Sam Asghari’s $10 Million Payout Dashed in Britney Spears Divorce Due to Prenup Clause

Sam Asghari is set to miss out on a substantial $10 million payout due to a prenuptial agreement loophole, as

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Sam Asghari is set to miss out on a substantial $10 million payout due to a prenuptial agreement loophole, as reported by Us Weekly. Insights into the prenup terms have emerged, shedding light on the financial aspects of their separation. The agreement outlines the financial arrangement between the couple, highlighting certain clauses that significantly impact the division of assets.

According to an insider familiar with the situation, Sam was slated to receive $1 million for every two years of marriage, culminating at $10 million after a 15-year union. However, given that their marriage lasted a little over a year, the $10 million payout provision will not be triggered. In addition to this financial aspect, the prenup also stipulated that Sam renounces rights to Britney’s music catalog. Furthermore, Sam’s name was absent from the property deed; their house was instead incorporated into a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Despite the substantial financial implications of the prenup, Sam has expressed no intention to contest its terms. A representative for Sam made a statement affirming his commitment to the agreement’s provisions. The representative clarified that Sam harbors no negative intentions towards Britney and continues to stand by her side, emphasizing their shared history of support and respect.

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News of the couple’s split broke on August 16, after approximately 14 months of marriage. Subsequently, it was revealed that Sam had filed for divorce. In a statement shared on his Instagram Story, Sam conveyed his sentiments about the separation, expressing gratitude for the love and respect they shared throughout their relationship. Meanwhile, Britney has yet to make an official statement regarding the divorce, but she was seen without her wedding ring in photos taken after the news circulated.

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The breakup has brought attention to the couple’s shared interest in horseback riding, a passion they discussed in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife in December 2021. Although Sam’s anticipated $10 million payout has been derailed by the prenup’s clauses, his unwavering support for Britney remains evident, even in the midst of their separation.