Room Number: Inside Ritz-Carlton South Beach’s Luxe Lanai Oceanfront Suite

Imagine relaxing in a chair on your own personal lanai. Around you, a warm summer breeze blows; hints of salt


Imagine relaxing in a chair on your own personal lanai. Around you, a warm summer breeze blows; hints of salt and sea tickle your nose as the wind rises and falls. You hear the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean, yards away, and the whispering rustle of palm trees just off the lanai. Shouts echo in the distance as families cavort in the soft Florida sands and a drink cools your hand. Seagulls wheel overhead, whooping and cackling, and for a few blissful days, nothing is bothering you.

Sounds like paradise, right? At the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach Miami, you can make this dream a reality. The hotel offers one wonderful little secret visitors might not know about, but they should: the Lanai Oceanfront King Suite.

Lanai Oceanfront King Suite


When visiting South Beach, most people want to plug in to the electric night- and day-life and take advantage of the numerous clubs. Clubs like LIV, Story, and E11even. But if you come to enjoy the nightlife, you need a place to stay, right? And most likely, you’re going to want somewhere to unwind and relax after a night of merrymaking. The vibe in Miami and South Beach in particular is young, energetic, and invigorating. So where can a tired partygoer unplug and decompress?

The Lanai Oceanfront King Suite at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, obviously. The Lanai Oceanfront Suite is 1,100 square feet of modern, fresh, zen-like decor. The suite artfully blends indoor and outdoor living with your own private lanai and unobstructed views of South Beach’s famed sugar white sand and blue waters. The suite offers sleeping spaces for up to 4 adults, with separate living and dining spaces and a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The bathroom is almost a mini-spa getaway, with full marble interior with a separate shower, bathtub and vanity area.

The interior decor is mostly white and light woods, creating a dramatic backdrop for the pop of tropical green just outside. Royal blues and rich golden yellows add splashes of color that make you feel like you’re in a royal suite instead of in accessible and convenient downtown South Beach. The suite is a must-see for the discerning vacationer.

Ritz-Carlton South Beach


The Suite’s parent hotel is noteworthy on its own. Forbes writes, “The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach isn’t just another luxury hotel near the Art Deco district, it’s actually a complete restoration of a 1953 Morris Lapidus-designed hotel. In fact, today it’s a national landmark protected by the city.

By day, the lobby is bustling with comings-and-goings of tourists and hotel guests. By night, it turns into one of South Beach’s trendiest destination spots.”

The hotel boasts an impressive $2 million art collection, displayed throughout the property, and celebs often come to call at the Ritz-Carlton. The hotel isn’t geared towards children but does make efforts to be family-friendly, with a child-centered meal plain offered and a variety of activities available through the Ritz-Kids Club. 

Eats can be had at the famed Latin-themed Fuego Y Mar, with select cocktails and a variety of drinks available at the overly extravagant Lapidus Bar. And for Ritz-Carlton nightlife, the DiLido Beach Club offers plush seating, extraordinary views of the ocean, and a combo of the best cocktails and atmosphere around. 

Miami’s Summer Tourism

Crypto Week Miami

Miami and specifically South Beach has had a stellar Summer 2021. The hospitality and travel industry in the area was hard-hit by the pandemic shutdowns of 2020, but perhaps not as much as their West Coast counterparts. Florida underwent certain restrictions including closing bars and public gatherings, but they lasted relatively short amounts of times compared to other states.

That meant that going into Summer 2021, Miami’s hospitality industry had a bit of an edge on their cross-country competitors and it’s been displayed in a Summer of parties and grand openings. The Goodtime hotel—founded by artist Pharrell Williams and hospitality guru David Grutman—opened this Spring, and clubs all over the city are close to or at full capacity again.

With the nightlife waking up once again in a city that never sleeps, and tourists flocking to the relatively cool Atlantic Coast amid a series of Pacific Coast heat waves, Miami is enjoying one of its best Summers in a long time by all visual metrics. People are ready to mix and mingle, and South Beach has become again a beacon for the young.

If you’re planning a South Beach getaway, make sure to include the Lanai Oceanfront King Suite in those plans. With Ritz-Carlton-level service and class, a premiere location, and all the convenience of your very own balcony suspended among the palms, it’s sure to be the getaway you needed in 2020 and should definitely take in 2021. To plan and book your stay, visit the Ritz-Carlton website