Resorts World LV Opening Cigar and Spirits Bar ‘Eight Lounge’ This Fall

Resorts World Las Vegas is doing it again. They’re adding an extraordinary new amenity to the city-within-a-city that sits nestled

Resorts World cigar lounge

Resorts World Las Vegas is doing it again. They’re adding an extraordinary new amenity to the city-within-a-city that sits nestled along the Strip in Las Vegas. The newest member of the RWLV family? A cigar and spirits bar called Eight Lounge, which will open at the Vegas location later this Fall. CELEB takes a look at what guests can expect from their visit to Eight Lounge. 

Eight Lounge

Resorts World cigar lounge

So what is Eight Lounge? A press release describes the upcoming destination as a state-of-the-art cigar and spirits lounge, that will premier hand-rolled cigars in a ,”comfortable environment that’s both stylish, contemporary, and vibrant.” The lounge boasts a custom, walk-in humidor and over 150 cigars for guests to choose from, including several exclusive to Eight Lounge.

The right drink to complement your cigar choice is essential to enjoyment, so “cigar sommeliers,” will help guests pick the perfect pairing. Temperature-controlled lockers will be available for guests, so they can store their purchases and continue their night’s enjoyments. 

The design for Eight Lounge is a careful representation of Chinese culture, right down to its importance and symbolism of numbers, including the number eight. The press release describes the care that went into creating the perfect space; “The number [eight], which is thought infinite in East Asia, is incorporated into the lounge and humidor, which is divided into eight sections. The new lounge is a concept created by entrepreneurs Giuseppe Bravo and David Chesnoff, partner and celebrity attorney. The two first united to launch Las Vegas’ premier ticket broker, Bravo Tickets. Now they embark on their second joint venture teaming up with Clique Hospitality.

The deep tufted couches and dark wood trimming give an air of refinement, sophistication, and masculinity, while the brightly lit bar-length chandelier and subtle pops of color emanate femininity. Further maintaining the clean aesthetic, an ultra-modern filtration system refreshes air every four minutes to keep air clean, fresh, and constantly flowing.”

Eight’s indoor lounge is the heart of the new bar, but it also boasts a tranquil 2,300 square foot outdoor space, including a fireplace and misting and heating trellis. Watch the thick, rich smoke curl up into the heavens as you lounge by the fire on a cool Vegas night. The opening date has not been announced but is expected this Fall. 

Cigar Travels

Resorts World cigar lounge

Now that you have Eight Lounge to mark as the highlight of your cigar world travel, you have to fill in the rest of the itinerary. CELEBtook a look at other cigar-centric places to visit around the world. Here are the places we recommend stopping by as you make your way to the best of all, the new Eight Lounge: 

  • Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. Often considered one of the world cigar capitals, Ybor City has a rich history and vibrant local flavors to partake of.
  • Sea Island, Georgia. The Oak Room in Sea Island is a top-tier cuisine destination with a cigar and spirits menu to delight. 
  • Hotel Granduca, Austin Texas. Built like an Italian villa picked up and transported across the world, the Granduca is the perfect cigar-lovers retreat deep in the heart of Texas.
  • Crown & Anchor, Bermuda. If you’re looking for a combo of paradise and cigars, set your compass for Bermuda. 

A cigar-themed vacation with stops at all the best destinations sounds like a perfect way to close out two difficult years in a row.

Art of Aufguss

Awana Spa

And while you’re planning your trip to Eight Lounge, add Art of Aufguss to your itinerary. Making its US debut at Resorts World Las Vegas’ Awana Spa, the Art of Aufguss is a theatrical delight that focuses on social healing and wellness. The premier Awana Spa is another of Resorts World’s newest world class amenities for resort guests and locals to partake of.

CELEB took a look at what Awana has to offer and the addition of Art of Aufguss; “The Art of Aufguss borrows from the tradition of European saunas, and is a social gathering with a shared goal of rejuvenation and healing. Art of Aufguss aims to promote, ‘greater well-being, the spa showcases a theater-inspired heated room with aromatherapy, choreographed music, lighting and dancing towels.’

It’s a spa day with a theater performance, all aimed at healing the mind, body, and soul in a relaxed social setting. Perhaps hearkening back to the public baths of ancient times when people would gather to discuss the day, Art of Aufguss embraces the idea that through shared experiences comes shared healing. Art of Aufguss is, ‘An avant-garde, social experience that will relax, invigorate and inspire playfulness as each Sauna Meister curates a 30-minute themed experience.’”

To plan and book your Resorts World stay, visit their website. Check out the variety of amenities offered on-site, and plan to escape for awhile.