Wendy Williams Slams RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey, Says Marriage Will Last ‘3 Years’

Talk show host Wendy Williams is once again coming for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey. Last week, she took

Wendy Williams

Talk show host Wendy Williams is once again coming for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey. Last week, she took aim at the RHOA star’s upcoming wedding to Mike Hill. Now that the couple has tied the knot, Williams again slams Bailey, calling her, “selfish,” and claiming the marriage will last only, “three years.”

Last Week, Wendy Took Aim

The Sun reports Williams’ harsh words for Bailey during her show’s Hot Topic segment on Friday, before the wedding; “‘They insisted, for whatever reason, this date 10-10-20 is like a big deal to her… …But they got a country club in Atlanta, where everybody’s coughing – 250 guests. They said that they have the squirt fountains for the disinfectant. They have masks and also the shields, and they’re checking temperatures.’”

The Sun continues with Williams’ opinion, “‘At first, I said they’re wasting a lot of money. Like where did they get this money? She’s not just a housewife, but just a housewife. You know, and he’s just a sportscaster.’

Wendy went on: ‘And during this time of the corona, I just feel like when it comes to money, save, save save. The economy is really bad… Kids aren’t going to school. Parents are being forced to stay home, you know, with their children.’

‘People are losing jobs. People are being stabbed, shot and dying. You know the front line workersers are exhausted. The hospitals are full, but goes Cynthia and Mike.’

The talk show host added: ‘I wouldn’t go to this wedding… Why don’t you hire a justice of the peace to come to your house for tomorrow? So you will technically be married…’

‘And then you wait until this virus is over, maybe a year or two from now, cause I don’t trust any of these health people, not one, and then you have a party with your friends. You still wear masks and the sanitizer, but just not the big deal- selfish.’” 

After the Wedding, Wendy Has More Thoughts

Bailey and Hill tied the knot this past weekend, and Williams wasn’t done letting them know exactly how she feels about their decision to host a wedding amid a global pandemic. 

In a clip from Williams’ Monday show, the talk show host continued her crusade against Bailey’s nuptials. Williams began, “congratulations to ‘Selfish Cynthia’ and her husband Mike Hill. They got married on Saturday. People magazine got the pictures of course. Some of the guests wore face masks, others wore shields, and some wore no masks at all.”

Continuing in a tone of disbelief, Williams added, “everybody looks beautiful. And the place looks really nice. But there’s no social distancing, at all. I’m frightened for all of them.”

Williams went on to say, “they make a good couple, they’re only like three years in difference and stuff. I just wish they wouldn’t have gotten married in pomp and circumstance. She lives in Atlanta, he lives in LA. Perfect distance. At a particular age, you don’t need a husband right there. You need him once in awhile. Just Saying.”

Speaking on the marriage’s future prospects, Williams said thoughtfully, “Cameras will ruin a marriage, and I feel like this marriage will only last for, at the most, three years because they’re going to have all Bravo involved. I don’t know what it will be, but something will come up.” 

Other Stars Have Come Under Fire For Public Gatherings In Recent Months

Wendy Williams Posing

Bailey isn’t the only star to come under fire recently for the decision to host public events during the pandemic. In fact, Bailey isn’t even the only Housewives star to catch flack for their choices. Just last week, CELEB reported on Kelly Dodd from Real Housewives of Orange County hosting a mask-less wedding shower with 15 people in attendance. And Teresa Giudice, the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum, was slammed for hosting a sweet 16 party for her daughter without taking adequate precautions. 

Maybe a Bit Harsh, Wendy Has a Point

While Williams is known for stirring up trouble and may have left her delivery wanting, the talk show host has a point. During the COVID-19 pandemic, weddings have emerged as one of the riskiest public meeting events. At weddings across the country like one that turned into a super-spreader event, the virus has latched on to the environment of hugging, dancing, and close encounters that marriage celebrations often bring.

A marriage that begins with illness and woe is already fighting uphill. With any luck, everyone who attended the ceremony was well and no illnesses will result from this happy occasion. Even with the mediocre preventative measures the happy couple took, there was still a significant risk with gathering that many people together – indoor or outdoor.