Room Number: Hotel Bel-Air’s Grace Kelly Suite Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Few neighborhoods are as instantly recognizable as Bel-Air. The home of stars and stories from Hollywood’s Golden Age, Bel-Air is

Hotel Bel-Air

Few neighborhoods are as instantly recognizable as Bel-Air. The home of stars and stories from Hollywood’s Golden Age, Bel-Air is a tempting place for vacationers to spend their time experiencing the excitement of Los Angeles. Hotel Bel-Air sits at the heart of the fabled neighborhood and offers everything from breathtaking suites to dining options that delight and surprise – and if you’re heading to Los Angeles, you’ll want to plan on staying here. CELEB takes a look inside one of their most elegant accommodations, the Grace Kelly Suite. 

Grace Kelly Suite

Hotel Bel-Air

There’s something about heading to Hollywood and knowing that you’re walking the same streets as your celebrity favorites. Los Angeles feels full of the anticipation of history and the possibilities of tomorrow – and Bel-Air, doubly so. One of the greatest stars to come out of the Golden Era of Hollywood is Grace Kelly – actress, princess, icon of style and grace. At Hotel Bel-Air, guests can stay in a suite that captures the essence of Kelly – the Grace Kelly Suite.

Elegant, rich, luxurious, spacious: all things the Grace Kelly Suite has cornered in spades. With a cream and gold decor palette, you’ll feel like you’ve danced into the past, and you may want to strap on your dancing shoes and take a twirl across the spacious living area. Awaken in the morning and breeze outside to your own private patio with a plunge pool or start the day with a dip in your oversized soaking tub in the spa-like bathroom. Order some in-room dining or strike out to explore the hotel; with a start like you’ll have in the Grace Kelly Suite, every day is a good day. 

The entire suite is designed as an homage to the 1940’s, with mid-century modern luxury that isn’t kitschy or overdone. Portraits of the legend herself offer a reminder throughout the suite of who you’re channeling as you sink back into the king-sized bed and dream of what tomorrow may bring.  

The Hotel Bel-Air Rundown

Hotel Bel-Air

But the Grace Kelly Suite is just one of the fine accommodations offered a Hotel Bel-Air. Here are some of the other noteworthy accommodations you’ll want to consider if you’re staying at the finest hotel in the area:

  • Rooms: Every room in Hotel Bel-Air is a luxuriously-appointed retreat. Spacious, thoughtfully decorated to evoke the Golden Era of Hollywood, and made to pamper guests, every single room from the Superior and Deluxe rooms on up will delight guests. 
  • Suites: Each suite offers its own design palette and feel, but they all offer space and elegance. 
  • Signature Suites: Like the Grace Kelly Suite, other Signature Suites embrace specific themes that guests can be sure they’ll feel from the tiniest details to the overall palette. 

And if you’re looking for other amenities and things-to-know, we’ve compiled a list:

  • Art: Throughout the hotel, art has been carefully chosen from famous and local artists to lend the hotel an air of enrichment and value. Rotating exhibitions bring some of the greatest artists in history right to guests for their own one-on-one viewing enjoyment. Starting February 14 and running until April 14, guests will be able to enjoy the James R. Hedges IV Collection of Andy Warhol Photography. 
  • Wolfgang Puck at Bel-Air: The restaurant offers a relaxed elegant air with Mediterranean architectural details throughout. Los Angeles style and comfort combine with the world-famous Wolfgang Puck taste, using fresh ingredients and presentations to keep guests wanting more.
  • Weddings: The sprawling property is perfectly designed to host weddings and all of their guests. If you want to feel like Hollywood royalty, this is the hotel to book.
  • Spa: Nestled in the heart of a picturesque and breathtaking neighborhood, the Hotel Bel-Air spa is the perfect place to unwind and prepare for what comes next. With full-service options including individual and couple’s services, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when focusing on self-care.
  • Tourist: Sometimes “tourist” is treated like a dirty word, but not in Bel-Air. Go ahead and hop on a bus tour or take a stroll around to see what you can find, at Hotel Bel-Air you’re close enough to everything to make convenient day trips to all your landmark bucket list locations.

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Heart of a Storied Neighborhood

Hotel Bel-Air

In the 1920’s, a man named Alphonzo Bell bought around 600 acres west of Los Angeles. He gave the area the name, “Bel-Air,” and began drafting designs for a neighborhood. Clark Gable bought property in Bel-Air, and the rest was history. While creating the vision he had of Bel-Air, Bell built an estate planning office in the heart of the 600 acres – and that office is now Hotel Bel-Air’s man mission-style property. A suite at the hotel uses the former offices, and it’s aptly named the Bell Suite. 

In the mid 1940’s, a Texas hotelier named Joseph Drown bought 18 acres from Bell, including the offices which now comprise the center of Hotel Bel-Air. Drown restored the property and added some guest accommodations, opening Hotel Bel-Air August 24, 1946.

Golden Era stars flocked to the hotel, tempted by the hotel’s singular luxury, elegant comfort and privacy. Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were all known to frequent the hotel. Over the decades, the hotel has undergone many renovations and was folded into the Dorchester Collection in 2008. In 2013, Forbes awarded Hotel Bel-Air a five-star rating, a long-recognized but now officially granted title to the storied hotel.

To be a part of this hotel’s history, to walk the same streets as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant – all you have to do is stay at the right hotel. Hotel Bel-Air is the best of the best – all it’s missing is you.