Resorts World Las Vegas Summer Concert Series Coming Soon

Since opening in the early Summer of 2021, Resorts World Las Vegas has quickly become one of the hottest venues

Resorts World Las Vegas Summer Concert Series Coming Soon

Since opening in the early Summer of 2021, Resorts World Las Vegas has quickly become one of the hottest venues in the world for music and entertainment.

This new all-inclusive Resort has taken over the industry, both locally and globally.

Now Resorts World has announced plans for a hot summer concert series that you won't want to miss. Here's what you need to know.

Concert Series Starting Soon

It's called the Summer Nights Concert Series, and it's every inch a Resorts World production with all of the class and excellence we've all come to expect from the brand.

Starting in early June and running through August, the summer concert series will transform the Resorts World Event Center into a hot season venue perfect for a place to cool off and enjoy those warm Vegas nights.

Various genres of music will be featured, giving guests a chance to enjoy their favorites.

The event lineup includes:

  • 98.5 KLUC Summer Jam: Wednesday, June 1
  • Jamey Johnson: Saturday, June 11
  • Anuel AA: Friday, July 1
  • Young the Giant: Saturday, July 9

More acts will be released in the upcoming weeks as summer approaches.

Scott Sibella, President of Resorts World Las Vegas, shared in a statement, “We’re really looking forward to introducing a new wave of entertainment to the property with the Summer Nights Concert Series. These performances allow us to expand our already incredible entertainment offerings, further helping us become the ultimate live entertainment destination on the Strip.”

Resorts World's year round lineup has quickly become one of Vegas's most noteworthy, and the concert series is the perfect bridge leading into summer events.

For more information, visit the website.

Farah Fawcett NFT Arrives at Resorts World

Of course, that's not all that's going on with Resorts World Las Vegas.

Currently on display and going up for sale soon is a surprising item – a Farah Fawcett NFT. And it's the world's largest.

This event marks one of the first times an NFT for sale has been displayed on the Las Vegas strip,

The NFT may look familiar to teens from before the '00s, made from the best-selling poster of all time, with over 12 million copies sold.

The Farah Fawcett NFT will display on Resorts World's exterior screens, as well on the LED globe in the heart of the District. Brought to life and recast as an NFT by artist Elise Swopes, the NFT's display on the Strip gives collectors and enthusiasts a chance to see it before sales open May 17. The auction will continue through May 23. For more information on the NFT, click here.

The auction team shares in a statement, "The highlight of the collection is a one of one NFT, which comes with a prize package for the winner that includes a stay at Resorts World Las Vegas, a museum-grade LED screen from Luma Canvas, two premier VIP tickets to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation Tex-Mex Gala in Dallas, TX on October 20, 2022, and a guarantee from the Foundation that the poster will never be replicated as a single NFT again."

Proceeds from the auction go to the Farah Fawcett Foundation, set up by Fawcett to support HPV-related cancer research, prevention and awareness. For more information on the Foundation, visit the website.