Salem, Massachusetts: A Witch Hunt For All Halloween Happenings

If candy and costumes alone doesn’t get you excited for the Halloween season then maybe you need to go the


If candy and costumes alone doesn’t get you excited for the Halloween season then maybe you need to go the extra mile(s) to prepare. Located just 16 miles north of Boston is Salem, Massachusetts – a city that celebrates the spooky holiday like no other. It’s famously known for its witch trials and witchcraft hysteria of the 1960’s. And, for those of you who missed that lesson in history class, Hocus Pocus can give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

For the entire month of October Salem welcomes travelers from near and far to cherish the history of of the town and enjoy the eerie attractions it has to offer. In fact, Conde Nast Traveler recently named it among the best places to travel worldwide in October. Unfamiliar territory? No biggie. CELEB went on a witch hunt of their own to find the top spots in Salem for food, stay and entertainment.

What’s Cooking In The Cauldron?


Katie Fox, director of Destination Salem, the city’s office of tourism and cultural affairs, shared all of the hot spots with

Maximize your time to see as much as possible with grab and go food such as:

  • Pizza by the slice, sandwiches, cold drinks, beer and wine at Essex’s NY Pizza & Deli.
  • Flying Saucer Pizza Company also offers beer, cocktails and pizza with dough made fresh daily – traditional, vegan and gluten free. 
  • Salem Common is another spot filled with an array of food options 

If walking and eating isn’t your thing, then take some time to rest your legs at a restaurant. However, make sure to create a game plan. Fox shared, “Restaurants can get to a two-hour wait on weekend in October. So plan ahead and make reservations wherever possible.”

  • The Marina Beer Garden is located at the Salem Waterfront Hotel and offers cocktails, live music, outdoor games and rotating food trucks. (WOW)
  • Dine at Salem’s only rooftop restaurant, The Roof. It has a full bar and outdoor kitchen serving tacos, rice bowls, and oysters.
  • “If you’re looking for a burger and beer, try Brodie’s on Derby Street or the Village Tavern on Essex Street”, said Fox.

And don’t forget to top it all with a little something sweet. Fox suggests that you make your way over to Melt Ice Cream, Maria’s Sweet Somethings or Coffee Time Bake Shop to settle your sweet tooth.

‘Witch’ Way To The Hotel?


After a long day of avoiding black cats and casting spells, there’s nothing better than having a hotel bed to go relax in. And let’s be real, nothing beats hotel pillows. Anyways, you can book an Airbnb, yes. Or, you can stay at one of the local spots on Massachusett’s North Shore.

  • Clipper Ship Inn– offers spacious rooms and parking at affordable rates. It’s also located the closest to all of the attractions in the historic city.
  • Hampton Inn Salem– brand new and located in downtown Salem.
  • Hawthorn Hotel– also known as your Halloween Headquarters, they have a Halloween Ball worthy of being on your bucket list.
  • Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites– this award winning spot is located on Pickering Wharf, walking distance to all of the shops, restaurants and more.

History, Hauntings, and Tours, Oh My!


With the amount of activities that Salem offers, it can be a day trip or a weekend trip. You decide! Begin with some tours during the day, maybe visit a psychic, participate in a seance, and end it off with a haunted house. There are endless options to choose from so here’s a few that we think you may love.

As for any trip, make sure to plan ahead by checking that all of the attractions you’re eager to see require a reservation or not. And if you’re still weary about being surrounded by strangers don’t worry. Fox disclosed “Most of these things are available year-round. So if people don’t want to be part of the crowds, we’re here year round.”