandaid for covering freckles, moles, etc., to protect from harmful UV rays.

This COVID born product has captured the attention of many and continues to expand rapidly. Make sure to give your skin what it deserves too.