Jake Paul Knocks Out Ben Askren: Play By Play

Tonight’s faceoff will be watched closely among fight lovers around the world. Controversial YoutuberJake Paul is boxing former UFC fighter

Jake Paul Ben Askren

Tonight’s faceoff will be watched closely among fight lovers around the world. Controversial YoutuberJake Paul is boxing former UFC fighter Ben Askren at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, and here’s what you need to know. To start off, Paul ‘The Problem Child’ weighed in at 191.5 lbs and Askren ‘Funky’ weighed in at 190 lbs. Paul (2-0; 2 KOS) and Askren’s (0-0) match will headline the Triller Fight Club event.

There’s been a whirlwind of hype for this cruiserweight fight, with tensions apparent between both fighters. For one, Paul has been dragged through recent sexual assault allegations made by Tik Tok creator Justine Paradise. Additionally, Paul jumped the gun on his early CTE situation and physical health. This warranted skepticism among fans as they saw it as a ploy for Paul wanting to back out of the fight, which made Paul immediately retract his comment. 

However, fans are still insanely intrigued by Paul’s latest boxing endeavors. He did, in fact, beat Nate Robinson in a boxing match (although Robinson was an amateur boxer). Let’s see what comes of the card tonight! Stay tuned.

Drama At The Weigh-Ins

Jake Paul

In their official weigh-in face off, Jake Paul and Ben Askren gave each other staredowns and verbal jabs. Askren made claims about Paul’s entourage being rude towards iconic pro boxing announcer, Michael Buffer. “I thought Jake Paul’s children’s club was quite rude,” said Askren. “We’ve got legendary Michael Buffer up here, these mother***kers are interrupting him. That was terrible. Rude, guys.”

Following that comment, when Askren was asked for his prediction of the fight, he boldly said “Seventh-round TKO.” Askren then interrupted Paul’s interview to make a comment at Paul’s receding hairline. “The other thing I just; I knew, people told me, but I didn’t realize till I got so close—that hairline’s just moving back really quickly.”

If anyone knows of Jake Paul, they know that he’s not someone who takes insults lightly. With regards to fighting Askren, he said “I see a guy who’s underestimating me. I see a guy who’s taking this as a joke. I see a guy who said, ‘I have to take a sh*t,’ in the face-off. This is the last 24 hours that we will all have to hear Ben Askren.” Paul then pays his respects and dedicates his fight to his former bodyguard, Shamir Bolivar aka ‘Shadow.’

Play by Play

Jake Paul Ben Askren

[6:05 pm] The Triller pay-per-view fight opens with a performance by the Black Keys

[6:32 pm] Pete Davidson and Jack Harlow show hype for the fight and especially because Snoop Dogg was checked to clear. “Triller just keeps pushing the boundaries on technology” –Jack Harlow 

[7:16 pm]Saweetie was rocking a classic 90’s white crop top and white pants look, performs hit songs ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Tap In.’ 

Doja Cat

[7:40 pm] Doja Cat and back up dancers performed ‘Like You,’ ‘Freak,’ ‘Streets’ and ‘Rules.’

[8:00 pm] Triller shows a lovely DMX tribute video, ranging from pictures of his old performances as well as some of his quotes. The tribute video also acknowledged the late boxer Marvin Hagler.

[8:03 pm] Snoop cam. Snoop being Snoop.

[8:05] The ring announcer introduces next fight—former Navy serviceman Steve USSR Cunningham vs. pro wrestler Frank Mir Cash.

[8:31] Steve USS Cunningham wins fight. Tiktok stars Dixie and Charlie D’Amelio wearing matching beige coats present his belt to him. 

[8:38] Pete Davidson interviews Ben Askren in the locker room. Davidson expresses his support in Askren beating Paul. “Do you think Jake Paul is ‘Askren’ for it? I was really psyched to ask you that, and now I’m very embarrassed” said Davidson. He also said he thinks Paul is not a good person, he’s not a good influence on youth culture, etc. “This is a whole circus of a joke. That being said, the kid (Paul) can totally kick my a**.”

[8:41 pm] Announcer presents blue turquoise trunks-wearing Ivan Redkach vs. former super lightweight champion Regis Prograis.

[9:05 pm] Regis Prograis defeated Ivan Redkach via a second-round TKO (corner stoppage). Controversial ending; Prograis swung for Redkach’s body and missed, but Prograis acted like he was hit by an illegal punch and couldn’t fight anymore. Upon watching the replay the commentators saw the punch barely even landed to the side of Redkach, much less the groin.

Justin Bieber

[9:15 pm]Justin Bieber, wearing an orange beanie, white long sleeve and sneakers is performing his song ‘Hold On’—an electric performance. He then mellows out, sits by a piano and performs ‘Peaches.’ Bieber then brings back the electricity for his song ‘Anyone’ with fireworks.

[9:37 pm] Ben Askren takes the ring first, without much pomp. Jake Paul walks into the ring with a big dancing robot mascot.

[9:41 pm] Paul and Askren fight officially starts. 

[9:43 pm] Round 1, at 1:59. Within a minute and a half, the ref thinks Ben Askren can’t continue after Paul hit him with a right overhand and knocked him down. Askren hits the mat, unhappy with the ref’s stoppage. 

[9:49 pm] In a fight that lasted only 90 seconds, Jake Paul wins by TKO. Jake Paul continues record as undefeated boxer, 3-0.

Final Thoughts, Future Fight Predictions

Jake Paul Ben Askren

With this being a highly anticipated fight, fans around the world are shocked, happy and angry. Most viewers feel like they did not get the fight that they paid for, believing that the event focused primarily on performances instead of fights. What is to come of Jake Paul’s career as of now?

Paul has expressed his interest in fighting Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis. He has also dropped Nick Diaz’s name from time to time. Ben Askren’s reputation was put to shame as a lot of Jake Paul haters were waiting for a ‘real match’ between the two. Not to mention that Askren had a chance to redeem himself after losing against Jorge Masvidal by knockout in five seconds.

Paul made fans happy tonight, and left many shocked and upset by the outcome. Spectators around the world can agree on one thing though: that hopefully Paul’s next fight lasts longer than one round, and brings more entertainment.