Royal Family Website Removal of Prince Harry’s ‘His Royal Highness’ Title

The official website of the Royal Family has once again undergone modifications after the removal of Prince Harry’s “His Royal

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, MEGA

The official website of the Royal Family has once again undergone modifications after the removal of Prince Harry’s “His Royal Highness” (HRH) title. The changes reflect the ongoing adjustments within the royal realm as it adapts to new developments.

In a continuous effort to stay current, the Royal Family’s website now features a refreshed layout that highlights four distinct official web pages. This update comes after Prince Harry’s “His Royal Highness” title was removed from the website in early August.

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The revamped “Royal Websites” section provides direct access to The Royal Collection Trust, responsible for managing the royal art collection and overseeing public openings of royal residences; The Prince’s Trust, a long-standing charitable endeavor spearheaded by King Charles dedicated to at-risk youth; The Royal Foundation, championed by Prince William and Kate Middleton for philanthropic work; and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a youth awards program founded by Prince Philip and presently led by Prince Edward, the new Duke of Edinburgh.

This newly introduced feature on the Royal.UK website, prominently positioned at the top of the page, coincides with another addition. Readers now have the ability to click on “Their Majesties’ work as Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall,” which directs them to an archive of speeches, messages, press releases, and news sourced from the Clarence House website.

These updates reflect the behind-the-scenes efforts of King Charles’ team, who have been reorganizing and reshaping various aspects of the official platforms. The transition from “the Prince of Wales” to “King Charles” and the redefinition of titles such as “Prince and Princess of Wales” for Prince William and Kate Middleton are among the adjustments made to mirror the shifting royal landscape.

King Charles sick of Camilla's beef with Prince Harry

The Royal Family’s online presence continues to evolve as it navigates through post-Queen Elizabeth II changes. While certain content may still refer to her as the sovereign, the website is a work in progress, with updates expected to address any discrepancies in due course.

The recent modifications come in the wake of Prince Harry’s “His Royal Highness” title being removed from the website. This alteration, which took place between August 4 and August 9, saw references to the title being replaced with “the Duke” or “the Duke of Sussex.” This change aligns with Prince Harry’s transition from being a working member of the royal family to his role as a private individual and advocate for various causes.