RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais: “If Denise Richards isn’t Coming Back, I’m not Coming Back!”

Things may have gotten hot and heavy between two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars as rumors circulate that Denise

Things may have gotten hot and heavy between two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars as rumors circulate that Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville secretly hooked up. Talk of Richards quitting the show followed the rumor, and her long-time friend Garcelle Beauvais was quick to offer support, saying she wouldn’t return to the show if her friend was gone.

Real Housewives fans have been all abuzz about the drama-packed tenth season. Rumors began circulating in July that Richards and Glanville had secretly slept together. According to OK!, the secret tryst would have occurred in April while they shared a room in a South Carolina hotel. Glanville assures fans that they should, “be patient. All will be revealed,” referring to the upcoming episodes and season ten reunion. The reunion was filmed remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and, if Glanville’s cryptic message is any indication, will be a wild ride.

Glanville, a 47-year-old former model, flew to South Carolina to record a podcast with Richards, who was filming in S.C. at the same time. OK! Reports, “Glanville told her housewife, ‘friends,’- Kim Richards, Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave, Lisa Rinna, and Kylie Richards – at Kyle Richards’ charity even that upon her arrival to South Carolina, she had planned on staying in her own room, but Richards said she could share the bed with her daughter and her daughter’s friend and they would just get a roll-away bed. She said, ‘that first night, the girls were sleeping in a room downstairs with a door and Denise had a room upstairs. There was no roll-away bed, conveniently. So I just slept in the bed with Denise. We just had a good night, we were hanging out, and then the next night we got really drunk, we were so f-ked up and we kind of hooked up.”

Glanville drunkenly spilled the beans on the secret affair when she asked Richards and her husband, Aaron Phyphers, to join her in a, “throuple.” Phyphers was confused by the meaning of the term, and turned her down. Glanville went on to say that she and Richards had been together prior to their podcast meetup, and that their tryst was farther-reaching than she had intimated to friends.

Glanville indicates that as far as she was aware, “Richards and Phyphers had an open marriage, and as long as Richards was just with other women, everything was fine… …Glanville told the cameras that the first night the two women met, something happened. The pair went out for dinner together alone and got completely wasted and ended up making out. [Glanville adds], ‘I would have never slept with Denise if I thought Aaron was not okay with it. He knew I was going out of town with her. He knew we had made out before. There was no question in my mind that Aaron was okay with this.’”

According to OK!, Glanville continued to talk about the alleged affair. The former model and fashion designer said that Richards called her the night before the charity event, where Glanville revealed her side of the story, to make sure she hadn’t told anyone. Glanville adamantly stuck to her version events, despite being accused of lying and making the whole thing up.

Glanville tweeted, “Also you will hear the uncut version on housewives which proved that I stayed with Denise we didn’t know we were recording but we were… … Be patient, all will be revealed.”

Of Glanville, Richards has some claims of her own. Richards says that Glanville claims to have slept with other women in their group, stating, “[Brandi] knew s— that happened in Santa Barbara. She knew about the little tiffs. Someone else was sharing things with her. She knew stuff that I did not know. She shared a lot of personal stuff about a lot of people that are involved with this group. I will not repeat it. And by the way, Brandi has said that she’s had sex with every single woman she’s come in contact with, including some of the people from this group. I’m not joking.”

For her part Beauvais, a relative newcomer to the Real Housewives family, continues to support her friend, Richards. Fellow Housewives star, Lisa Rinna, apparently warned Beauvais while filming the reunion, that the first season for any Housewives star is a piece of cake, but that things get real after season two.

Beauvais, who wrapped up her second season with the season ten reunion, admits that she feels anxiety about returning for a third season. Beauvais recounts, “’Rinna said, ‘Your first season is always nice and pleasant and the second one they come for you. And I said ‘is that a warning?’ And she said, ‘Yes!’ So I’m a little scared!”

That’s understandable, given the heaviness of the drama involving her good friend, Richards. Beauvais said of Richards, “I mean, she’s been my friend for a long time. So how do you not stay loyal to a friend of yours? I don’t really know Brandi that well. So if I’m going to stand with someone, I’m going to stand with someone who is a friend of mine.”

Beauvais, an actress and former model, is apparently a little shocked by the way real drama is handled on the Housewives set. The 63-year-old said when Richards broke the news of the drama to her, “’We only texted and she’s like ‘Girl, I have so much to tell you,’ Beauvais told Us Weekly at the Los Angeles premiere of Cirque du Soleil Volta on Jan. 21, 2020. ‘So, we’ll catch up and figure it out, but it’s tough when you have everything exposed and you have your side of it and people are seeing their side of it. ‘It shocked me that things are out there already, because I feel like who’s leaking? But, it’s very shocking,’ Beauvais said. ‘Sometimes it was hard for me to be there. Sometimes it was hard for me to watch, if I can say that. Do you know what I mean? Because it’s a new experience for me. I’m an actress and I’m used to that, so real life and seeing people sort of go after one another is a new thing for me in that sense.’”

Fans are predictably divided over the back-and-forth between Richards and Glanville. Most, however, seem to grudgingly admit that Glanville’s claims do seem to have the ring of truth. Her timeline and description of events match what many fans consider to be an accurate recounting. Richards will have to decide if she can continue to be involved with the show while handling the fallout of Glanville’s claims, because it doesn’t seem like that drama will evaporate any time soon.

But one thing we do know is that if Richards goes, Beauvais promises she will too.