Lisa Rinna Breaks Silence on Harry Hamlin Affair Rumors!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna has been plagued with rumors that her husband Harry Hamlin has

RHOBH Lisa Rinna

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna has been plagued with rumors that her husband Harry Hamlin has been cheating on her. Other rumors concerning the former, “Sexiest Man Alive,” include that he might be gay, and that he doesn’t live with Rinna. Rinna finally had enough and took to Instagram to address the rumors, in a very Lisa Rinna way. 

Affair Rumors Won’t Stop Plaguing Rinna and Hamlin

The rumors began in earnest during RHOBH season 5 when former castmate Kim Richards and Rinna got into an argument over Richards’ drinking. Nicki Swift reports, “Kim maintained that she was ‘fine’ and told Lisa that she was ‘concerned’ about her ‘situation at home.’ The other cast members then jumped in to defend Lisa, which caused a mass shouting between the women. But things reached a fever pitch when Lisa called out Kim for attacking her sister, Kyle Richards, an intervention that set her off on a tirade about Harry Hamlin. 

‘Let’s talk about the husband,’ Kim said after cast mate Yolanda Hadid failed to intervene. ‘Let’s not talk about what you don’t want out.’ Lisa, enraged by Kim’s remarks, screamed, ‘Don’t you ever go after my f–ing husband,’ while smashing a wine glass in Kim’s direction.”

Eventually, rumors flew about who the affair was allegedly with. According to Nicki Swift, “One of the burning questions you might have about Harry Hamlin’s alleged affair concerns the identity of his supposed mistress. The rumored paramour is none other than Julianne Phillips, the ex-wife of music icon Bruce Springsteen, who worked alongside Hamlin in the 1997 movie, Allie & Me. Bravo diehards and various blogs have floated around the claim for years, an allegation that eventually made its way to Rinna and Phillips.

The drama reached a fever pitch in March 2019, when a commenter on Instagram brought up the cheating rumor between Hamlin and Phillips. Rinna responded to the salacious allegation by asking Phillips directly if she’d like to ‘weigh in,’ according to a screenshot obtained by Twitter account BRAVOpinions. Phillips then replied to the fan, ‘Mary,’ writing:  ‘Mary, sweet girl.. you obviously are a very angry, sad person, and that makes me sad FOR you. Does it bring you joy to perpetuate a 1000% untruth?!’” 

More Rumors Try to Drive a Wedge Between Husband and Wife

If those were the only affair rumors, they would be easily left in the past 5 years later. However, this year, another rumor rose to plague Rinna and Hamlin. In a tweet made on September 16th, one Twitter user tagged Rinna and said, “My girlfriend f–ked Harry Hamlin in muskoka for an entire summer in 2018 – you wanna talk about that @lisarinna ??? Or do you want to talk about his affair with Patricia? #RHOBH #wwhl.”

The user added in another tweet that they “don’t have any receipts,” and added “[Harry] told @lisarinna he’s ‘off the grid’ for a few days and then literally spent an entire 2 days in my friends bedroom and at her cottage.”

Rinna, in an attempt to downplay the accusation, responded wryly, “Yeah and I watched it was hot as hell. Patricia well she’s kind of downer I did’t [sic] like her so much.”

Who is Patricia?

That remains unclear. However, Us Weekly shares, “Fans began to wonder who ‘Patricia’ could be, and one Instagram user commented, ‘If Patricia is Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm, I would watch every second of that.’ In jest, Altschul, 79, responded, ‘Yep… it was me !!’ The socialite also clapped back at a hater who pointed out her age, writing, ‘So?????’”

Rumors About Living Apart and Being Gay

While Hamlin’s alleged affairs are Hollywood’s worst kept secret if you listen to critics, other rumors have cropped up over the years about the actor. One rumor suggests that he’s actually gay, and Rinna is a cover marriage to hide the fact. 

Another rumor suggests that Rinna and Hamlin live apart, and fans feel like they witnessed a, “gotcha,” moment when a conversation between Hamlin and Rinna had Hamlin allude to their grown daughters coming over to see him. As though it meant separately from Rinna. 

Lisa Claps Back On Instagram

Finally, utterly fed up with the rumors, Rinna spoke up on Instagram. In a post shared hours ago, Rinna posted a picture of her husband’s Sexiest Man Alive cover photo and sarcastically quipped,

“#fbf Appreciation Post

To my very busy Husband who apparently doesn’t live with us, is having a lot of affairs, and is gay. Go Harry Fucking Hamlin.”

Rinna, well known for her acerbic tongue and inclination so speak her mind, seems fed up. If after decades of holding a marriage together against all Hollywood odds, she wants people to stop wagging their tongues, who can blame her? The pair has been married for over 23 years, and in Hollywood terms that’s a lifetime. Although some of the rumors do seem to have a grain of truth, it seems unlikely that anything will tear these two apart any time soon.