Richie Rich Ep.3: ‘CELEB HQ’ Explores the Building of a Media Brand

In the newest episode of Richie Rich, Nik Richie takes viewers behind the scenes at CELEB HQ to see how

Richie Rich CELEB HQ

In the newest episode of Richie Rich, Nik Richie takes viewers behind the scenes at CELEB HQ to see how one builds a media brand. In a meeting with CMO Fred Dominguez, Director of Podcast Ian Rice, Editor-at-Large Melinda Sheckells and Director of Production Bryan Perez, the team discusses the day to day management details of CELEB and how they become the future. Viewers get to see how it all comes together.

A Meeting of the Minds Behind it All

Richie Rich CELEB HQ

The episode begins with Richie having a coffee, gazing out over the ocean. He then hops into his blue Ferrari and heads to CELEB. When Richie arrives, they start the meeting and get right down to business. Richie starts by asking Sheckells about plans with McLaren and going to Chicago, to which she replies, “It is going to happen, they’re very very excited about it.” Sheckells reveals that they’re getting a McLaren GT Supercar for three days, and they can use it however they want to film. Scheckells explains that they’ll be taking the car to Chicago, and Richie suggests using the opportunity in Chicago to make an episode of 10M. 10M is the 10-minute-each travel show produced by CELEB and hosted by Richie which takes viewers to places they dream of visiting.

Perez then outlines a 30-second showcase that CELEB can provide McLaren while using the GT, and Richie suggests combining it into a teaser for the 10M episode they’re concocting. It’s an intriguing peak into how a concept grows and becomes imbued with its own life.

Building a Media Brand

Connections are one of the biggest components behind building a media brand. As they talk about plans for CELEB, huge names in hospitality and business pop up like David Grutman of Groot Hospitality, Shahab Elmi, CEO of Cymbiotika, along with Tosh Berman and Mikey Tanha of Toca Madera. These are the kinds of connections that take a growing company from dreaming to doing.

Richie not only knows how to build a reputation from the ground up and focus on providing content that people want to see, he knows how to work with the best. During the episode, Richie breaks down the way he wants the different departments to operate, adding to production and other teams so their body of content can continue to grow. Richie also talks about changing the way the CELEB company is funded; to go from fledgling to flying, it’s time for CELEB to take the next step.

CELEB‘s Future

Richie Rich CELEB HQ

Listening to the team talk about CELEB and plans for the future, it’s clear this growing company has great things ahead. From teaming up with McLaren to working with the best in the hospitality business, a high-end media brand isn’t easy to build but it’s happening here, in this meeting room.

Richie talks about a behind the scenes glimpse into Circa in Las Vegas, and heading to Miami to cement CELEB‘s East Coast reach. From the outside, it seems like a lot of complicated plans, but it’s the roadmap to success. As CELEB grows, this team of the best in the business continues to build reputations, make connections, and propel the brand forward into the future.

At one point, Richie explains that a variety of content for users to access is the key to growth; “At this point right now, I want to wake up every day and go to the CELEB app and be a fan. I want to just breathe it in. Lots of content, you have to understand that we need to control our own narrative and have our own original content.” Original content draws viewers, and CELEB is committed to that drive. Just before leaving the meeting, Richie reminds the team to, “keep that energy up;” wise words for a team determined to be the best.

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