Richie Rides: A Look Back at the Words and Moments That Defined 2021

Every episode of Richie Rides is like watching a how-to guide on building success. Every person Nik Richie rides along

Richie Rides

Every episode of Richie Rides is like watching a how-to guide on building success. Every person Nik Richie rides along with and interviews has some secret to how they became the person they are today and how they crafted the achievements that make up their success stories. We’re taking a look back at all of the wonderful moments of 2021’s Richie Rides episodes, the words that define and the lessons we’ve learned.

Episode 1: Ted Dhanik “Discipline”


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Ted Dhanik is the president of engage:BDR and a successful business and marketing entrepreneur. The Los Angeles tech titan takes Richie on a ride in his red Bugatti, sharing his wisdom on building a career and what it takes. Richie asks each driver to share a word that defines them and their beliefs. For Dhanik, that word is “discipline”, and it is evident throughout the ride that discipline is indeed at the heart of his success.

Dhanik doesn’t focus on what other people think but spends time improving himself and looking towards the future. He’s a go-getter who believes that you should surround yourself with people who help you succeed and keep your eyes on the prize that you’re aimed towards. The entrepreneur only keeps his luxury cars for a few years before leveling up with a new one. It’s all part of his strategy to keep moving forward and becoming a better version of himself. Dhanik shares in closing, “Everything you have is designed to go away, and you’d better get used to it. Because if you don’t, you get comfortable. Guess what the death of growth is? Comfort. You’d better get used to as soon as you get into something, you start thinking about the next one, whether it’s up or down.”

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Episode 2: Lilly Ghalichi “Grateful”


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Perhaps best known for her time on the Shahs of Sunset, Lilly Ghalichi is an attorney and entrepreneur. Ghalichi takes Richie for a ride in her white-interior Rolls Royce Ghost. The entrepreneur and mother of one explains how she came to Los Angeles working as a lawyer, and decided it was time to change her life. While she was working as a lawyer, Ghalichi shares that people were constantly telling her to tone down her makeup and fashion choices which inspired her to quit that career path and pursue her passion.

Ghalichi was not born rich, the daughter of two Iranian immigrants who did not speak English and had to work extraordinarily hard to care for their family. Their work ethic and determination drove Ghalichi to believe in possibilities through hard work. She shares her passion for being a woman who can be sexy, successful, intelligent and powerful – refusing to be defined by past expectations of what a woman should be. Ghalichi shares, “Whatever you’re passionate about, take that and make it your identity. Make it your brand. Even if it’s weird.” She goes on to add, “Whoever you are, whatever you’re passionate about – own it. You have to believe in yourself.”

Ghalichi started her dreams by manifesting and shares that her word is “grateful.” She explains, “I think the more grateful you are for what you have, the more the universe will give you. And I have learned that the more I help people with whatever it is that they’re asking me for help with, the more I get rewarded in life. Every day I wake up and take a moment to be grateful for everything I have.”

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Episode 3: Alesso “Passion”


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Swedish DJ Alesso is a world sensation. With a knack for creating music that touches people’s souls and staying ahead of the beat of the world, his career has been on an ever-growing trajectory for years. This week, Alesso announced a residency with Tao Group’s Hakkasan Nightclub in 2022, leaving his roots at Wynn behind.

When riding with Richie, Alesso rode in the DJ’s sleek black Lamborghini Aventador. Richie and Alesso – who have been friends for years – joke back and forth, with Richie suggesting that they’re Batman and Robin. Richie is of course the Persian Robin and Alesso the Swedish Batman. In the Batmobile-like Aventador, one can believe it.

Alesso explains that he has dreamed of owning that car for years. For him, owning the car was a tangible sign of achievement. To create that achievement, Alesso suggests people narrow it down to what they do best and what they want to focus on – then use their passion to drive them forward.

When asked what word defines his life, Alesso says easily, “passion.” He explains, “I definitely think the number one thing, if you’re going to do anything in life, it has to be with passion. That’s how it needs to start. Passion, that’s it. Music has always been in me, since I was like 3 years old.”

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Episode 4: Durana Elmi “Love”


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Durana Elmi and Richie’s time together was enough to create two episodes. In this episode of Richie Rides, they talk about everything – success, the past, family and more. Elmi is the Chief Operating Officer of Cymbiotika, a wellness brand taking the world by storm. Elmi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and her upbringing would shape the way she has created her success and business.

Proud of her Afghan roots, Elmi was heartbroken to watch the Taliban takeover of the country last year and did everything she could help, including a “Helping Hands for Afghans” fundraiser which brought together Persian artists and humanitarians hoping to help the war-ravaged country.

While on the ride in Elmi’s Ferrari 288 Spider, they talk about what it’s like to balance being a woman, wife, mother and business owner. She explains, ““First thing I’ll tell you is that I’m very big on self care. I take care of myself, I have been since day one. I feel that when you take care of yourself, you can give the very best version of yourself to your husband, your significant other, your children.” The entrepreneur starts her day by taking stock of her wellness. Elmi’s advice to other women: whatever you want to be, be it. Find your niche and make your dreams a reality.

The word that drives Elmi? It’s “love.” The Cymbiotika COO explains, “Love. Do everything in life with love, with love in your heart. Put love into everything. If you put love into everything you do, A – you won’t feel like you’re working a day in your life. And secondly, the outcome – the end result – is so much better because you put that love into it. I love heart, the relationships I have in my life today. I absolutely love and admire all the friends and network, the circle and community around us. And that comes from a place of love. Today in our office, I have a lot of love for everyone we work with. I like to start and end my days with love, and put love into everything I do.”

To Follow Elmi’s success, check out Cymbiotika.

Episode 5: Lauryn Bosstick “Resourcefulness”


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Lauryn Bosstick founded The Skinny Confidential a successful blog that she wants to be clear has nothing to do with being skinny. It’s about getting “the skinny”. In this episode of Richie Rides, Richie is behind the wheel. Bosstick admits that she’s a bad driver, so Richie rents a Rolls Royce Cullinan, an elite SUV.

Richie remarks that Bosstick drives herself hard, but she explains that sometimes taking a break is as important as being constantly on the go. Bosstick also explains that one of her priorities as a mother is teaching her daughter to be adaptable, a trait which serves her well in her career.

They talk about life and the possibility of another child. Bosstick reveals that she had an easy pregnancy but suffered from bad post-partum anxiety and doesn’t know when they’ll have another child.

The word that motivates Bosstick, that helped create her success, the beloved Skinny Confidential and the family she adores – it’s “resourceful.” In a discussion with Richie about people judging others, Bosstick explains that she would love to see people being less judgmental. “Let’s change that though. The judgment thing – I personally like to be around people who are not judgmental. Resourceful, creative, and non-judgmental. That’s the energy.”

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Episode 6: Brett David “Be the Change”


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Brett David is the owner of Prestige Imports in Miami. It’s more than a luxury car dealership, it’s a family dream that has helped David define his life and shape his future. Created by his father Irv David in 1977, Prestige wasn’t always the end goal for a young David. However, his father’s tragic death at the age of 56 changed everything.

Then-19 year old David realized he needed to take over the business from his father and continue to grow it. As they ride in David’s Pagani, Richard and the young business owner talk about what it felt like to be driven hard for a vision you don’t yet share. After his father’s death, David had to learn very quickly how to run a business and succeed and how to be disciplined.

In the past 15 years, David has continued to grow his father’s business and has quickly become one of the world’s foremost dealers of luxury cars. Coming to Prestige is more than a car buying experience, it’s an emotional one. And the word that David feels drives him is actually three – “Be the Change.” In a letter to David that was left by his father in his will, Irv implored his son to “be the change” and his son took it to heart. He explains, “It took my father’s passing which is why I realized that I believe in something – which is Be the Change – it took his passing to realize that I knew what my calling was, what I wanted to do. I had a mission. The mission was not just about proving everybody wrong. Because at the time of his passing, everybody expected me to fail. But it was genuinely because my father didn’t think I could do it.”

To check out David’s business, visit Prestige Imports in Miami.

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