Santigold and Chateau d’Esclans Rocked Soho Beach House at Art Basel

Art Basel Miami transforms the South Florida city each year into a hub of art and culture. The Miami branch


Art Basel Miami transforms the South Florida city each year into a hub of art and culture. The Miami branch of the Art Basel events incorporates the world’s love for contemporary art with the vibrancy of the city it calls home. Celebrities and artists flock from around the globe to share their love of art and the way it fits into our lives. Miami is already at the beating heart of the world’s nightlife, with a growing and healthy art life culture rising alongside. This year’s Art Basel invited a variety of exhibits, events, installations and parties for a one-of-a-kind annual celebration of all things artistic and wonderful. 

Santigold at Soho Beach House


American singer and songwriter Santigold took the stage at one such party to give guests a night to remember. The invite-only event at Soho Beach House was hosted by the world’s most beloved rosé brand, Chateau d’Esclans. Santigold looked radiant in a linen white suite with a gauzy hat. Santigold – who was born Santi White – belted out her signature songs set against a hypnotic beat. 

Chateau d’Esclans transformed Soho Beach House into a destination for dining, dancing and a night of fun for the Rock your Rosé event. Guests were delighted with the beloved flavors of Whispering Angel, Rock Angel, and the sultry but bold tones of Santigold’s voice. The perfect combination between sound and flavor, the evening was a joyful celebration of the wine brand’s best flavors and Santigold’s immense skills. Critically acclaimed Santigold knows how to delight an audience, and her meaningful songs fit perfectly with Art Basel’s overall theme of enriching lives and inspiring thought. 

Whispering Angel and Rock Angel


Chateau d’Esclans is known as one of the most popular rosé wines in the world. Two of its most iconic flavors are Whispering Angel and Rock Angel. Here’s what new wine lovers should know about the Chateau d’Esclans beloved rosés:

  • Whispering Angel: Whispering Angel has quickly become the world’s reference point for a fine Provence rosé. Sold in more than 100 countries and producing more than 3 million bottles a year, Whispering Angel is the gold standard for rosé. This $22 rosé burst onto the scene in the US and quickly gained ground with millenials, who did the advertising for them organically. The pink wine is easy on the eyes and has a flavor profile the company describes as, “full and lush while being bone dry with a smooth finish.” Whispering Angel is, “highly approachable and enjoyable with a broad range of cuisine.” The wine’s versatility makes it a popular everyday and all-year choice.
  • Rock Angel: Another of Chateau d’Esclan’s artful creations, Rock Angel is another beloved flavor touted by millenials the world over. The website describes it; “Rock Angel is partially barrel fermented in large oak barrels and made from Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle (Vermentino). This rosé bears a more complex and structured taste profile than Whispering Angel bringing it into a more premium realm giving rosé lovers a bigger and richer wine that is fabulous as an aperitif or paired with a broad range of fine cuisine. If you like the minerality of a Sancerre, you will love this wine.”

For a long time, rosé wines were considered the province of those who couldn’t commit. A compromise between a dry white and a sweet red, rosé as it turns out isn’t just for people who can’t choose between them – it’s for people who appreciate the value of both red and white wines. A flavor profile apart, a good rosé is a commitment to embracing variety in flavor. Chateau d’Esclans has managed to revolutionize rosé wines in an industry as old as civilization itself, bringing French wines to even more tables across the world. 

Alcohol Meets Art at Art Basel

Casa Dragones

This year’s Art Basel was a joyful mix of the whimsical and not serious with the elegant and stately. Alcohol brands such as Chateau d’Esclans have become more enmeshed with Art Basel over the years as it’s a perfect pairing of luxury pursuits: art and alcohol go together like a high-brow peanut butter and jelly.

This year’s Art Basel saw the first ever art fair collaboration between sipping tequila brand Casa Dragones and Art Basel. The artisanal sipping tequila set up a sipping booth to give guests a break from the warm Miami December air. In an intimate setting that evokes the basalt beauty of Mexico’s lava fields, the sipping booth was a dark and soothing break from the sun. 

The partnership complements Casa Dragones’ history of art collaborations. Casa Dragones CEO and Founder, Bertha Gonzales Nieves said, ‘This partnership is very exciting for us, as it highlights twelve years of Casa Dragones ongoing support for the arts.’ Over the years, it has created special editions with artists including Gabriel Orozco, Danh Vo, and Pedro Reyes. Art Basel’s Global Director, Marc Spiegler, adds ‘Our patrons know and love the brand from their ongoing involvement in the arts and presence at our fairs for over 10 years. We are delighted to work with Casa Dragones as an official partner.’ Casa Dragones’ meticulous attention to detail and love of artistic tradition is also shown in its revival of the traditional Mexican art of ‘pepita’ hand engraving. Each lead-free crystal bottle is signed and numbered, and adorned with this artisanal engraving.”

Fine wines and liquors and Art Basel make the perfect partners. And with headliners like Santigold taking the stage to celebrate Art Basel, it’s exactly the kind of collaboration we can get behind at CELEB