After a Long Wait, Ritz-Carlton Inaugural Yacht Evrima is Ready to Sail the High Seas

Ritz-Carlton's long-awaited yacht services are almost here – for real. The luxury yacht industry has been moving in fits and

After a Long Wait

Ritz-Carlton's long-awaited yacht services are almost here – for real.

The luxury yacht industry has been moving in fits and starts during the pandemic, slowing plans across the board for private buyers and major brands alike. Now, however, the Evrima yacht for Ritz-Carlton has passed a big milestone and is almost ready to carry the inaugural passengers.

It's an exciting time for the Ritz-Carlton team who has been heartbroken alongside eager customers as they wait for the Evrima to hit the waves and bring the newest brand venture to life.

Evrima Passes Sea Trials

Perhaps it's unsurprising, but there's a lot of testing that a yacht has to go through before it's deemed seaworthy and safe to carry humans on a regular basis.

Ritz-Carlton's inaugural yacht the Evrima has just passed one of the greatest and nearly last of those tests – the sea trials.

The sea trials were helmed by Captain Steven MacBeath along with the vessel's extraordinary team as they stretch her legs for the first time.

After Several Fits and Starts, Evrima’s Time Has Almost Arrived

Evrima will hit the water this summer in the Mediterranean after almost three years of delays. The ship was initially supposed to launch in 2020, but a combination of supply chain issues and backlog has led to the industry delaying new yacht orders across the board.

Fans have eagerly watched the news and waited for a launch date, and it's almost here. The sea trials mark one of the final milestones the ship must reach before it welcomes customers aboard.

The ship itself is a beautiful sleek vessel which can hold 298 passengers. The suites all look elegant and cozy, using a neutral tone palette and dark wood to convey class and comfort.

Whether guests choose terrace suites, the two-story loft suites or grand suites – every inch of Evrima is designed to pamper passengers in the greatest Ritz-Carlton fashion.

Evrima will be joined by sister ships in 2024 and 2025 if all goes according to plan, each vessel to hold 456 guests.

For more information on the Evrima and what the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection has to offer, visit the website.

Other Luxury Yacht Launches Have Been Delayed Too

It's not just Evrima who's had to suffer the indignity of a delayed launch.

Virgin Voyages under Richard Branson's flagship brand has also experienced delays, and just this week announced that their newest yacht would not join the fleet until 2023 – nearly a year delay.

While it's unfortunate that the yacht industry is experiencing so many timing challenges due to supply and labor issues, it's comforting at least to know that everyone's in it together.

When Ritz-Carlton's Evrima launches and takes customers for the first time, she will be the newest success in the brand's line of quality services and experiences.