Room Number: Emeline’s Collector’s Suite is Filled with ‘Southern Charm’

Charming, elegant, timeless. These three descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Emeline in


Charming, elegant, timeless. These three descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Emeline in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. A beautiful hotel nestled among the history of a beautiful Southern city, the Emeline has a hidden gem for guests looking for a unique stay: The Collector’s Suite. With the suites rich, bold earth tones and eye-catching view, it’s a delightful way to unwind after a day exploring one of the most historic cities in the country. CELEB takes guests inside The Collector’s Suite. 

Emeline’s Collector’s Suite


The Emeline’s Collector’s Suite is a beautiful little oasis, elegant and classic in the heart of Charleston. With a bedroom and a lounge area, there’s plenty of space to spread out and relax. In the bedroom, a king bed offers an inviting retreat, and bold Marigold velvet curtains frame a view most would envy. The walls are a rich, soothing blue that evokes deep cool lakes and winter skies, and the furniture is a ’60’s throwback with clean angled lines and a velvet backboard. 

The lounge continues that rich bold blue on the walls, and the furniture is more medium-shade golden wood with leather-wrapped chairs, and a crushed velvet green jewel-toned couch. A white glass globe chandelier hangs like a thought above the round dining room table, perfect for two people to start their day inspired with a cup of coffee while taking in the view from the living room. The same bold Marigold curtains hang in the living space, and little design touches like white throw pillows and a geometric gold lamp around the room are both homey and elegant. 

A design statement about the accommodations describes the thought that went into each corner; “Architectural elements such as picture rails and detailed mill work are a nod to the history of the surrounding neighborhood, while handsome menswear-inspired custom carpeting grounds the space. The color palette of the rooms also pays homage to Charleston’s lush foliage and abundance of nature, with guest room walls, drapery and an array of upholstered furnishings clad in a range of blues and greens. Custom cabinets and shelving pieces were crafted in walnut, cane and tambour to continue the modern take on historical finishes. A unique art program including framed posters from Charleston’s iconic Spoleto Festival USA and custom still-life photographs featuring objects significant to the locale add a clever, cultured element to the rooms, while amenities like custom embroidered Matouk linens, turntables, a curated vinyl collection, ceramic vanity accessories by local artist Susan Gregory and boutique bath products

provide a layer of thoughtful luxury. Guest baths feature marble countertops with brass accents.”

The amenities for the suite are delicate touches that make it feel both like home and like a luxurious getaway to a far away land. Amenities include:

  • “Custom embroidered linens with satin trim and plush 100% cotton towels from Matouk
  • Down & Hypoallergenic Pillows
  • Custom embroidered spa robes
  • Signature Emeline Amber Wood
  • Red Flower bath amenity program
  • Custom ceramic vanity accessories by local Charleston artist Susan Gregory
  • Handheld steamer for pressing and delicates
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Wild Sam Field Guides to Charleston
  • Bedside charging cube & Minicube equipped with two outlet/USB ports
  • Minicube alarm clock with two USB ports
  • Smart TV (Netflix, HBO), refrigerator and safe
  • Hairdryer & Makeup Mirror
  • Vivreau Water Dispenser: sparkling, ambient, & chilled.”

And for a unique touch, the morning coffee service trays are made by Steric Design—Jonathan Mahlphrus (Nashville) Mahlphrus also made all of the furniture at Drugstore Coffee in Emeline’s sister property, Noelle.

History of Emeline and Charleston

The Emeline is brand new to the Charleston area, but it sits in the middle of a lot of history. The building in which it sits has been around since 1852, and The Emeline opened its doors July 1, 2020. Over the years, the building has served as a wholesale grocer, a provision’s dealership, and a bank before becoming the retreat it is today. Now a 212-room hotel, The Emeline blends the whimsical and surprising with the elegant and timeless. Modern accents and classic vintage lines weave in and out among each other throughout the property, and a breathtaking central courtyard is at the soul of the hotel. 

When designing the hotel, the idea was to borrow from Charleston’s rich history and lush local flora, with natural tones and playful touches. From the designers; “‘In designing Emeline, we were inspired by the rich culture of Charleston. Our goal was to create a space with a sense of warmth and soulfulness that evokes the modern South,’ Samantha Sano, SWOON, the studio cofounder, shares. ‘We were also led by the spirit of our ‘muse’ Emeline, who we see as a portrait of true southern hospitality. Full of grace, grit, and determination, every design touch point was considered through her viewpoint.’”

The city itself is rife with history. Founded in 1670, Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina, and the second-largest. It was established when three colony ships set out for America were blown off course by a storm; one of the ships sank and the other landed in Bermuda. But the third ship, the Ablemarle landed in what would become Charleston Harbor. They named the city Charles Town after the reigning British monarch, Charles II. The ship set down on the shores of what would become South Carolina with 150 colonist, indentured servants, along with slaves whose legacy would go unwritten in history but was vital in the founding of the city. 

By 1680, the population of the new city was around 1,000 and settlers from other areas were flocking to the harbor for commerce and trade. Raw materials being harvested along the rich New World shores was soon joined by deer skins, rice, indigo, and cotton which turned the newborn seaport into a bustling hub. Over the years, the city has faced deadly hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and all the woes of any normal city. In 1778 during the height of the Revolutionary War, the British attacked Charles Town from Savannah. While the city held, the surrounding countryside was sacked and burned. Eventually, the town was reclaimed and named Charleston. 

It was a hotspot during the Civil War, seceding with other Southern cities. But at the conclusion of the war, locals were too poor to rebuild so they simply adapted to the old remaining buildings that were left standing after the Union bombarded the city. An earthquake in 1886 destroyed a lot of what was standing, but enough of the historical city survived to make a future with. 

By the 1900’s, Charleston had rebuilt and was once against a commerce hub, now a bustling centre of culture and society as well. The city is known for music, food, and Southern Charm. The city is often called a, “living museum,” in homage to the historical buildings that survived war, earthquakes and hurricanes. 

Southern Charm


And speaking of Southern Charm, the Emeline has a history of its own even in its short lifetime thus far. Emeline is a hot spot for some of the people on the popular show, Southern Charm. Charm star Madison Simon, who was on the show this past season, held a photoshoot there for her boutique Gwynn’s. Simon also posted about their new brunch offering on social media.

Simon shared an image of herself seated in the elegant hotel lounge with the caption, “#inmygwynns where else?” 

And beauty and lifestyle influencer Jessica from An Indigo Day shared a picture of herself getting ready for the day in The Collector’s Suite itself. “Ready for a day in Charleston! Swiping on my favorite mask proof lipstick and getting on the bikes. How stinkin gorgeous is this @hotelemeline room?”

Pretty gorgeous, if we do say so ourselves. The Collector Suite is a beautiful retreat amid the weighty history of Charleston, and a perfect place for visitors to the city to get in touch with the local vibe. To book your stay, visit The Emeline’s website