Room Number: Drift Away in Overwater Luxury at COMO Cocoa Island

For a little while, it seemed like this Winter would never arrive. Record-breaking warm weather in some states that were


For a little while, it seemed like this Winter would never arrive. Record-breaking warm weather in some states that were used to snow threw everyone’s sense of season out of whack. But when it arrived, Winter came with a vengeance. Now, as always happens in the heart of Winter, everyone is a little bit over cold weather, ice and snow. It’s the time when people start dreaming of tropical getaways and relaxing in paradise. If you’re pining for some warm breezes and an ocean view, COMO Cocoa Island Maldives has a room for you. 

Overwater Paradise


At COMO Cocoa Island, they’ve taken the concept of the overwater bungalow and turned it into a modern escape from the world. With sleek and contemporary architecture, soaring ceilings and views of the blue-green waters as far as the eye can see, you’ll feel transported away from every care into a place where you can let down your hair and get in touch with the person inside of you who feels buried in worries and stress.

One of the finest rooms (among fine rooms) that you can rent at COMO Cocoa Island is the One Bedroom Water Villa with Pool. From the outside it looks like a charming little tropical cabin, but the inside will take your breath away. The interior decor is bright whites and dark woods with floor to ceiling windows that give you a breathtaking view of the water you’re perched above as it stretches on nearly unto infinity. 

Each villa sits on its own private jetty, with the waves lapping gently below you as you sleep, play or take in the sights. In the One Bedroom with Pool, you have your very own private pool that comes with a daybed on the balcony so you can snooze beneath the setting sun with the soft cries of seabirds and the gentle whisper of the waves drowning of the buzz of your stress. The bathroom is your own private spa, with an oversized standalone tub giving you views and a feeling of ultimate luxurious pampering. 

COMO Cocoa Island


The One Bedroom with Pool is not the only option for your stay at COMO Cocoa Island though. Options range from the Dhoni Water Villa at 800sqft and shaped like a traditional “Dhoni” Maldives boat, all the way up to the Three Bedroom COMO Sunset Villa which boasts over 6,000 square feet. Whichever accommodation you book, you have your very own jetty, access to the water without running into other guests, and a unique view of the water around you and beneath you. Lie on the jetty and watch the fish swim beneath you, go for a dive or lay back in a bed and catch up on that book you’ve been wanting to read: the choice is yours. 

Dining at the resort comes in two options: you can either dine with other patrons or privately at the restaurant at Ufaa, or you can dine in your room. The resort embraces a nutritional concept they refer to as COMO Shambala cuisine. Their dining team describes it as, “… a unique nutritional concept that incorporates organic ingredients rich in living enzymes, vitamins and sea minerals while still delivering on flavor. Food is raw, steamed or grilled for maximum health benefits. Chefs also make ample use of the tandoor, a type of Indian oven that allows for the fat-free cooking of meats and fish whilst introducing a wonderful charcoal flavor.” 

At COMO Cocoa Island, wellness is at the heart of their philosophy, and they offer a variety of wellness options for guests to experience. There are treatment pavilions that offer Asian-based therapies, physical fitness classes, a Pilates studio, as well as a fitness center and yoga studio all as a part of a daily schedule to encourage you to take part if wellness is your goal. The resort also boasts one of the Maldives’ only hydrotherapy pools, the perfect place to target those aches and pains you’ve been carrying for too long.

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Visiting the Maldives


Some people travel to the Maldives to stay in their rooms and enjoy paradise in private. Others, however, are eager to get out and explore the natural wonders that abound. From your home base at COMO Cocoa Island on South Malé Atoll (aka South Kaafu Atoll), you’ll have access to all the island chain has to offer.

Enjoy kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, paddleboards, windsurfing and more while you get to know the waters of the Atoll. You can ride on catamarans or take a sunset cruise, snorkel in the dark with a UV light to see coral and fish in a new way or help sponsor a coral propagation farm. The possibilities in paradise are endless, and they all start with your choice. If you’re more of a “dry land adventure” kind of person, the islands themselves are tropical paradises. 

However, we highly recommend the Whale Shark Expedition and Picnic. Go on a journey to find these massive giants, then get in the water and take a swim with them. It’s a once in a lifetime experience you won’t want to miss – offered almost nowhere else in the world. 

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If you’re enjoying the cold and snow, feel free to put off booking that paradise vacation. The rest of us are headed to the Maldives.