Room Number: Architectural Wonder ME Dubai Has Several Select Suites

Dubai is a wonder of modern technology. Set in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, the city is a


Dubai is a wonder of modern technology. Set in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, the city is a futuristic blend of the world’s most ambitious architecture and every luxury a traveler could wish for. With a growing number of companies calling Dubai home, it’s become an economic hub in the past decade.

So it’s no wonder that businesspeople from around the world congregate here to make some of the biggest deals of our time. But it’s not just business people; vacationers and tourists have turned Dubai into a buzzing hive of activity, and you can find everything in this city on the shore. One of the most unique hotels in a city of unique hotels, the ME by Melia, has a number of suites so people on work trips and exotic tourist trips alike can enjoy the unique flavor of Dubai. 

The Wonder that is ME


When we say that the ME is the pinnacle of unique architecture in a city of unique architecture, words don’t do it justice. Created by Zaha Hadid, this massive two-tower resort was one of the most anticipated projects in the world. The exterior is a bold and unapologetic mastery of both straight lines and dizzying curves. With a traditional boxy silhouette on the outside, the tower sides that face one another are anything but traditional. They curve down and inward like a wave, fluid, flowing, and captivating with a soaring bridge between the towers. The steel-and-glass building draws your eye, making you eager to get a look inside if the outside is so remarkable. 

And the ME is packed with luxury amenities. Nestled in the heart of the Burj Khalifa district of Dubai, the ME is designed so that light flows to nearly every corner of the interior spaces. It’s a modern oasis, with a Spanish restaurant in the heart of the towers, plus a wide offering of local cuisine to tickle the taste buds. Each guest has a specially tailored, unique stay, with staff offering a variety of convenient services. And the website adds, “Opus Studio, located in the hotel lobby, is the place to set the scene and to be seen throughout the day. Marvel at the showmanship of the afternoon tea while your taste buds delight in the delicacies on offer.”

Select Suites to Delight Guests


For all of the flowing opulence and grandiosity of the outside, the rooms inside are minimalist, chic, and irresistible. Regular rooms come in two different styles: Aura and Vibe. The Aura rooms are perfect for two, with soothing white decor, flowing lines, and earthy pops of color. The Vibe rooms are the moonlit contrast to the Aura’s sunshine decor. With dark blues and grays making up the Vibe decor, contrasted with pops of clean linen white, this room is perfect for the night owl. The Vibe also comes with a two-room option.

And suites in the ME come in four varieties:

  • Chic Suite: Guests can enjoy the 66-square meter Chic suite with its blends of dark blues, whites, and browns, a king-sized bed and a comfortable lounge for two guests.
  • Passion Suite: It’s just what it sounds like; a marriage of modern form and design, with the touches that fire up the soul. With recessed lighting in architectural features around the room and a bold contrasting palette, the Passion suite will stir the senses. 
  • Personality Suite: This suite is designed to blend into the background and let your personality shine. With a white and cream decor and more of the flowing modern furniture, the Personality Suite is the perfect place to stoke your creativity. There’s also a 3-bedroom iteration of the Personality Suite available, with the lounge evoking a conference room to help fuel your mind.
  • Suite ME: Described as “an uncluttered oasis of calm and comfort,” this 198 square meter suite evokes an underwater feeling without being gauche. The soothing blue and white palette will help you float away while taking in the breathtaking views of the downtown Burj Khalifa district. There’s also a two bedroom Suite ME, with a massive jacuzzi tub and black marble bathroom and more of the beautiful blue, white, and earthy palette throughout. 

Dubai is truly a wonder of architecture, art, and the practice of mankind’s creative expression. The ME is the perfect crown jewel on the Burj Khalifa district, with its glittering glass façade and minimalistic, charming rooms. 

Other ME Properties Around the World


If you’re not ready to take on the grand wonder that is Dubai, never fear. There are ME hotels in other cities around the world. Here are some of the most intriguing ME resorts to visit:

  • ME Ibiza: This Spanish beachside resort borrows from the beautiful white beaches and glittering blue waters for a boho chic experience. The ME Ibiza offers seemingly endless pools including an adults-only infinity pool, nestled in its secluded bay on the White Island. With Ibiza’s electric nightlife and bustling day activities, you’ll never be bored; unless, of course, you want to be.
  • ME London: This breathtaking structure sits in the heart of the British capitol city. Designed to be both a stunning blend of fantastic form and practical function, travelers to London will enjoy their one-of-a-kind ME stay. The hotel has a breathtaking 10th floor rooftop bar, allowing you to sip cocktails while gazing over the grand old city’s lights. 
  • ME Milan Il Duca: Milan, Italy, is a city that often feels haphazard after thousands of years of growing from one style to another, but the ME Milan is a cohesive and monumental piece of art in and of itself. It’s contemporary and modern, chic and charming, with wood touches, recessed lighting, and rooms that make you wonder whether you’re in the future or the past. With a panoramic rooftop bar, take in the sights of Milan from ultra luxury.
  • ME Sitges: Nestled in the heart of Barcelona, the ME Sitges embraces the breezy, relaxing Mediterranean vibe. At the same time, with a private beach club and trendy social calendar, the ME Sitges can be whatever you need it to be; oasis or party haven.
  • ME Madrid Reina Victoria:  The ME Madrid takes advantage of Madrid’s rich history and architectural footprint. The website explains, “Nestled in a centrally located and lively plaza, ME Madrid is an attention-grabbing, urban property. The building is steeped in history, with an eye-catching façade, dating back to 1919.Luxurious and innovative design dominate the interior of this location, where modern details are included to mirror the trendy surroundings. The rooftop bar offers panoramic views of the city and is a focal point for live music events, commonly frequented by fashionable Madrileños.”
  • ME Cabo: Los Cabos is of course the playground of the young, rich, and famous, and the ME Cabo continues that vibe. The ME Cabo is a blend of both the private and the social, with programs that offer centering and wellness along with an electric nightlife that will connect you to those around you. Come for the atmosphere, stay for the 24-hour fun. 

If you’ve never stayed at a ME property, you’re missing out. Each one is a unique destination that plays to the strengths of its home city, all with the ultra-luxury amenities of the Melia brand. To plan and book your stay at ME Dubai, visit the website today.