Awana Spa’s ‘Art of Aufguss’ Makes US Debut at Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas recently debuted its newest addition: the luxurious, all-inclusive Awana Spa. But there’s more than just a

Awana Spa

Resorts World Las Vegas recently debuted its newest addition: the luxurious, all-inclusive Awana Spa. But there’s more than just a spa to enjoy when you stop by the wellness centers at RWLV. Awana Spa’s Art of Aufguss is making its US debut at RWLV. Art of Aufguss is a theatrical healing and wellness experience sure to delight guests looking to disconnect from life’s stresses and reconnect playfully with wellness. 

Awana Spa at Resorts World

Awana Spa

First, it’s important we take a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary experience that is the Awana Spa at Resorts World Las Vegas. Awana’s goal is to transcend the spa experience and help promote healing. Resorts World shares, “Awana’s modern, yet warm space draws upon the principles of the golden ratio with rounded rooms, curved walls and highly thought out designs to promote a transformative and holistic experience. The design’s pinnacle is showcased through the spectacular, state-of-the-art Fountain of Youth experience. Inspired by tales of the mythical spring that restores the youth of anyone to bathe in its curative, age-reversing waters, the Fountain of Youth experience houses a network of six vitality pools, heated Crystal laconium room, tepidarium chairs, vapor-filled steam rooms, cool mist showers and the experiential Rain Walk.”

Even though Awana borrows from the past to create classic and elegant spaces, it’s definitely part of the modern era, with all the amenities and conveniences guests expect from a top-tier spa destination. RWLV adds, “The expansive co-ed facility features LED screens and immersive experiences that change throughout the day; when the projection transports guests to various picturesque destinations, the room’s temperature as well as other added touches, will match the displayed setting. Guests can opt for a Fountain of Youth Passport, which includes a two-hour journey of youthful exploration.”

Awana brings together the best wellness traditions from around the world, and offers services including:

  • Massages: including prenatal, and world of wellness.
  • Reiki: Reiki masters will lay hands on you and use their unique skills to help your body heal itself.
  • Chakra healing.
  • Himalayan Salt Stone massages.
  • Reflexology.
  • Crystal and Sound Healing.
  • Facials from around the world, including Face Yoga.
  • Cupping, plus more. 

And now, you can also indulge in the Art of Aufguss. 

Art of Aufguss

Awana Spa

The Art of Aufguss borrows from the tradition of European saunas, and is a social gathering with a shared goal of rejuvenation and healing. Art of Aufguss aims to promote, “greater well-being, the spa showcases a theater-inspired heated room with aromatherapy, choreographed music, lighting and dancing towels.”

It’s a spa day with a theater performance, all aimed at healing the mind, body, and soul in a relaxed social setting. Perhaps hearkening back to the public baths of ancient times when people would gather to discuss the day, Art of Aufguss embraces the idea that through shared experiences comes shared healing. Art of Aufguss is, “An avant-garde, social experience that will relax, invigorate and inspire playfulness as each Sauna Meister curates a 30-minute themed experience.”

Guests looking to enjoy more than a day at the spa, but still want the relaxation will love Art of Aufguss.  

Resorts World LV: A Little City 

Resorts World Las Vegas

The Awana addition to RWLV once again proves that the resort is becoming a city unto itself. With countless dining options, a shopping centre called The District, a massive casino, and all the amenities of a first-class resort, RWLV isn’t playing around.

But guests can play around, with the fully-integrated resort that uses state-of-the-art technology to allow cashless money exchanges at the casino and across the resort grounds. The first new resort built on the Strip in years, Resorts World Las Vegas hopes to become an all-inclusive destination for both visitors and locals. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they already are; you can find a little bit of everything at RWLV. 

With the addition of the Awana Spa, and the unique experience of Art of Aufguss, Resorts World Las Vegas once again ups its own ante; and other Vegas destinations will have to try to keep up.