The RHOC Season 15 Trailer has Arrived, and Wow!

Fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County can look forward to a wild season if the season 15 trailer

Real Housewives of OC Season 15 cast

Fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County can look forward to a wild season if the season 15 trailer is any indication. The trailershows the women grappling with effects from the coronavirus pandemic on society, and internal squabbles. RHOC was the first Housewives show to return to filming this year amidst the pandemic. The quirky cast is down two long-time members this year, but adds a new Housewife, and the trailer promises to bring it all. 

Who will be in season 15?

  • Shannon Storms BeadorReturning for her 7th season, the show veteran and honest Housewife returns amidst blissful happiness with her boyfriend John. In season 15, the mom of three struggles with the pandemic lockdown and establishing rules for kids who are house-bound. Beador’s worst fears come to life as she is stricken with COVID-19. The trailer shows her documenting her struggle to overcome and heal from the virus.
  • Kelly Dodd: Dodd returns for her 5th season. Opinionated and unafraid, Dodd has been the source of a lot of friction on the RHOC. Dodd struggles to obey stay-at-home orders enacted during the pandemic and takes heat from cast members and fans as she continues flying across country and traveling freely. With the 2020 election looming, Dodd’s political stances put her at odds with some of the women as tone-deaf jokes land poorly. 
  • Gina Kirschenheiter: The Long Island native returns for her 3rd season. 2019 was a tough one for Kirschenheiter, so she looked forward to a better 2020. In season 15, Kirschenheiter struggles to homeschool and battles with her ex-husband over parenting and and co-parenting issues.
  • Emily Simpson: The Ohio native and mom of 3 returns for her 3rd season as well. This year, Simpson is living a little and making new friends. Simpson and her husband discover new depth to their relationship as quarantine brings them closer together.
  • Braunwyn Windham-Burke: Windham-Burke returns for her second season this year. The mother of 7 is an outspoken activist and attendee of rallies and protests which sometimes puts her at odds with some of her castmates. This season, Windham-Burke supports her son’s desire to dress in drag, and is challenged by the women for unrelated reasons as some of her choices seem a little suspect. 
  • Elizabeth Lyn Vargas: Vargas is the new fish in the sea this year, and the only new Housewife.  Bravo describes the newcomer, “Currently a CEO of an online music company, Elizabeth is ambitious, outspoken, and ready kick off the next chapter of her life with a little fun in the OC. Elizabeth is welcomed to the group through Kelly who she has known for a few years from the Newport party circuit. As she deals with her ongoing divorce, her lifestyle as well as her complex and sexless relationship with boyfriend Jimmy creates a lot of speculation from the women and they start to scrutinize who she is really is.”

What does the season 15 trailer show?

In the trailer, Beador says, “I’m excited for 2020!” which is followed by a record-scratch moment as images of the pandemic fly across the screen and Beador is shown breathing with difficulty during her own battle with COVID-19. ET reports, “The OG city is the first of Bravo’s Housewives to return to TV after filming amid the coronavirus pandemic. New JerseyDallas and Atlanta are all currently in production on new seasons, as well. Season 15 follows the lives of the OC cast from February through August of this year. When stay-at-home orders went into effect in March, the women filmed their lives themselves on iPhones.

…It appears plenty went down before and after lockdown, too — from shouting matches, breakdowns, blackmail allegations, impersonations, walk outs and this sure-to-be iconic line courtesy of Shannon: ‘Don’t you dare accuse me of something that I did.’

RHOC also joins in on the 2020 trend of Bravo shows breaking the fourth wall, as the women discuss production stopping down. Then, seemingly after filming started back up, viewers see producers intervene to make sure the ladies follow social distancing guidelines.”

What can fans expect?

Amidst the drama and tension, a lot of shenanigans appear to go down. From snipes back and forth over last-season drama to tossing back liquor shots and driving a tiny toy car, the women bring it all in the trailer. The trailer wraps up with a toast from last year, “Here’s to 2020. 2020’s definitely better.”

Whoops, maybe not. Or maybe so? Some of the women are thriving this year and it’ll be fascinating to see them cope with the challenges of the pandemic lock-down. With long-time HousewivesVicki Gunvalson and and Tamra Judge out, there will be a whole new dynamic on screen for fans to enjoy.