RHOBH Season 11 Cast Confirmed

There has been a lot of drama circulating around The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast in the past few

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast

There has been a lot of drama circulating around The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast in the past few weeks. Aside from the three-part reunion which wrapped last week- the last part focusing heavily on the allegations of an affair between Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards– there has been a ton of drama regarding casting for the show and mix-ups for  season 11.

As we reported towards the beginning of the month- and before the final two parts of the reunion aired- Richards ended up departing the show. Then, two days ago it was reported that Teddi Mellencamp was fired by Bravo and Mellencamp confirmed those rumors late last night. 

Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

There have also been rumblings on the internet regarding Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards, with some questioning if they’d be returning as well or if they were potentially on the chopping block. 

With all of the casting rumors abounding, CELEB wanted to get to the bottom of it- and we have exclusively learned who is being brought back for the season 11 cast. 

They’re Back 

While, as aforementioned, Richards and Mellencamp are out, a production source spilled exclusively on the status of the rest of the women on the show: 

  • Kyle Richards– Although there have been some rumors surfacing on the internet suggesting Richards could be let go from the show, CELEB’s insider exclusively confirmed that “Kyle is absolutely going nowhere. She is being brought back full-time.” In fact, CELEB’s insider went on to note that “Kyle’s actually the first event they are filming, and filming will begin towards the end of next month.”
  • Sutton Stracke– Stracke was a friend of the Housewives this season. It is very common for friends to come and go on these franchises- think The Real Housewives of New York City– after only one season. Fans did seem to take to Stracke, though, and CELEB’s source was able to confirm that “Sutton is being brought back. At this point, it’s unclear if she’s going to be a ‘friend of’ the Housewives again or if she’ll be a full-time cast member. She definitely resonated with viewers enough that there was interest in bringing her back to the show.”
  • Lisa Rinna- While there have also been some rumors regarding Rinna being fired, that would have been a true surprise as she is always unafraid to bring the drama. CELEB’s insider confirmed that “Like Kyle, Lisa Rinna is also being brought back to the show in a full-time capacity.”
  • Garcelle Beauvais– While newcomer Beauvais had previously said that she would not return to the show if Richards was not returning, she recently changed her tune on that. CELEB’s source was able to confirm that, as Beauvais had noted, “she will be coming back.”
  • Erika Girardi– Erika has been a long-time favorite of fans on the show, both due to her funny wit, personality, and music. CELEB’s insider confirmed that “Erika will also be remaining a part of the show and is definitely being brought back.”
  • Dorit Kemsley– Finally, Kemsley- who joined the show back in 2016 in the seventh season of the show- is “also being invited back” according to CELEB’s source. 

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What About Kathy Hilton? 

There have also been rumors abounding online about Kathy Hilton, Richards’s biological sister, joining the show. As fans of the franchise know, back in season 1 Richards and her sister, Kim, were both on the show as full-time cast members. The pair definitely had tension that exploded on the season 1 finale, but all seems good today between the sisters.

Kim Richards & Kathy Hilton


So could another sister- who is the Mom to famous stars Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton, as well as two other children- be joining the show? 

According to CELEB’s insider, “All of the rumors regarding Kathy potentially joining do have a basis. Production has spoken to her, so they will see where that goes.”

While Hilton hasn’t confirmed anything herself, someone did comment on Richards’s recent Instagram post about Mellencamp, writing “@KyleRichards18 drum roll @kathyhilton next season.” Hilton responded saying “Your very kind. I am thinking?????”

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There’s Been Enough Drama!

In a recent Instagram post that Rinna made, she spoke directly to the fans, asking them to tell Bravo they are over the fighting that has been going on and want to see more fun times. 

“Bravo #Rhobh fans,” Rinna wrote, “Tell bravo you want to see the fun again, you are tired of the fighting and you want to see our lives, you want belly laughs, you want fun , and you want glamour.”

“We want that too,” Rinna continued, “but they think you want to see us fighting all the time. Please write to @bravotv tell them you want fun and joy and laughter and the glamour brought back! Please!!!”

Rinna added a heart emoji.

Lisa Rinna talks about the potential RHOBH cast for season 11


While some fans do watch these shows for the “glamour” and “belly laughs,” the truth is that most do tune in for the drama- and, without drama, there likely wouldn’t be the massive ratings that go along with dramatic situations. 

With all of the tension that has been ongoing the past few weeks surrounding casting, CELEB was glad to hear there won’t be any more firings or anyone leaving. Too many cast changes too quickly likely would not have fared well for the show, as fans like to follow the same women for the most part year-to-year.


Make sure to tune into the final episode of season 10 of The Real Housewives oof Beverly Hills which is a “secrets revealed” episode that airs tonight at 9 PM EST on Bravo TV.


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