Room Number: Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo Blends Nature and Luxury

Tokyo is a picturesque city. From verdant streets and gardens to the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Fuji beyond the city,

Prince Sakura Tower

Tokyo is a picturesque city. From verdant streets and gardens to the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Fuji beyond the city, it’s the kind of place people go for business, pleasure, relaxation and everything in between. While in Tokyo, your options for accommodations run the full gamut from relatively spartan and bare bones to luxurious and ostentatious. One hotel that offers the perfect balance of luxury mixed with an appreciation for the natural wonders around is The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo. CELEB takes a look inside this beautiful property, which offers unique views of the city and a huge Japanese garden to connect with nature in the heart of Tokyo. 

The Sakura Suite

Prince Sakura Tower

Named for the hotel, the Sakura Suite is a rich, luxurious getaway that perches guests above a beautiful green garden below. But the view out of your window will take your breath away in a different way: the skyline of the city lies within your gaze. With two standard beds and a comfortable lounge area, this 900 square foot suite is the perfect size to spread out and unwind after a day of exploring the city.

Rich, bold dark colors playing whimsically along a jewel tone palette set the scene for a night of meditation and relaxation – or the perfect backdrop to get dressed up to head back out for some nightlife fun. A jetted tub will help soothe your aches and the atmosphere will remind you to indulge in some self-care. The Sakura Suite is a mix of luxury and utility, walking the line between a business suite and a vacation suite – perfect for any need. 

Luxury in the Heart of Tokyo

Prince Sakura Tower

It’s not the only option for a night at The Prince Sakura Tower, however. Rooms range from deluxe standard rooms with jewel tone decor and luxurious touches throughout, all the way up to the corner room and suite options. The corner room offers a panoramic wraparound view of the garden below and, if you pick the timing of trip carefully, the beautifully blossoming cherry – aka Sakura – trees. 

The Junior Suite and SouthSide Junior Suites offer extra large bathrooms with spa-like oversized tubs. Both boast separate lounge and dining areas and the wraparound views the hotel excels at. 

Nestled into a green space embraced by sakura trees, The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo is a nod to the old while wrapped in all the convenience of the new. The hotel’s design is a playful Japanese contemporary decor, with architectural and lighting touches throughout that evoke elegance and mindfulness. 

Aside from in-room dining, The Prince offers two dining options:

  • CILIEGIO Ristorante Caffè: “Cilegio” is Italian for “cherry blossom,” which plays into the theme we see reflected throughout the hotel. This Italian cuisine destination has a Japanese twist, an artful blend you won’t find anywhere else. The food is exquisite and the view – divine. Sit before an oversized window and gaze out at the perfectly crafted Japanese garden, drawing the energy of the natural beauty outside in with you.
  • NADAMAN Takanawa: This restaurant was established in 1830. Renovated in 2016, this modern Japanese dining destination perches above the garden and offers a contemporary and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the hotel’s world-famous cuisine. 

And if you’re ready to get out and stretch your legs, the Japanese garden at the heart of The Prince was created in 1971 by Teiji Kusuoka. Within the garden lie several historic structures dating back to the 1600s. Throughout the garden, a four-season motif takes guests on a journey through the beauty and majesty of the Japanese landscape. The garden spans 20,000 meters and boasts a number of resident birds and fish to make your stay extra special.

If The Prince is calling your name, visit the website to plan and book your stay at this Mariott property. 

Exploring Tokyo and Japan

Prince Sakura Tower

You’ve checked into your hotel at The Prince, your bags are unpacked, and you’re ready to explore. Where do you go first? Here are some of the best places in Tokyo to visit, all from the convenience of your home base at The Prince, of course:

  • Imperial Palace: The palace is the residence of the Emperor of Japan so you can’t enter the building, but you can explore the East Gardens. Historic structures remain from Edo Castle, the original imperial palace buildings, and the gardens are considered some of the most beautiful in the world. March is the perfect time to explore to see the cherry trees bloom – and you won’t want to miss it. 
  • Ginza: Ginza shopping district brings together all of the quirk and convenience of Tokyo’s shopping into a single area. Here, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior sit shoulder to shoulder with Japanese retailers offering everything from vintage kimonos to artisan chocolates and everything in between.
  • Temples and Shrines: Audley Travelwrites, “In a city full of temples, Sensoji is where it all began. Legend dictates that two fishermen caught a small gold Buddha in their nets and built a temple on the site to house it. Over the following years, the temple gained stature, with the city of Tokyo slowly swelling around it. Record has it that the temple was founded in 645 AD.” The city boasts other historic shrines and temples, perfect for the architecture and world religions lover.
  • Sumo and Samurai: As the heart of modern Japan, Tokyo celebrates the sport and martial history of the country as well. From sumo tournaments to Samurai training, visitors can get a glimpse into part of what makes this country so rich and full of culture and heritage.

Tokyo is a modern city that respects its historic roots. Whether you’re there to sight-see, conduct business, or learn about the Japanese culture, Tokyo has something for everyone. And at The Prince, everything is just a hop-skip away.