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RHOC Season 15 Episode 1 Spoiler: Every Horrible Detail Leaked


Oct. 23 2020, Updated 7:44 a.m. ET

As soon as it was revealed that the “OG of the OC” Vicki Gunvalson and long-standing star Tamra Judge would not be returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County, fans were dubious as to how good the season would be. Now, two days out from the premiere, an exclusive insider close to production has leaked every detail from the episode exclusively to CELEB– and it’s, sadly, just as bad as they expected without two of the principal cast members. 

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RHOC’s Attempt At Nostalgia 

“The RHOC Season 15 premiere opens with what is a very clear attempt at nostalgia for the viewers of this program who have dedicated a decade and a half of their life to the WooHoos, the family vans, and the Kentucky Fried t–ties of it all,” CELEB‘s source began with sharing.

“The first 2 minutes of the premiere are solely full of flashbacks of 14 years of drama filled with women who are no longer part of the- now horrifically sad- cast,” they continued detailing. 

Fans will hear a voice from the past, though, as CELEB‘s source stated that “Rather than opting to have the longest-standing cast member of RHOC ( and longest-running housewife to date) Vicki Gunvalson narrate the 2 minutes of flashbacks, producers opted for Jeana Keough.”

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Lackluster Confessionals

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CELEB‘s source went on to dish about the lackluster confessionals, sharing that “The confessionals, despite the fact that filming kicked off pre-Covid, are all shot on iPhones. It’s like watching the final version of a college assignment where some multimedia students were required to recreate a show of their choice with bare minimum resources and funds.”

Season 15 Storylines Revealed

RHOC Kelly Dodd

“To add sting to the fire,” they continued dishing, “we are entrenched with numerous Kelly Dodd confessionals where she brags on Rick being able to lay pipe, sometimes 3 times a day, despite the fact that he is SIXTY years old.”

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Gina Kirschenheiter is no longer in the casita,” CELEB‘s source continued spilling, “but make no mistake, the new home is also nothing to brag about. She has several sets of bunk beds in each of the kids’ rooms to house, her children and her man’s kids, too.”

Shannon Beador goes over to visit and seems… less than impressed,” CELEB‘s insider added of Beador’s impression of Kirschenheiter’s home. 

And what about Beador’s storyline?

CELEB‘s source explained that “Speaking of Shannon, she seems to be settling in quite nicely with her kids, and her man’s kids in their newly rented home which is just right down the street from the homes being rented by Kelly and Braunwyn Windham-Burke.” 

As the episode progresses, CELEB‘s source shared that “Shannon and Kelly meet up to hash things out from last season (Shannon is upset that Kelly got involved in the Jim Bellino lawsuit with her and Tamra). Kelly attempts to make nice and extend an olive branch by gifting Shannon a deck of’ ‘uno’ cards… AKA, the only one left of the Tres Amigas…. It’s truly pathetic.”

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The Orange County New Girl

Elizabeth Vargas RHOC

“Newbie Elizbeth Vargas does add some spice to the mix and loves to show off her seemingly flashy lifestyle,” CELEB‘s source dished regarding the newest addition to the cast. “However, it’s a common word on the street that her wealth is not anywhere near what she makes it out to be.”

As far as Emily Simpson goes, CELEB‘s insider stated that “It seems like producers are going to attempt to present she and Shane in a much better light this year. Their first solo scene is them to dinner and they tell each other they love each other.”

CELEB‘s source did detail that the episode went on to take a serious turn- albeit one the viewers may be less than enthusiastic about in terms of interest.

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“The end of the episode results in Emily visiting Braunwyn, who has not been drinking throughout the episode,” they shared. “Braunwyn tells Emily that she basically drank for 4 days straight in Florida, and she admitted to her Statement-Necklace husband, Sean, that she had been filling empty alcohol bottles, etc. Basically, she is exhibiting all the ‘true signs’ of an alcoholic’s behavior when they are covering up their issues.”

“She even admitted to having the shakes when she would go an hour or so without drinking so she then would have to take a shot,” CELEB‘s source added. 

‘I Am An Alcoholic’

Braunwyn Windham-Burke speaking

It seems the end of the episode ends on a dark note that continues this storyline- and sets up the season to come.

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“The Season 15 premiere ends with Braunwyn looking at the camera and saying, ‘For the first time in my life, I can say my name is Braunwyn and I’m an alcoholic.'”

“The confessional shot of her fades to black,” CELEB‘s source elaborated, “and we are then re-gifted with the atrocious season trailer informing us of what little is to come throughout what should’ve been a legendary, monumental series of reality television.” 

CELEB‘s insider wrapped with dishing that Bravo may come to regret the casting changes, wrapping with stating that “You know what they say about hindsight… 20/20.”



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