Richie Rides: Nik Richie and Chervin Jafarieh Talk ‘Discernment’

In the first 2022 episode of Richie Rides, host Nik Richie takes us along on a ride with one of


In the first 2022 episode of Richie Rides, host Nik Richie takes us along on a ride with one of his best friends – Chervin Jafarieh. Jafarieh is a wellness expert and founder of wellness brand Cymbiotika. While in Hawaii, Jafarieh is exploring the natural wonder and spiritual journeys that the island of Kuai offers – and he brings Richie along as they wind through breathtaking vistas in the natural wonderland. 

The MS Killer


Richie and Jafarieh immediately hit on a deep topic – Richie’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Jafarieh has been key to helping Richie battle his diagnosis and get his symptoms under control. Richie jokes that he calls Jafarieh, “MS Killer,” but it’s not entirely a joke. Jafarieh explains, “We just gave your mind, body and soul the tools that it needed in order to get over that sclerotic disease. Which is basically a breakdown of neurons and a buildup of metabolic waste in the brain, pituitary areas. All throughout the spinal area as well. Which is very common today because of the lifestyles and stuff like that.”

Jafarieh continues, “We just gave you the messaging and the blueprint.” But it was ultimately Richie’s hard work and dedication to his own recovery is what made the difference – but for all Jafarieh’s minimizing his own role, his knowledge is truly a lifesaver for many. Jafarieh founded Cymbiotika after a life-changing guest to help his father battle cancer – and a growing awareness that modern life is making us unwell.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease characterized by lesions on the brain from the body attacking the myelin casing around nerves. Symptoms can include muscle pain and weakness, nerve pain, visual disturbances, numbness, tingling and more.

Richie explains, “I have an autoimmune disease. And we made it into a manual immune disease.” With the help of the team at Cymbiotika, Richie was able to re-program his body to stop attacking itself; a remarkable feat that takes a combination of self-discipline and professional guidance. 

Disease is “Dis-Ease”

Jafarieh shares what he’s discovered through research and life experience; “Most disease starts in the mind. It’s your mind that’s been afflicted by trauma, pain, things that have happened throughout your life. And those traumas have caused most people to build scar tissue around their wounds, instead of addressing it. And how do you build scar tissue? You suppress things. Trauma suppression. All of a sudden that becomes something that goes unstable in the body and leads to escapism actions. Eating bad foods, not sleeping properly, not taking care of yourself. Actually, self-loathing yourself.”

Jafarieh’s goal is to open up that trauma and engineer new pathways, helping people save themselves. 

Leaning on a comment Richie made about waking up and caring for yourself, Jafarieh adds, “I like what you said. It’s all about momentum. Once you do something good for yourself and you feel good about yourself, you keep going.” 

The two friends pull up to a breathtaking destination at Anini Beach. With natural pools and the kind of breathtaking wonder only Hawaii offers, it’s the perfect backdrop against which to discuss free will and self-discovery. The pair dives into the concept of masking and fear, and how our society is keeping people separated and afraid. “Whether or not these masks work or not, I’m not here to talk about that” Jafarieh continues, “at the core of it, we’re masking the symptom instead of healing the system.” That, Jafarieh explains, is at the heart of our society’s ills. “Take ownership of your life, take ownership of your health. Take care of your family. Let’s start stepping into our divine purpose in this life. It’s not a spiritual thing, it’s a raw coating that every single one of us has. And at some point, it’s been stripped from us by a myriad of things going on and the chaos around us.”

At the core, both Richie and Jafarieh agree, is health. 



Richie asks Jafarieh what word defines his philosophy. Jafarieh explains, “There’s a combination of words, but ultimately I’ve been using the word, ‘discernment’ for many years now.”

The Cymbiotika founder continues, “I look at it like, don’t listen to what I have to say. Don’t listen to what anyone has to say at face value. Feel into it. Listen to it. Practice discernment. Discernment is taking on information without judgment. Judgment is based on fear, anger and rage. Discernment means you’re looking at something and you’re objective about it and looking at it from all vantage points and seeing if it works for you. If something I say resonates with you, fantastic. Go and look deeper and start opening up your channel and have the discipline to take things further.” 

Jafarieh adds, “Also, ‘non-permanence.’” He continues, “Nothing is permanent. Everything is evolving, everything is changing.” Part of getting in touch with your wellness potential is recognizing that nothing is permanent – change is just a choice away, and everything around you impacts how your body recreates itself. 

Jafarieh encourages people to find others who fill up their lives with positivity and who helps them evolve and create energy. The wellness pro encourages people to live in the moment – and manifest the future.

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