Resorts World Las Vegas Adds New Addition to Private Airline Fleet

With the kind of service only Resorts World Las Vegas knows how to offer, guests can expect world-class amenities and

Resorts World

With the kind of service only Resorts World Las Vegas knows how to offer, guests can expect world-class amenities and features when visiting RWLV. Now, there’s another plane coming soon to offer guests a world of exclusive options. Resorts World Las Vegas has just unveiled the newest member of its private airline fleet. CELEB takes a look at the newest addition, along with a glance at what Resorts World does that sets it aside from peers. 

The New Airline Fleet Addition

Another airplane joints the Resorts World Las Vegas family. After opening in June, Resorts World has moved quickly in the region to establish itself as a major player. They’ve cornered the market on fully-integrated gaming options, they offer a variety of dining and shopping options, and they’re striving to find new ways to meet the unique and exacting needs of guests and clients.

The newest way to address those needs? Expanding their private airline fleet. In a statement, the Resorts World team shares, “Elevating its luxury charter assets as part of the resort’s operational enhancement strategy, the spacious commercial airplane can comfortably transport up to 262 guests with both economy and business class seating options.

As the only resort-owned airplane of this size in Las Vegas, this purchase opens up new opportunities for the resort’s potential and existing luxury customers, as well as large groups and premium mass segments seeking easy and exclusive travel options, offering an amenity not currently available in the marketplace. This new addition also provides Resorts World Las Vegas the unique opportunity to explore innovative charter services outside the resort’s primary hospitality function through its sales and convention teams as an alternative option for large corporate and leisure groups to fly privately to and from international destinations and key metropolitan cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Dallas and Chicago, linking Resorts World’s global properties. The commercial airliner has a range of up to 8,200 nautical miles, allowing for non-stop routes from Las Vegas to Asia, Europe and Latin America.”

The Boeing 787-8 joins the existing fleet member, a Bombardier Express XRS Jet which seats 12 and was purchased in June to provide one-of-a-kind comfort and convenience. 

Resorts World Does Things Differently

Resorts World

The existence of the fleet at all proves that Resorts World is dedicated to standing apart. They want to find every need that a guest might have, and be ready to meet it before they ask. By establishing the private airline fleet, they can offer custom charter and business opportunities for those looking to travel to Resorts World Las Vegas with something more than a family frolic in mind. Or maybe you do have a family frolic in mind and can afford the private charter; we won’t judge.

But it’s just the newest step in Resorts World dance to get ahead of the industry competition. Resorts World has set itself up to be a city-within-a-city, allowing guests who set foot on the property to find something for everyone without even leaving the campus. Whether it’s dining you want or shopping that tickles your fancy, there’s a price point and taste for everyone. You can choose from cafeteria or market stall-style dining, sit down at a fine dining restaurant, or hop over to the Kardashian Kloset where you can buy clothes actually worn by – or at least hung in the closet of – a Kardashian family member. 

Awana Spa’s Art of Aufguss offers an exclusive, interactive-style entertainment-meets spa experience. The cigar and spirit bar Eight Lounge offers a high-class excursion into the world of fine cigars.  A Fred Segal Market within The District – Resorts World’s shopping centre – has partnered with Amazon to make use of its, “just walk out,” technology which means you pre-load your payment information, bag up your purchases, and walk out – you’ll get charged automatically on your way through the doors. 

The unique offerings at Resorts World aren’t just remarkable because they’re one-of-a-kind, although they certainly are that. They’re remarkable because they’ve been gathered together into one convenient place. It’s a daring and customer-centered vision that reminds us why Resorts World has exploded on the scene even though it’s only been open a few months. 

Jaunt out onto the casino floor and make use of state-of-the-art gaming technology that allows users to go cashless and track their experience right from their smart phones. And now, you can hop on your own private charter with the Resorts World experience already fully loaded – and get there in style. 

2021: It’s a Wrap

Miley Cyrus

With 2021 coming to a close, let’s take a look at what Resorts World has done so far. So far this year they’ve opened – which is pretty monumental in and of itself – and welcomed some of the world’s best music and entertainment headliners including: 

  • Miley Cyrus
  • Paris Hilton
  • Uncle Kracker
  • Darius Rucker
  • The Martinez Brothers
  • DJ Ruckus
  • Madds
  • Jack Harlow
  • Brody Jenner

Plus many more. Celine Dion was supposed to launch her residency soon, but had to postpone indefinitely due to an medical emergency. 

Whether you’re looking to explore the nightlife, gamble on some of your coin, dine away the evening or stroll through the District, everything about Resorts World is customized to make your stay enjoyable. Now that they’ve also cornered the market on transportation to the resort, it begs the question: is there nothing they can’t do? 

And they aren’t done yet. Marketing genius Jared Garcia is planning the biggest event of the year, “Life is Nik.” Nightlife luminary Garcia is finalizing the last details of the jet charter for Nik Richie‘s birthday. Stay tuned!