Roger Mathews Responds To Accusation He Was Flirting With Sammi Sweetheart On Instagram

Being the subject of tabloid fodder is nothing new for Roger Mathews. As fans of Jersey Shore know, Mathews was married to start Jenni “J Woww”

Being the subject of tabloid fodder is nothing new for Roger Mathews. As fans of Jersey Shore know, Mathews was married to start Jenni “J Woww” Farley before the two decided to part ways and get a divorce. This, of course, led to many different tabloid reports about them. Recently, the pair have been successfully co-parenting and news surrounding them has been mostly positive. 

Interestingly, the other day, a news story popped up surrounding Mathews that had some eyebrows raising. The story, which ran on In Touch Weekly, was entitled “Jenni Farley’s Ex Roger Mathews Gives Tour of His Swanky Backyard After Flirting With Sammi Sweetheart.” Fans of Jersey Shore remember Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, as she was an original cast member of the show (although she did not return for the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation reunion series that is currently running). Fans were understandably intrigued by the headline, as they were wondering what Roger did to “flirt” with Sammi. Fans also were likely curious as to what was going on here due to the fact that Roger has been dating Danielle Miele. So what was In Touch talking about? And what did Roger have to say in response to their story? 


InTouch first notes that Roger shared a picture of his beautiful backyard on Instagram, stating, “So happy and blessed how my backyard came out. I didn’t have a ton of room to work with, but I feel like we maximized the space to its best possible potential. No need to leave the backyard this summer.”


While the publication then complimented his home makeover, they then veered into discussing that he commented on a photo of Sammi on her personal Instagram when she shared pics from a “wedding-themed photo shoot.” As fans who still follow Sammi know, she is currently engaged. Roger commented, “Looking good girl.” Interestingly, Jenni also commented that Sammi looked “Stunning.” In the InTouch article, they specifically noted that “It’s likely the dad of two’s comment was purely friendly,” but of course the headline and use of the word “flirty” led fans to definitely be enticed to see what was going on.


Upon seeing the story, Roger took to his Instagram story to share a direct response to the piece. Specifically, he said ‘Hahahaha. #FakeNews strikes again. @_biscardi and I had a good laugh. Thank you for lightening the mood in these stressful times. Keep up the stellar reporting.”


While it’s clear that Roger thought the report was ridiculous, we reached out to him exclusively to see if he had anything more to say about it. 


“I had to crack up when I saw the article someone DM’d me about me making a ‘Flirty’ comment on one of Sammi’s ‘sexy’ pics,” he began with sharing. “Must have been a slow news day for the gossip mags.”

“‘Looking good girl’  is now the standard for flirting I guess,” he continued, laughing at the story. “Regardless Sammi and I have always had a good relationship and I talk with her fiance Christian quite often too.”

Roger went on to share that, “They seem extremely happy together and glad to be drama free.”

He also revealed that he spoke with Sammi’s fiancé after the report. 

“I called Christian after I saw the article and we both had a good laugh and made plans to catch up at the end of the month when he’s back in town,” he wrapped with telling us. He also reiterated this was fake news, adding “Onwards and Upwards. Praying for the world in these times we are living in and praying America can come together in solidarity.”