After only three seasons on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it looks like Teddi Mellencamp has been fired. The DailyMail has reported that the RHOBH star is getting the ax after being branded as, “stale,” and, “boring.”

Mellencamp’s Time on the Show Was Underwhelming

Ever since Mellencamp joined the cast of RHOBH, she’s struggled to find a niche. According to a production insider who spoke to DailyMail, “‘She is boring and stale and does not offer anything to the franchise with her robotic and staged delivery when interacting with the other cast members.’

‘The issue is, the other cast members don’t particularly like her and beyond Kyle [Richards] no one is friends with her.

‘Kyle will most likely dump her, when Bravo does.'”

As Mellencamp struggled to make friends and didn’t impress fans with her personality, Bravo eventually had to reexamine whether she had a place on the show moving forward. It seems that their answer has become a resounding no. Mellencamp has a strange talent for being central to drama while simultaneously being boring about it.

Mellencamp’s Beef Over Fitness

Teddi Jo Mellencamp

Recently, Mellencamp has come under fire for a fitness program she offers to women and new moms. Mellencamp herself dropped an impressive 80lbs, and worked to create a fitness and nutrition program that other people could follow to do the same. However, critics including Camille Grammar have challenged the restrictive regime for her All In fitness program. According to DailyMail, the producer insider said, “‘It is concerning that she is pushing a business that young women, Bravo‘s key audience, are claiming is unhealthy and downright dangerous.’

‘Regardless of how much Teddi begs to keep her job when she is told, the network will not change their mind. She’s done.’

Alleged former clients of Teddi’s program have come forward with their experiences, shared by Gellis, claiming that they were initially restricted to approximately 500 calories while being required to do a daily hour of cardio.

The program, which prides itself on ‘accountability’ has four different levels starting with a two-week Jumpstart plan before clients can move to the Monthly program, Weight and Workout and then maintenance.”

Mellencamp Received Death Threats over Season 10

Teddi Jo Mellencamp

This isn’t the first time Mellencamp has brought drama that she may not be popular enough to withstand on the show. During season 10, the cast was divided over allegations by Brandi Glanville that she and castmate Denise Richards had an affair. Richards denied it, and the women weighed in. Mellencamp’s reaction to the affair was accused of being bi-phobic, and fans on the internet blasted her for the way she treated the rumors about the pair. Angry with her for her behavior, trolls responded to an Instagram post by Mellencamp about RHOBH with death threats to the reality star and her children. Mellencamp was forced to close commenting on the post and clapped back in an Instagram video addressing the trolls.

Time for Teddi to Go

Teddi Jo Mellencamp

With Mellencamp potentially selling a dangerous weight loss program to their target audience, Bravo has had to consider if the mother of 3 brings enough to the show to be worth it. Apparently, the answer is no. With Mellencamp’s, “meh,” performance and inability to fit in with the cast aside from Richards, it makes sense that it’s time for her to go. Bravo has not officially responded to the rumors, but all signs point to Mellencamp being out. Although there have been rumors of her firing flying for months, it seems as though Bravo has finally had enough of her drama to boring ratio. We will follow this story and share updates as they occur.



  • Susan, September 21, 2020 @ 1:02 pm Reply

    I think Giselle is much more boring.

  • Vi, September 21, 2020 @ 1:05 pm Reply

    I like Teddi. Not sure what her personal business has to do with the show.
    This season she was coming into her own, especially while being pregnant.
    I don’t think her manner in relaying the alleged affair with Brand and Denise was bi phobic, it was due to Denise’s newly married state and this news coming out.
    I believe some have a preconceived notion Teddi has had a charmed life, and, with that have judged her too harshly. Loving her Dad’s shadow, I think not. We can evaluate all these housewives, such, as Camille, who was just the wife of Kelsey Grammar, what has she done? She is one bland, boring chick, who received a great divorce settlement, the end!
    Good Luck, Teddi!
    My overall favorite housewife is Ericka!! She is a beast when provoked and I love everything about her., especially her vulnerability.
    Outside she is one tough girl, however, underneath that exterior is a heart of gold!

    • Mom E, September 21, 2020 @ 2:29 pm Reply

      Erica would be nothing without Tom’s money and the fact that Tom took her and her son in.

    • Mom E, September 21, 2020 @ 2:30 pm Reply

      Her personal business has everything to do with the show. She promotes her u healthy business on the show and it’s dangerous for women to follow.

  • Michelle, September 21, 2020 @ 1:30 pm Reply

    It’s funny that both Teddi and Lisa Rhinna get fired after the issues with Denise and Brandi?? Is that a coincidence or what?? So you fire them and bring Kris on?? Don’t bring her, she just wants more air time and tries to act younger than she is

  • Lenore, September 21, 2020 @ 1:54 pm Reply

    👏👏👏 Some good news today if it is true Teddi is gone! 👏👏👏

  • nancy, September 22, 2020 @ 3:03 am Reply

    please tell me its true that Lisa Renna is gone too??? i couldn’ttake another watching with her on anymore

  • Nikki, September 22, 2020 @ 7:17 am Reply


  • Katy, September 22, 2020 @ 12:47 pm Reply

    I stopped watching because of Teddi and Rhinna. Teddi is the worst!!! I cant comment on last season because I couldnt watch the show with her on it, but prior seasons proved she is the least accountable human ever! What a scam that she is an accountability coach. She also brought out the mean girl in Kyle.

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