‘Real Love’ Brought To You By Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have no fear of the spotlight following their most recent “scandal.” In fact, they’re embracing it.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have no fear of the spotlight following their most recent “scandal.” In fact, they’re embracing it. The new couple is getting more and more serious about their love affair with rumors circulating about a future engagement, moving in together, and pursuing professional endeavors side by side.

A source previously revealed to Us Weekly that Robach and Holmes’s connection “blossomed from a close friendship,” adding, “They always had a spark, and their work trips away together brought them even closer.” And, things go sticky after both former GMA3 hosts filed for divorce from their long-term partners and got together shortly after. Although the pair is still being watched by hawks a.k.a paparazzi, the heat of it is beginning to settle down, and well, so are they.

“This Is About Real Love”


A source close to the couple told Us Weekly that Robach and Holmes are interested in working together again but on a new project. “They’re pitching themselves as a duo.” The source added, “They’ve pitched a reality show, docuseries, and daytime talk show, all of which they know will be popular and people will watch. Amy has said whatever they do, this is about real love and they’re in it together.”

According to the source, the couple is hopeful about working for the same network as one another. “If that doesn’t work out, they will vouch for each other and help each other,” the source says. “They won’t let each other fall. Their love is inspiring both of them to keep encouraging each other and to help each other.”

And, although they do have career plans in mind, Robach and Holmes are in no rush. “They’re enjoying their romantic break so are in no rush,” the insider revealed to Us Weekly. “They are doing stuff together that they didn’t do in their marriages. Right now they’re not focused so much on working because they’re enjoying each other and their relationship in the open.”

Only Looking Forward

Robach and Holmes had been reporting the news together on GMA3 since 2020 before being removed from the network. They were said to have undeniable chemistry (and we can all see that now). A source told Us Weekly “They were always playful with each other, like two people who were dating. Amy and T.J. didn’t seem like they were trying to keep their relationship secret anymore, everyone around the office could tell there was a spark between them for many months.”

Now that their relationship is out in the open they’ve been holding nothing back. “Amy hasn’t felt this strong for someone in a long time. It’s serious for her,” an insider told Us Weekly in March. “She would marry him. They want to give it time though. … She is genuinely happy with T.J.”

The insider also noted that Robach and Holmes have discussed moving in together and “what their future together entails.”

In the meantime, they are still finalizing their divorces from their previous partners so nothing too extravagant can be done just yet.

What do you predict will come first for the pair? Sharing house keys, a career, or an engagement?