Shocking Update: Meghan Markle is on the Verge of Losing Everything as Prince Harry Leans Back on Royal Family

UPDATE: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced criticism after reports emerged that they issued an official gag order to


UPDATE: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced criticism after reports emerged that they issued an official gag order to the Department of Education following their visit to Public School 123 in New York while filming their Netflix docuseries, “Harry & Meghan.” The alleged order reportedly restricted attendees from expressing negative opinions about the couple on the internet or any other platform.

Royal author Lady Colin Campbell denounced the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, describing them as “dictators” and “paranoid freaks” in response to the revelation. During an appearance on “Dan Wootton Tonight,” she expressed her outrage, stating, “I think it’s outrageous, but I think it’s typical. They’re trying to dictate to everybody what you have to say about them, whether you believe it or not, or then you have to be silenced.”

Royal expert Phil Dampier also weighed in on the situation, presenting a hypothetical scenario in which a teenager accidentally posts about the former royals on social media. He questioned whether Harry and Meghan would employ high-powered lawyers to take legal action against such an individual, expressing skepticism about such an outcome.

Dampier characterized the alleged gag order as “absolutely ridiculous” and suggested that it reflected the couple’s paranoia and a desire for control. The controversy surrounding the gag order has sparked discussions about freedom of expression and the boundaries of public scrutiny for public figures like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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UPDATE [Sept. 10, 2023]: Meghan Markle has lost her name title of HRH and now will only be called ‘Meghan.’

  • One of the major changes made by King Charles to the Royal Family’s website involved modifying the Duchess’ name from HRH to just ‘Meghan.’
  • An unforeseen setback for a couple whose identity is closely intertwined with their royal status. However, it’s important to note that they have retained their titles of Duke and Duchess.

Original story [July 29, 2023]: Meghan Markle has lost all public trust, and it looks as if Prince Harry is ready to jump from the sinking ship. The Duchess of Sussex, finds herself embroiled in escalating controversy as royal insider Angela Levin questions her credibility and its potential impact on her upcoming memoir. Levin’s remarks shed light on the uphill battle Meghan may face in regaining public trust, given the ongoing skepticism surrounding her narratives. Here are some key reasons contributing to Meghan’s struggles in maintaining a positive image:

Tarnished Reputation

Levin, known for her expertise on the royal family, points out that Meghan’s reputation has suffered due to her history of telling untruths and exaggerating stories. This loss of credibility may significantly impact the public’s willingness to believe the claims made in her forthcoming memoir.

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Lack of Credibility

Speaking on GBNews, Levin expresses concern about Meghan’s future reputation, emphasizing that people in the United Kingdom and beyond perceive her as untruthful and lacking talent. This perception further undermines the credibility of any future narratives she presents.

Meghan Markle is not to blame for Prince Harry's Megxit

Growing Doubts

Over time, Meghan’s lack of credibility is likely to worsen as doubts continue to surround her reliability. This skepticism, rooted in past controversies and conflicting accounts, poses a significant challenge for Meghan in winning back public trust.

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Repetitive Narratives

Levin questions the necessity of Meghan and Harry repeatedly resorting to the same narrative against the royal family. She suggests that the couple’s version of events is widely known, raising the question of what new information Meghan’s memoir could offer. Continuously targeting the royal family with verbal attacks may have diminishing returns, especially since the family has shown their ability to move on without Harry and Meghan’s presence.

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Painful Absence

Levin highlights the apparent pain caused by Meghan and Harry’s absence from high-profile royal events. Their non-attendance at recent celebrations, such as King Charles’s birthday and the coronation, signifies that the royal family doesn’t depend on their presence. This reality emphasizes the diminishing relevance of Harry and Meghan within the royal circle.

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Meghan Markle faces an uphill battle in rebuilding her reputation and regaining public trust. The controversies surrounding her narratives, repetitive attacks against the royal family, and diminishing relevance within the royal circle pose significant challenges that may impact her future endeavors.