Ron DeSantis Goes For The Jugular On Donald Trump: ‘Couldn’t Even Stop Joe Biden’

Ron DeSantis is no longer holding back in his fight to the White House against Donald Trump. In a new

Ron Desantis and Donald Trump
United States President Donald J. Trump, right, listens as Governor Ron DeSantis (Republican of Florida), speaks during an executive order signing ceremony on lowering drug prices in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, July 24, 2020. Lowering prescription drug prices is a top priority of Trump including a policy to tie Medicare payments to foreign countries' drug prices. Credit: Stefani Reynolds / Pool via CNP. MEGA

Ron DeSantis is no longer holding back in his fight to the White House against Donald Trump. In a new blistering takedown of the former POTUS, DeSantis criticized Trump’s loss in 2020. And suggested that Trump was past his prime. While Trump seems to be beating DeSantis in nearly every poll, the Florida Governor is going down swinging.

Trump Beating DeSantis In Polls

Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump is still leading Ron DeSantis in polls ahead of the 2024 presidential primaries. As of today, FiveThirtyEight puts Trump at 55% of Republican support going into the primaries. DeSantis is second, with around 14%. Following on his heels is entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, with around 10%. Nikki Haley and Mike Pence both pull single-digit support numbers on the poll.

And that poll is a fairly clear indicator of where the primaries sit going into the Fall election season a year ahead of the general election. Trump continues to cement his place as a frontrunner, despite dozens of felony charges in four major court cases. And DeSantis continues to make faux pas in Florida while setting himself up as an extremist candidate with a likeability problem.

None of the other candidates seem to come close to netting the kind of coverage and buzz that Trump and DeSantis do. Which is why those two seem focused on tearing each other down.

Ron DeSantis Goes For The Jugular On Donald Trump: ‘Couldn’t Even Stop Biden’

Donald Trump is constantly taking low blow swings at DeSantis. And Ron DeSantis is finally swinging back. For a long time, he seemed hesitant to get into it with the Republican frontrunner. Whether he was afraid of being the target of Trump’s ire or afraid of alienating his followers, DeSantis tiptoed around directly attacking the former POTUS. However, the gloves are off now. DeSantis has finally determined that he’s going to catch the sharp side of Trump’s tongue no matter what he does. So it’s time to take it to the mat.

This week, DeSantis spoke in front of Floridian sheriffs and police officers in a bid to lock in their support. DeSantis made an intentional comment about Trump’s age and stamina at one point, saying, “We don’t need any more presidents that have lost the zip on their fastball.” And DeSantis brushed off a suggestion that Trump was the heir apparent for the 2024 Republican nominee. He scoffed that, “anybody that couldn’t even stop Joe Biden” shouldn’t earn the party’s nomination.

DeSantis then mocked Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, suggesting that people weren’t voting for Joe Biden as much as they were voting against Trump. He suggested that no one can get the Democrats aligned quite like Trump can, joking, “You could have John Kennedy walk through the door right now, and he wouldn’t energize Democrats as much as Donald Trump does.”

This marked escalation in Ron DeSantis‘s approach to Donald Trump shows that things are already heating up in the primaries, even though they’re months away.